An aspiring writer here, I post mainly on Wattpad and Archive Of Our Own. One for original fiction and the other for Fanfiction.

And I am writing in Nanowrimo too.

Wattpad username: Writingsomethingmt

Archive of our own: Dawningmoon

My writing on Wattpad mostly is fantasy. Yup, an avid lover of fantasy at heart. I’m not one who always dwells on romance like who ends up with who. Well, I just think up of crazy worlds preferring them to real world. And very dark fantasy, a lover of evil or bad characters here and just prefer them to nice ones.

Also, if you wish to ask me anything on writing feel free to ask. I’ll be willing to help you out.

The current works I’m working on:

Book Of Mystics

A high fantasy book, about wizards who are blackmailed into getting a priceless object from a place almost impossible for anyone else to enter and even survive.

A Maiden’s Ballad

A historical fiction novel set during the Tang Dynasty, very hard to write as I spent more time researching than actually writing it. But this won’t be updated quickly due to it being historical with plenty of research having to go into the story.

Hidden Within Dawn

My most difficult work yet, I tended to spend half the time writing this and the rest just researching about Japanese culture and even other types of culture. It is centered around political intrigue and fantasy, just way more on the intrigue currently. Also, this is the first in a long series and I would be heading for a multicultural kind of fantasy eventually.

Fandoms that I write for, those can vary a lot. As sometimes when I watch very underwhelming shows, books, anime or even games I would just tend to think up of ways to make it better and even rewrite some parts. Well, so Fanfiction also helps me as it gives me something to work with and write with. I just don’t have the inspiration to write original sometimes and Fanfiction become very appealing.

I have found my permanent site, and it will be here. Check out my works and tell me what you think of it.

As for where I’m heading into, it is mostly regarding serializing and content from there. If you wish to support me, find me here