These Ruthless Deeds

This has been a joy to read. The last book left Evelyn having to mourn her sister’s death, and well, there are much more twists in this book than I initially thought. 

All the while still managing to make me laugh out loud every time. Especially the interactions between the three main characters. They clearly are the funniest bunch here. 

As for the entire plot, I really didn’t seem so many things coming. Except for that last twist as for who was the head. It was a bit on the easy side, but one which gave her plenty of motives too. Since there weren’t a lot of characters from the nobility at the beginning of the story. But a lot of them, aren’t what you would expect and some come as pleasant surprises instead.  

Despite how light hearted and fun it seems on the surface, beneath it hides a lot more about the actual theme of the story. What should be done? Should someone make the decision to save just one person or a hundred? Should someone have the right to say who had the greater good? I really liked how those tragic moments within the entire story served to this theme. Even those moments have a much deeper depth when looked down. 

Since they have X-men like powers in this situation, it has a lot about how this powers should be used. Who should run them? And really who was revealed to be the head at the end, also gives her insight towards this. It really is great to see that these authors have managed to answer these questions and leave it to us. With people with extraordinary abilities, it gives a lot of questions that needs to be answered. 

As for Evelyn’s decisions here, and how it reflects in the book title. I really enjoyed that Evelyn wasn’t perfect, and well she sometimes made decisions not nearly as moral sometimes. And how she eventually realised that she isn’t all that different from them. I really enjoyed that and the ending, where it left everything as a cliffhanger yet a lot for Evelyn to reflect upon at the end. 

So overall, I really like this book for what it is, and how it balances the funny moments and really dark moments in this book. I always enjoyed a book with both comedic and dark elements, and well this does this really well. 

I recommend this to those who like young adult novels set in the Victorian Era who want to see something rather different, and one which had plenty of comedic moments and dark ones too. So, I recommend it to anyone really. And those who have enjoyed the previous book. 

Rating: 4.5 out of 5


These Vicious Masks 

This is a really really fun book to read, and brought me quite a lot of joy as well after some pretty dark works, and heavy works, maybe returning to this also became enjoyable. Although not too light, but it’s still a good and enjoyable read. Which is also one of my most unexpected books that entertained me this year. 

Evelyn is one of the better protagonists I have seen so far. She’s entirely focused on trying to save her sister, even though the ending is unexpected and twists aren’t really all that it seems. She still keeps her head in the goal of saving her sister in the end, even swoony guys don’t distract her. 

As for the love triangle, it is quite one. Yet, I don’t really hate it, both sides of the triangle are rather interesting. One being a detective who’s actual gift is to force people to tell the truth, and another is someone who can kill you with his presence and especially quick if you touch him. Talk about deadly touch. 

And both sides have their own flaws, deadly secrets that made Evelyn unable to decide. And for once, she doesn’t excuse either of the boys from the rules or even forgive them based on looks alone. That is believable for me to say. 

As for the hidden abilities all possessed, it didn’t really bother. More or less felt fitting even the ending bit where another plot twist was pulled, that power made a whole lot of sense why Rose would be considered a healer. And countless hidden abilties in the people all around Evelyn, most of her allies have some abilties. 

As for Miss Grey, I like her and I do want to know more about her. She did after all survive an insane asylum and would be an interesting character to read nonetheless. I’m just hoping that some importance would go to her time there, it’s a pretty traumatizing thing to go an asylum during those times. 

And Camille, she may be a minor character but she really was what I liked in this entire book. She may be more willing to betray, but that doesn’t mean she’s fascinating. She’s someone who disguise herself, even admitting that she might not even have a true self, which I mean makes her one of the most intriguing characters. I just have fingers crossed that she might appear in the next book. 

And the book provides some of the wittiest dialogue I have read, since Six of Crows and provides plenty of entertainment as I chuckle at some of those lines. Particularly Camille’s that woman is interesting with her lines, both quotes that I have taken come from her. 

And I like how the title actually translates to many ways, about how people are willing to do vicious things to keep other things under wraps. And having masks and secrets, all the while depending on it to grow. 

Overall, this is a pretty fantastic and fun read. If you’re looking for a good Victorian era fantasy, I would suggest this, little but still incredibly enjoyable and for once a heroine that puts her family first. 

Rating: 5 out of 5


We do not remain the same each minute to the next. Every word you hear, every sight you see, every smell, every thought you have, every moment—it all changes you. We keep putting on mask after mask, layers over layers. That’s how one grow. 

The moment you doubt your appearance is the moment others will sctutinize your behaviour