A Matter Of Circumstance

And well, this book was also the same to me. It just wasn’t what I wanted at the end of the day. Perhaps when I want romance, I want something else to complete here.

I like it when it has some other theme that the romance wasn’t for the sake of romance. To me, this is where it just fails. It is neither sensual or sexy but doesn’t have any touching moments at all.

As a historical romance, it brings nothing new to the table at all. All the while it doesn’t provide me the entertainment that I wanted to gain from this.

So, this just wasn’t to my taste at all. And by two-thirds through, it seems completely pointless to push on.

I received an e-ARC in exchange for an honest review.


A Treacherous Curse 

In a strange way, this completely captured my attention. The mystery was different as was the main characters in a very very good way. 

Veronica was defining relatable, and even entertaining to read through. She was a woman who didn’t try to complain or show how difficult her life was. I barely knew anything about her, but she is a detective who does all the work expected of her. She investigated everything thoroughly. And all her words were rather memorable. 

As for Stoker, who is her partner is also nonetheless interesting. It isn’t a romance, they remain very very platonic. While it reveals a lot about Stoker and what his past was, which was something interesting. 

Again the novel shows that almost no one caused the death of a particular person. Just plenty of people with different motives who happened to drive him to his eventual death. 

The ending was rather fulfilling as it was, since Veronica does have a place for herself not to mention the fact that Stoker also gained closer. As for the dialogue regarding Caroline de Morgan. It was entertaining and so right as it was. 

Overall, I really really enjoyed this work. It was satisfying yet differently structured from most mystery novels set in this time period. 

Rating: 4 out of 5

Song Of The Current

This just was a huge surprise. Yes, this was a book which was.a joy to read and indeed was satisfying and fun.

It has a romance but it is not the kind which I want to bang my head against, but rather the kind which I like. The relationship was a slow one, slow but all the while developing their relationships wholly.

As for the plot, it all begins when Caro opens a crate. I’ll just leave it at that. The rest is really one hell of a ride and an adventure. One which I thoroughly enjoyed and even loved. The way that it just never seemed to be predicable, and gave me a lot of thrills. Since I couldn’t really see any of the twists coming. Even though I really should have known better and guessed it from the start. But I didn’t.

As for Caro’s parents actually being an important part of her lives and her book. Yes, I liked it. That they aren’t perfect parents, and they have mistakes. But at least they exist, that is the main point. And I did like how her parents were complicated people, and Caro sees them as an adult does instead of that of a child. I found it rather fitting and one which really worked for me.

Therefore you could say that this work just happened to be one of my favourites. As everything was perfect, a good plot, great characters which I could relate to. And finally, a world and characters. If anything, this was just a lot of fun to read. Will recommend if you’re looking for something to pass the time and something entertaining.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Song Hereafter

I guess I just lost interest in the book after a while. Since I just felt so horribly lost as to what was happening here.

I didn’t comepletely understand Estela or any of the characters here. The story is set in an interesting time against the backdrop of Spain in the twelfth century.

However, the historical facts were indeed what I found really there. As the scope of the book does appear to be a little large covering France and the Angevin Empire as well as Spain.

But I just couldn’t understand any of the characters or even where the story was headed. Well, guess this is where it gets me when I request a book far too ahead in the sequel. I was comepletely lost.

There wasn’t anything which drew me to this story at all. There wasn’t anything which really grounded me. I just found myself reading the writing with very little idea as to what was happening.

Although the writing was readable and full of things which intrigued me. But I was mostly confused about this.

So, you can say that I just didn’t feel for the story among all of it.

Rating: 3 out of 5

The Link 

DNF @56%

I really tried to get into this, as in really really tried to read further and hoping to find a connection with the characters. But sadly, I just cannot find anything which I enjoyed about the book and it was becoming torturing to just continue. 

I don’t care for any of the characters at all. About Kayla and what she was searching about, even halfway through I couldn’t understand her motives at all.  

At the end of the day, I just couldn’t understand where the work was coming from or what was its intentions. It just flew over me. It’s really a case of its not you its me, and perhaps this is to your taste but it certainly isn’t to mine. 

A Thousand Pieces Of You

This was a really surprising book, since it’s the first one which deals with alternate dimensions and travelling through them. Which was a unique concept to take and also quite messed up to handle.

Marguerite changes due to the fact that she is travelling through each dimension when one small change causes a huge ripple. And she is an artist regardless of the time, but of a different art style each time. Not to mention, the way that she is focused on her dad. Yet this entire journey brought her on a roller coaster, I say this in not a very good way. Since it was hell for her.

I like how each version remains the same on many levels, yet all the changes are very subtle which changes everything. Such as the Tsarist Russia and its effects, to the various alternate dimensions which were indeed fun to know.

Strangely, I just found it rather difficult to get into at first but once I eased into it I really liked Marguerite at every angle. Her emotions, and all the journey she goes through. As for the ending, it was a satisfying one.

Overall, I found this really enjoyable and the author did have clear rules when doing something as difficult as alternate dimensional travel. And it was pulled off really well. I will still recommend this as it takes on a very difficult topic to even think about let alone write about.

Rating: 4 out of 5

The Magdeburg Relic

I just didn’t feel as though this was written for me. Initially, the beginning was intriguing as well as fascinating. It was written in such a way which really made me curious.

But I just didn’t care. The characters fell flat to me, with very little depth which I enjoyed or even saw among the characters. And for much of the book I was confused as to what they even wanted in the first place.

None of them had much of any motivations at all, which caused me to just be comepletely unable to immerse myself in it.

Well, this just wasn’t for me. The writing was to my taste, but the characters were particularly bland and the plot felt rather aimless.

Rating: 2 out of 5