Kuroshitsuji 129

This chapter is what some have been waiting for years. The confirmation of the twin theory. Where Real Ciel actually shows up, while Ciel is lying. And now, I feel as though the next chapter would be hell for Ciel. Since he would be facing all his fears, all he likes coming crashing down onto him. And for one, I do care about whether he can even pick himself up from this. 

Sebastian nonetheless seems surprised at this turn. Which suggested that he may have a hand in how Real Ciel died and left. While Ciel chose to take the duty of the Watchdog. And I do admit that there would be a difficult rivalry between them, a difficult time. Chances are, they will oppose each other and showdown each other instead. 

Because Ciel might not be as innocent as he says he is. He may have a hand in killing his own brother. And his brother might be quite a jerk, since he was the one who told Lizzy when she was young that he didn’t like scary women. And that was why she began to loathe swords. All the while Ciel might have been the second son, the one who was not meant to inherit. I could see a lot do jealousy, a lot of complicated emotions that would make a happy reunion out of the question. 

Even more so when this is black butler. When have anything been so simple. And the way that Real Ciel actually treats his brother, the way he brings up all his weaknesses the moment he meets him. I’m inclined to believe that he feels Ciel is inferior. 

So, I would say a showdown between twins would be likely. As for Undertaker supporting one twin, I would say that it is highly unlikely. Since it would make no sense for him to not try to save both instead of one. So, I would say the one likely behind Real Ciel really returning would be Victoria. Since we know that she and Ciel have a strained relationship, the way he linked him to his father who died a horrible death and the way he hid Sulin from her. The way she used that murder mystery to try and frame Ciel instead. And the way she seemed to like having bizarre dolls in her army. These are all so suspicious. 

So, what about Undertaker opposing Victoria instead. Undertaker would try to break the contract between Sebastian and the Earl. All the while finding a way for Real Ciel to survive. Chances are he may be a bizarre doll. 

That would make sense why he would start his bizarre doll research once he knew this. That Ciel is being kept by Victoria who is quickly trying to remove the Earl of his position. And that Undertaker would never hurt the Earl. I know that he basically I’d an enemy of Sebastian, but an ally of Ciel. Someone who wants to save him. Not hurt him. And bringing up the twin, isn’t the best thing to go. It may cause even more trauma for him. 

And that Ciel is likened to the King, which puts us at this. Is he the king of Undertaker who is the one playing chess against the Queen? Trying to outsmart her and save Ciel. I would say, highly likely. Since he disliked Victoria, that’s important in this case. Ciel being the king would make sense, since Undertaker would use all means to protect Ciel. Be it from Sebastian or from Victoria. Because once the king is lost, it’s checkmate. Or once he knows who the culprit is, it’s also checkmate. 

But I feel the one who probably suffered the most is Lizzy. Lizzy who suffered because of the fact she has been lied to by one twin, one who she cultivated feelings for. And likely to only be used by the other. At best, wants her as a trophy wife. While the Earl respects her for who she is, for what she is. For all she represents. This makes the Earl the better choice but he lied to her for four years. 

Even at the end of it, I will still consider the Earl the better choice. I mean, just look at that incident I mentioned. He hates a strong wife, and what is Lizzy.  A strong selfless girl who is willing to make sacrifices for the person she loves. Even if they don’t know it. And his comment caused her to loathe herself for such a long time, one that his brother solved by apologizing. I would say Real Ciel is a jerk and wants to be the best in everything or control Lizzy. He doesn’t want an independent woman, I can assure you if he told that to a young girl. 

So, I would say that this entire chapter had revealed the fandom’s greatest theory. And I do believe that this being black butler, the relationship isn’t as pure as it seems. And I do think that out of them all, Lizzy suffers most even more than Ciel. Being lied to by one twin who took his brother’s identity. The other likely wanting to hurt his own brother. And she is stuck in between. No wonder girl looks so depressed the entire arc. 


Kuroshitsuji 128

What is revealed here can say that it can be his twin. It’s really the only reason why Ciel looks so incredibly frightened, why Soma recognized him and why Lizzy chose to stay at the music hall.

And how the message is veiled subtly. “Who stole the candy from my tummy?” These does suggest that the candy is the ring, and it was taken from his stomach. Well, this is beginning to hint more obviously at the twin. Which I am fine with the twist as it is, as it brings a completely different kind of subtext to the story. 

What did Ciel do? He probably sacrificed his own brother. And his reaction subsequently make me think that he is afraid as he is guilty, and that he had wholeheartedly sacrificed his own brother. 

For this story, I won’t expect survivor’s guilt, since it is one of grey morality from the very beginning. And Ciel barely has a shred of humanity left in him, and we don’t know how their relationship had been. But I can say that the younger twin must have been jealous. Because in Victorian Era, primogeniture was the thing. And so, it makes sense why he would be jealous. He wouldn’t have been accessed to a single cent of the fortune. 

He all the more suffers from asthma, which is something that has affected him quite badly when he was a child. So, what could this mean? He could have a real reason why he would have sacrificed his brother, out of fear and eventually tried to rationalize it as everything would be for himself. 

And really, it does make the most sense among all the other ideas. So, I am more or less ready for the reveal of the twin this arc as it was suggested. 

But I would also expect the twin to be mentally unhinged and rather unstable. And with Sebastian’s reaction, it suggest that he has died and really was revived as a bizarre doll. 

But this is all my speculation and how likely it would fit if the theory is true. There is still that chance there is a completely perfectly good explanation which doesn’t include a twin(Victoria and John Brown deciding that this is the perfect chance to strike back at him, and reveals the twin.)

Or that John Brown and Victoria also has something to do with the Blue Sect(Even though that pointed to Undertaker more due to the Campaigna and the blue star liner), but I think that Victoria closing her eye to this and only bringing up now has a point, and Ciel to her isn’t of the best image. 

So, I think that this chapter revealed a lot and made me think that it’s the twin theory slowly coming to life. But I don’t know, maybe there are other explanations. Maybe there is a whole new twist. But I would expect a brutal faceoff should the twins meet each other again. 

Kuroshitsuji 127

Well, Soma survived. But it really seems that Agni would die, given it all. I’m more or less confirmed seeing that there was a panel where Ciel asked whether he was even breathing. And well, he’s not. The only thing I’m really sad about, is that these two characters in a sense provide some light for Ciel despite all, and well especially Agni who really is a model butler, to the degree that he would out his mother above anything else. 

So, was Yana right to have ended the chapter in the way it was, she was. Having Sebastian for once commend Agni, and even a way of saying that he was a much better butler than Sebastian was. Which was true. Sebastian only cares about aesthetic and his meal, but very little for Ciel. While Agni is willing to die for Soma. That is really the pinnacle in a sense. 

As for Sebastian, I wonder will he learn from Agni. Or will he die for Ciel in the same way. It is difficult to guess, but with his death, I can say that we can finally see some growth in Sebastian. For good or for worse though, I can’t really decide. 

More likely I want to know what would happen to Soma after this. Maybe he would become consumed with guilt and revenge. Maybe he would instead go back to India. Which I highly doubt would happen in this case. 

As for Ciel reacting, the shock can be real. Since it used to be a safe place for him, one which wasn’t always targeted given the way it seemed that Soma and Agni remained there for quite a long time. Most importantly I want to see Ciel reflecting a little bit on his own actions, and see how vulnerable he really is. 

As for the attacker, there are just a lot of possibilities. But there are definitely two assassins in this case, one which held the gun to Soma’s head and the other who took care of Agni. This suggest that perhaps it is Lord Sirius, and the other attacker might be Lord Polaris given how his room looked. Almost as though he had a pretty twisted mind, really. So, having Agni die the way he did, with multiple knives suggest really that man is a little sick. 

Well, I’m more or less curious as to who the mastermind was. Some think it’s John Brown, which does have some merit given that the Blue Sect existed for two years yet they are only being investigated now. And that, who could actually stay right behind him, Queen Victoria. And well, she is a very sketchy character from chapter 1 to allow Ciel to become the guard dog when he was only ten. And well, I’m still not surprised if this turns out to be real. 

As for the younger attacker being Ciel’s twin, I think the possibility is high. And well, Undertaker may only be just someone who took care of him, but not necessarily helped him. I mean, John Brown is really suspicious if he could travel to Germany in a single day. So, my idea is that Queen Victoria, in a sense perhaps is keeping his twin for the moment where Ciel betrays her, and then she will have a doll of sorts that she could control. A guard dog that will be solely loyal to her and would help her in starting the war that she wanted. Since Claudia, Vincent, Ciel, they all have their mistakes and their weaknesses. And even they are not fully loyal to Victoria on the level that she wants. 

I mean, look at their death dates. Vincent died on the same day as Prince Albert, effectively Ciel’s birthday. And Claudia, although not on a 14th but on a date of the 13th, like her son’s birthday. 

With this, I highly doubt it is Undertaker behind the whole Blue Sect. But another character who wants to really torment Ciel, and well use this kind of means to start driving away his allies. 

Well, enough said. This are mostly theories that I have thought up or read and seemed to have made sense to me. But, as I said only next month’s chapter would reveal something more. And well, I think we have seen quite a bit of plot progression at long last. 

Kuroshitsuji 124

I think plot moment is finally here. Even though the previous chapter already revealed the whole scheme of things, and why Ciel started the boy bands. It wasn’t solely for competition but for the sole purpose of having Sphere Hall slip up.  

And about the blood theory, I don’t think it has anything regarding bizarre dolls now, seeing who are its recipients (mostly old men) which makes me think about it, what are the chances of Sirius also being an old person like him. But instead, I think it might have been more to the cult which had bought Ciel. We know that Ciel was sacrificed by the cult, who wanted to summon a demon for wealth, and eternal youth. Which also makes sense here. 

As for the blue star, I don’t think it has anything to do with Ciel’s past at this point. Seeing the last chapter, and the arc titles where a butler and master duo were introduced, it always had been with a colour. 

Red Butler Arc

Yellow Butler Arc 

Green Witch Arc 

See my point. It has a lot to do with colours, and as such I think we are due for another butler master duo. 

As for the photographer, there seems to be a lot with him. And I was right, he did turn out to be a part of them if he freeloaded off Tanaka, because he’s a freelance journalist of some sort durinh that era. 

As for the photograph that Ciel was afraid for Soma to see, may not have shown a twin, instead it may have shown a really embarrassing situation for Ciel, or something that was personal to Ciel. Ciel’s mental psyche also could hint about his family since he’s more than likely to have developed some mental issues after that. So I don’t think the sole reason is because of the twin, but I do think it’s another. Or it could be the rumored picture of Ciel being put in a dress by Rachel. 

As for Abberline, definitely would expected that from the beginning. Seeing how Yana also had some hand in the anime, dropping small hints is still helping I would say it’s having a parallel the anime. Then what about Lizzy? Maybe Bravat also had another motive regarding her, seeing that she’s still missing. Which also has another parallel to the anime. Where Lizzy goes missing. 

As for Undertaker having involvement, maybe not, seeing where it’s heading. But Bravat at the last chapter is clearly doing something, and seems to have further proved his intellect. And those old men were still idiots for having believed him, and had almost no observant abilities to have knew about it. But then, what does he mean by the End? It could be a lot of things, maybe something had been reached using the Sphere Hall after all. But I’ll think I’ll work on this once I have an idea what is happening or the possible outcomes. 

Kuroshitsuji 123 

What I have seen this chapter was quite interesting indeed, since the stars finally talk. Which brings me to this, do I think now that Undertaker had a huge involvement in this? Maybe. It goes either way now. 

Because it the stars definitely seem to be completely able to have personal thoughts, and are not obsessed with souls. Which either means Undertaker really stepped up his game, or they are humans in the first place. 

Which comes to chapter 115 where we see the hand, and most say it’s that of an old man. Lord Sirius may just be extremely old, and that it may not be Ciel’s twin. To me, that has some basis and a lot of truth, but there can still be another plot twist thrown in about that one. 

As for Bravat, I’m still interested in him and his character especially his motives. He might not particularly involved with Undertaker, it doesn’t exactly point to him now given how the Lord of the stars are. But I’m still interested in why he’s doing this. 

As for the Lord of the stars, apart from Sirius, who never spoke. It seemed that they might be human after all, but possibly inflicted with an incurable disease of sorts and believe blood is their answer. I don’t think it’s immortality or vampires, since there seems to be a butler inside. Well, it might be an introduction of a new butler-master duo. As for Polaris, it might more be Lords than Lord. But they still remain incredibly mysterious. 

So, do I think that they would be new characters that just have a lot to do with Ciel’s past seeing where this arc would head and was told it would go down. Likely, as we can finally see who actually was the cult that tried to sacrifice him, as they might have been desperate enough to resort to that. But I’m placing my bets on the cult, it seems to still be the most mysterious of all, we still don’t know much about the..  

But moving on, to the newspaper reporter, it seems too suspicious that he seemed to be wearing roughly the same thing as the guy whose face was never revealed inside the Aristocrats of evil. Though he does look quite young, and my running theory is that he was just a late addition. It makes sense, since I know very little about all their backgrounds and some haven’t been revealed yet. Those we know who are involved with the Phantomhives before Ciel is Undertaker, Dedrich and Madam Red, not so much on the woman who cover her face. So the camera guy, is 90% a part of the Aristocrats of evil, I’m really thinking it. 

But nonetheless I did enjoy the boy band part, but here we do see it come nicely to a close. To me, I’m fine with the explanation we are given, and also some hints about the similarities between Vincent and Ciel. Both have a rather similar way of doing things, just it might be different. After all, Vincent is one complicated guy, I’m still trying to see him as a character and really thinks that there is far more than what we see. And that there might be more importance to Rachel, as Vincent could be just the red herring thrown to us, it seems suspicious to really mention the father yet not the mother. And I don’t think for a second Rachel was kept in the dark about what her husband does. Just look at Elizabeth, she knows despite only being Ciel’s fiancée.  

And I read this chapter many days ago, just waited until the English version came out. Since I’m more or less paranoid about missing out on something given my ability to read Chinese and understand it. 


This entire week, I have been enthralled by this series. There is a lot of pleasure which I had gotten from reading this, and this has become my new obsession so far in anime and manga. Mostly manga, which had more or less gotten a reaction out of me many times. 

So far, I have fully caught up with the manga and got myself to reading all sorts of really super weird theories which are likely to be true. But at the end of the day, it’s all speculation anyway. And really, I’m still more or less amazed by the foreshadowing done so early into anything, than slowly peeled off revealing a little more each time. But I’m more of an occasional reader anyway.

Favourite Arc: Noah’s Ark Circus 

I really have to admit that it is one of the most well done arcs so far. Where the entire arc showcased what were the most prevailing themes in Kuroshitsuji, such as tragedy, moral ambiguity(Ciel does something incredibly horrible during this arc) as well as the villains, who all really aren’t that bad lot of people. They ultimately just paid the price for what they did, although not deserving it to be as harsh as it was, but still nonetheless what was eventually coming for them. 

The one reason why I do like Kuroshitsuji is also because of its really morally ambiguous characters, both Ciel and Sebastian aren’t good people, and despite how much I like them, I can see a bad end in store for them. More than likely due to the themes of the manga itself, as well as the morality of them. You see them do a lot of questionable things all the time. 

Despite having no final antagonist in visible sight(not in the shadows, more than likely it’s someone within the cast that was introduced in the first place, or at least mentioned). But I still like the manga and its pacing so far, and all the mysteries shrouded in it. 

Another reason why I like it further it’s also due to its bizarreness and the possibilities, as well as having some typically very cliché arcs having its own unqiue spin which I did enjoy. Whether it was incredibly humorous or anything. And the most important, none of the characters ever seem to be just what they are. There is always something beneath them other than that. 

So, I would probably be reviewing the subsequent chapters where it continues as well as the theories if I have some. 

So far in the manga… 

As for what I feel about the latest chapter, is more or less about Bravat figuring out how Ciel is shrewd enough to use almost anything, from merchandise to songs. Which also proves something about Bravat, that he’s also bright enough, it gives the feeling that he’s more or less well aware of what they are doing. My guess is also personal reasons, since the Lords of the Stars also can have some relation to him. He doesn’t seem to be just a lackey to keep around if he could figure that much out. 

Which can also mean, since he has shown parallels to Joker, yet some undeniable differences in terms of hair colour and even intellect. Joker may have not been very bright, given that he believed all Baron Klein just told him about the workhouse and didn’t try to see it for himself just once, Bravat doesn’t give off that kind of aura to be honest. Given what I have seen of him so far, and this chapter just supports that he might have personal reasons, because he may not be a genius, but he isn’t foolish either. Which is more or less why I’m invested in his character and where does he stand in this entire arc. 

As for Undertaker bring here, I really think it should more or less be a given here. But what if he isn’t, there is still no way to confirm whether he is really with this cult. Although more or less hints do point to this, without really any real confirmation within the manga itself, he may also not be involved. But I really don’t know either way, but I’m putting myself onto the ‘he’s involved camp’. 

But I have really been quite invested in this series so far which is likely going to be soemthing I frequently discuss about or just post reviews monthly.