Awesome Blogger Award 

This in an award for the absolutely wonderful writers across the blogging world. They have beautiful blogs, are kind and lovely, and always find a way to add to happiness and laughter to the lives of their readers. This is what truly defines an awesome blogger. 

Here I am being nominated for my second award. I never expected that I would be nominated for another award so soon, thank you ceolsige for nominating me. Your blog is awesome too. 

Also, credits to the creator of this award, dreamingofguatelmala.  

Here are the rules: 

Thank the person who nominated you 

Include the reason behind the award 

Include the banner in your post 

Tag it under #awesomebloggeraward 

Answer the questions the nominator gave you

Nominate at least five awesome bloggers 

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Her ten questions:

1. For me, it would be a mix of music, anime and books. But mostly it’s a lot of anime and music. On the occasion will books give me some weird ideas, but it’s mostly anime which piqued my creativity and drove me to creating and a lot of what I consumed eventually worked its way into my work. 

2. The fact that I always never stop thinking about the next idea, even if I do not immediately work on them. Sometimes I would end up discouraged, but quickly pick myself up. Since I tend to forgive rather easily and just move on, rather than harp around the past. I can see that it is another of my strength seeing that this is where it brought me. Also, the belief that whatever I do is right, that helped in maintaining this blog and writing as much as I do. 

3. My most favourite author so far, would probably be Kirsten White for the time being. Mostly because of how And I Darken impacted my life, as it was the most perfect sort of book. And that became a reason why I loved anti-heroes and even complex characters. It had been pulled off so well by her. I still cannot wait for the sequel to come. 

4. On some level, I think I’m actually most similar to being like my zodiac animal. A real snake. I strangely like the cold, even if I live in a humid country. I am also pretty lazy if you ask me. 

5. Still teleportation, there is nothing more useful than that. And really, all I want to do is to go into fictional worlds and try and understand them on a deeper level. Also, maybe I would try going back into history, then it would make research so much easier. 

6. My favourite character that I have written so far is Wu Cai Lin (from Hidden Within Dawn), since she is a girl who counts on her intelligence, and wits above anything else. And well, I like her for how comfortable she is with herself, that she likes playing puzzles, but still able to scheme, outsmart when it is necessary. Another reason why, is that she is a verbal badass. 

7. I blog because well, I wanted to find a place for my thoughts about books which are all over the place. And well, it did contribute to the blog name after all since it’s mostly my thoughts and feelings about writing, books, anime or any storytelling medium really. 

8. Being able to successfully draw something, other than stick figures and barely understandable drawings. It is the one talent that I would love to have, yet still hasn’t even shown a miniscule of talent for it. 

9. It will be pop ballads, I rather like tragic music sometimes. And it inspires me quite a lot to write. And that I love them with a slightly darker theme added to it. So mostly music with really dark and tragic overtones, I always end up loving that mind of music. 

10. Trying to finish a novel(which I am so close at, just 13 more chapters of a really massive work) after nearly two years of promising myself that I will finish something(it has a lot to do with the story not working out in the least). Trying to balance having a blog and school, since this year is extremely important to me(O levels, not a fun thing to have). 

My five nominees:

AMBradley-Your blog has been really insightful about writing, not just about the craft aspect but also about the more social and getting themselves known 

Glenniswritingabc-the tips which you offer are helpful and clearly very insightful towards the craft of writing. 

Natashasapienzablog– I really like your blog for its tips about writing and how it really is spot on. 

Novelty Revisions– it is the blog for writers who want to become freelance writers, and offers a lot into blogging as well. 

Rantandraveaboutbooks-a place with a lot of book reviews and also discusses trends within books usually, and the common tropes. And I really like their style. 
Ten questions:

1. What do you think is your best traits?

2. What inspired you to start a blog?

3. What do you tend to do to get inspired to write a post?

4. If you had the chance to tell something to your past self, what would it be? 

5. What is your favourite meal of the day?

6. Are you an early bird or a night owl?

7. What is the one thing that you are thankful for?

8. Would you move out of your home country if given the choice?

9. What is your favourite song?

10. What is your ideal vacation 


How to break rules well

To me, there are no hard and fast rules about writing well. It all comes down to the fact on how you break those rules. And how you make it work into the novel. 

I have a personal belief that all writing rules are meant to be broken, and they are merely guidelines for us to follow. Most of this guidelines at the beginning would help our work. But one of these days, given that we as writers would always think out of the box, we would eventually break them one way or another. 

I’m fine whether you are reading this while working on your first work, or how many manuscripts. Since I’m giving you a few tips on breaking rules well, and making it work cohesively with your story. 

So, here are some tips on how you should consider breaking rules. 

#1 It must be necessary 

If it is necessary, by all means break it. If your feel as though your story could do with that twist, by all means use it to your advantage. But do note that there might be better alternatives, and should it come to seeing which is the alternatives is better, I would suggest you take everything into account first, and consider other alternatives before doing this. Since it isn’t as easy to break rules than following them, as you need to understand the craft very very well. 

#2 It must have a good reason 

This is above all, everything must come with a logical and good reason, you can break all the rules and no one can tell you not too. But you have to know whether it is the logical way to go, or are you simply doing it for the sake of unpredictability, which can backfire quite badly. Since readers are smarter than that, and they will know whether it was broken because the author simply wanted it to be complex or whether there is a logically good reason behind it.

#3 Execution 

You must execute it well, how you break the rules has to be executed well in the book. Otherwise, it feels sloppy and cheap rather than anything else. And execution can make or break a book usually, either where the book always have characters saying things at the wrong time. Or where it feels so cheap to have pulled it off or have a happy ever after when it was feeling like a tragedy after it all. That kind of thing. 

So, here are my tips on what you should consider before breaking a rule and making it work. If you feel as though there is more to be added, leave a comment below I always greatly welcome comments. 

Is is okay to work on this manuscripts at the same time?

For me it is always okay. Because if I focus solely on one I would eventually face a burnout. I’m not kidding. Since I would hit a block which I cannot get through or end up just losing interest in that novel. 

So for me, I have to work on two to three manuscripts simultaneously to keep the momentum. That each chapter is relatively fresh and possibly reveals new twists or a new way of seeing a character. I cannot just work on one single work at a time, I need to at least have two to three. It was one thing which proved to have worked for me, since I’m on the verge of finishing my first novel after seriously writing for nearly two years. 

But there are many downsides. I have many times where I needed to look back because I simply could not even remember certain details. But that can remedied by notes, or some ideas for future chapters. I usually do that from keeping myself from forgetting. 

I also have a routine time where I would work on each story, sometimes some have more time, others have shorter depending on how much progress I have made or how long that story is. Or how fast I want it complete? It seems that the only way I can write is that I simply set goals for myself and don’t make excuses, and also habit. 

To work on two manuscripts is also to divert your attention. It can be difficult, it can be daunting. But for some writers like me it works because it retains my interest. Since every day I am not staring at the same manuscript over and over, I can quickly find a way to begin. Or sometimes I just add a sentence. 

Another reason why I also do this is that I would be constantly thinking about each story on a deeper level and I probably wouldn’t discard it once the novel is finished. 

Even though progress can be really slow, but I use this method because to me it’s a way that forces me to write and think at the same time. I also encounter a lot less writers block, since I probably wouldn’t just constantly be thinking about how a plot twist would work then realise that it doesn’t. And whatever I come back to the work with, is that I am always a better writer. 

Mystery Blogger Award

Lonelyboy1977 nominated me for the Mystery Blogger Award last saturday It had come off as a surprise to me, really. But thanks for the nomination, and thinking that this blog is worth the award. And thanks to the creator, Okotoenigma who created this award. 

Award Rules: 
-Put the award logo on your blog 

-List the rules 

-Thank whoever nominated you and link to their blog 

-Mention the creator of the award and link it to their blog 

-Tell your readers 3 things about yourself 

-Nominating between ten and twenty bloggers  

-Notify your nominees by commenting on their blogs 

-Ask your nominees five questions 

-Share a link to your best/favourite post that you have written 

3 things about myself: 

I am weird, when other people fall asleep in history and literature, I think it the best thing in the world. While other people find Geography easy, strangely I never understood the subject even till this day. 

I have a musical background, currently I’m grade 7 in theory and grade 6 in piano. And I do think that one day I might want to work as a sound engineer or enter the music industry, out of pure interest for it. 

I have never even seen real snow in my life. I live in a humid country(Singapore) near the equator and well four seasons is something that I haven’t seen all my life or even experienced it either. But I do want to see real snow one day. 
As for his questions: 

1. I would want to be able to successfully draw a sketch of my characters, even though that’s probably going to be hard and nearly impossible (since till this day I still haven’t managed to figure out how to draw something remotely complex). So, it is a goal which would remain unachieved for a very long time. 

2. I hated the book and the way it handled the characters, plot and especially how it had been executed, it seemed to me that all it had was the beautiful writing and very little depth with the characters and the plot. That book was the Night Circus. 

3. I would probably try and find out what the boys think of me, since it is an advantage that I have. Also, trying to get back at some of the guys who have annoyed me to no end.

4. I would probably head into the world of Black Butler. That world has been something I would want to visit, just to discover all the secrets the author has hidden within it. I mean, there are so many mysteries and maybe a visit there would have all the spoilers I want. 

5. Teleportation. Then I can be in so many places at once and always be seeing something new. That is pretty awesome since I have always wanted to see the full world and not having to spend so much time on travel expenses. And also try visiting fictional worlds.

Here are my five questions: 

Which is a character that you wish to know the most? 

What do you think is the most powerful superpower in the world? 

Which do you prefer: your book or series getting a movie adaptation or a TV adaption? 

How do you visualise your book? 

What inspires you the most?

Here are my ten nominees(some I really wanted to nominate but already had been, so I looked elsewhere for by ten nominees):












I really got surprised that I managed to reach this amount of followers so soon, never really expected it to grow so much. Thanks to you all for following me. Apart from that, it is already over a year since the blog was set up(nine months till it reaches its second anniversary). 

Although I am curious, what is it that drawn you to my blog? And what do you usually read here? Is the my book reviews or the posts on writing? Or my more occasional anime/manga? Or is it about drama? What would you like to see more on the blog? 

I hope you will answer this questions as it would allow me to further think of ways to better my blog and also think about adding new sort of blog posts apart from book, drama and anime reviews and writing posts. 

The Republic Of Thieves 

I would say that this was nonetheless interesting. This is very much the turning point of the series, and where it would head eventually. And revealing plenty of secrets regarding Locke and his entire backstory, it really is unique and almost impossible to know. 

As for the plot, it’s a little weaker than before. But nonethelsss still intriguing and well frankly just amazing on some levels. 

And knowing more about the Bondsmagi, such as how they are named, and how they worked even. With some additions apart from the Falconer to the Bondsmagi, such as Patience, and even why they choose to have contracts and knowing magic. And with her is such a huge connection to Locke, and essentially, she also becomes a rather interesting favourite of mine. Seeing how she messes Locke over. 

As for Jean, I would say that Locke needs this guy. Their relationship is even closer than Locke’s romance with Sabetha, Jean’s his rock and probably the one thing that’s keeping him alive. 

As for Sabetha, she was what I thought she would be. And for her really she made her own choice in this, and made her stand. 

While this book would most likely affect the eventual books as well, as this is where many relavations which still brings a lot of questions to me. 

As for the theatre story, I would have wanted it to also have an impact with the actual story here. It was like two stories together which really didn’t add on well, even though both were enjoyable, it did seem that the theatre part had been a little extraneous when compared to the actual story about an election. 

Overall, I would say that this book had been enjoyable even if I wanted a slightly better motivation but the ending parts was interesting and would lead me to continue with this. 

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

What Makes A Character Compelling?

I would say, their personality. Not just their personality but also their flaws, their weaknesses. But most importantly is that none of the characters in your world should be able to get off scot free when they have done something wrong. Or are not excluded from repercussions. 

And for me, I liked watching my characters suffer through things. Watching every bit of their lives eventually impacting them and peeling back all those layers. People are three dimensional, and everything they go through would affect them in some way or another. As a writer, it’s knowing how it would affect them and portraying it as such. Rather they would become bitter, ir at least a little kinder or taking on any traits. But they must learn something by the end of the book. 

And another is having them fail horribly only to pick themselves up. That is true strength, not badass abilities like swordsmanship, knife throwing, or some abilities which makes them only physically badass. I also like verbal ones too. 

And unlike protangists this has to apply to all characters in the story. Either minor ones, supporting characters, they all have to impact the story in some way, and likewise. 

Most importantly, it’s also being able to relate to their characters. I also enjoy books based on how relatable they are, rather than just on the interesting personality. Sometimes it can be hard to relate to some characters but their characters are interesting, but not entirely plausible based on the background. Backstory also gives depth to them, but their current personality also has to reflect what they went through, and how it impacted them. The backstory has to explain what made them as such, and not just there to induce tears. There is a relationship between these two, and sometimes the backstory simply doesn’t explain why is a character so. 

As some backstories can be abosrbed by different characters with a complete turn in their personalities. It can also explain some of their quirks, and also some of their behaviour. But both must reflect each other and give a very very plausible explanation for it. Different people deal with problems differently and their age can be an issue too. Ultimately, I read books and expect backstory which gives a character necessary depth, instead of contradicting their personality itself. 

So, what do you think on this? I really would like to hear your input based on this issue.