The reviews I will be doing here will be both for Drama, Books as well as Anime. These three are what I mainly review these days. And probably will be the main focus of my blog.

The policy here is that I will express my honest opinion and that I would not change any of the reviews unless they are offensive or I have reread the book and have new thoughts about it.

The books I have read are not many, and that it may not be what you thought as well. This is my opinion and strictly mine. You are free to disagree with what I say here.

For books, I heavily prefer, fantasy, historical fiction, literary fiction. But I read almost any genre with the exception of erotica, which is the one thing which doesn’t keep my attention.

Same for anime, I prefer historical, sci-fi or fantasy anime. The rest of the genres hasn’t really captured my attention yet, but maybe one day I will give them a shot.

Dramas, normally likes to watch historical and Wuxia. As well as some Xianxia, and perhaps a few palace dramas. But never really more than that.

I spend a long time writing a review, for it can take From one hour to a very long time. Usually it’s the better the longer, as I tend to be short and sweet when it left a bitter taste in my mouth. And there just is so many books. The only reason why I have do few, is that I pick my books.

Also, I would normally read the seuqel to books which I have rated at least a 2 to give it another shot. One stars, I probably wouldn’t really want to pick it up.

Feel free to contact or express what your opinion of my review is here. Although all negative ones would not stick around.

Recommendations are welcome though.

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