Turning An Idea Into A Novel

An idea is this spark of inspiration we have in our heads, not all of it would be a good thing. Some might be so elusive that you never manage to find the real core of the novel. Some would be easy to find. But before you write that idea into a novel, it is best to figure a couple things out first. 

But this is mostly a guide for those who have a lot of trouble trying to start a story. Or often find it leading nowhere. For me, pantsing wasn’t always the best as often somewhere in the middle, it lead to nowhere at all. And when I planned just a little, it helped me keep on track. 

#1 An Idea Cannot Sustain A Novel 

There is so much more to it, characters, plot, themes, you need all this. You cannot just rely on the premise to get by. There is still a lot more that you can do, and a lot more that you can choose to do. An idea is only a small fragment, and the beginning spark. You need so much more than that to last through a novel. 

#2 Know That An Idea Doesn’t Always Work

Sometimes this happens, sometimes we cannot help it in the least. We can only say that we have done our best, but not all ideas are workable. I threw out quite a few from my early days which had very little reason to exist. And the whole entire core of the story made little sense to me. The idea can eventually become hard to develop and you just cannot find that spark. It is okay. As a writer, sometimes it just doesn’t work out. You can leave it alone, since you simply don’t find the kind of inspiration to keep on going. 

#3 Let Yourself Experiment 

There isn’t a need to be sticking it into one way, you can choose other methods. You can choose to look through another angle. Sometimes you just don’t have the benefit of getting the first try right. Then try again, and again. Writing isn’t just done once, it can be done over and over again to your satisfaction. If one way doesn’t work, try another. Or take a break then come back. And experimenting can let yourself know what could work as a novel. 

Overall, this are all my tips on turning an idea into a novel. I think that the idea only starts to push you into writing a novel, but it will not give all the tools to finish one. If you have anything to add, please leave it below. 


2016: How Did I Fare As A Writer? 

Not exceptionally well I can say. I may have written a lot of works, but finally completing a work seems so far away. On Wattpad, I’m only halfway through Hidden Within Dawn, a work that I began in May. And Book Of Mystics which began in early February, I once again rewrote it from scratch. As for A Maiden’s Ballad, which is going to be long and slow, only managed to get over 10,000 words. 

Well, so I once again lost myself and began to work from scratch again especially for book of mystics(it’s my third time rewriting it and I’m serious) but I’m still satisfied with what I did this year. 

At least one thing I managed to get right was improving my writing by quite a lot, even though it’s still far from good. So even though I barely did anything this year, I’m still rather satisfied. As I’m still learning and 

As for what I would plan for 2017, I’m going to tone down a little since my next year is hectic for school schedules. But that’s for another post. 

Although I haven’t actually reached anywhere, I feel rather satisfied with what I have done. I had done many more rewrites and honed my craft as a writer, though still far from good, but it’s an improvement. 

Also, another have to reaching the halfway mark for Hidden Within Dawn, or at least almost reach that mark. I’m already pretty close from when I started posting it, and I’m still plotting to straighten out some details there, and to tie up loose ends. 


Rebel Of The Sands 

This wasn’t a bad book. From the beginning I enjoyed it, despite not being the best I have ever read. But the setting was quite refreshing to the typical usual European fantasy. This was quite different and a change, guess Middle East do have some very very interesting mythology. 

The plot her is rather simple and quick to end, where Amani just becomes a part of a rebellion and her character was rather interesting. Where the beginning opened with her dressing as a boy and her mother as well. The history on how its women can be killed for laying with another as well as harems and princes. 

Well, the one thing I have to complain should be the scope. Although at the end, it sets it going but I would have wanted a little more, as I want to have a little more about thought provoking oind of thing. 

One thing I glad for is the lack of romance although hinted and developed, hasn’t really gone into that sort of phase yet. And that it feels more natural than most, I rather have a small relationship rather than a huge one. 

Amani is quite a typical badass heroine, which I have started to find very very bland. But when accompanied by a twist that she wouldn’t mind killing another made it slightly better, until she reaches the camp. Then, she becomes rather typical of a heroine. I mean, I guess that ya heroines have to be badass but after so many books worth of action girls, I’m tired. Can’t anyone write a female main character who displays a strong and unbending will without needing a sword or a gun? Until she realised that he’s the prince and becomes angry for being lied to, I can think of that, but enough to lose all trust in the guy who helped you escape from that kind of life, not necessarily. 

But I did like that Amani if she was a woman she would have experienced many many restrictions and that her mother being hanged as well. It makes her becoming a boy a little more by circumstance as she wasn’t granted much freedom and heck they are killed for being raped by another. And even killed for sleeping with a Djinn. 

As for the magical elements, I guess its rather normal. A fantasy book has to have a main character with some magical abilities so I’m not iffy about that, after all there were many hints left for me to put.

Overall, this was a decent read. The main character may be quite bland but isn’t a horrible character or useless. As for the setting it was rather refreshing with other countries as well. 

Rating: 3 out of 5


Is there a need to keep to a genre 

I would say:no. There are many writers who would write in a multitude of genres and publish in it. As not all can be cookie cutted into one genre or fitted. There are times when another genre suits it best. And it’s always good to branch out. Various genres reach you to focus on different things, and helps your writing in the long run. 

Of course, I’m not asking you to write a book in every genre. Experiment a little and decide. I write fantasy with historical fiction mostly due to my love of lush, exotic settings and that I’m willing to spend the time to research it heavily. As well as find various places to set it in or inspire it off. And that I love nuanced characters, and characters who have little choice but do what they do.

I don’t really have any fondness of science fiction, I really don’t. Since getting an idea can be hard work, and with my knowledge of science I still have no idea. Because before I actually step heavily into a work and begin the first draft, I would plan out the concept and the world. Thanks to my experience with planning high fantasy concepts, which needed to be solid and having some sense to develop the world. 

As for what I learned about stepping into historical fiction is the importance of research as I’m also a history purist and would want everything to be as accurate as possible. Which means having to take my research and making sure it is accurate. That ensured my endless focus in finding various sites to confirm mgmy findings, be it in one language or another. 

And that from stepping into various genres is that I have learned a great deal about the style of them, and how it works there. Every genre has a different focus, though the other parts cannot be neglected. Such as a mystery novel, when the focus is on the plot but the characters cannot be flat otherwise no one would find themselves invested in the book. For romance it’s the relationship and the hardships, but at the same time it should have a plot that makes some sense. 

What about you? What do you think? I’m quite the fantasy based writer, since I have so many high fantasy ideas. But I branched out for some ideas, as they couldn’t be used for that one genre. 


July 1

Lately I have been very busy and now that I’m back to school, it means lesser time for almost anything. But I will try and be as online as possible. I’m currently reading a book which review I am going to post up here. There are more that I plan to read or watch. 

I think I might end up watching more movies than dramas, I just don’t have the time to commit to it. So, hope you can understand that school is hell. Dramas would be pushed back. 


Cruel Beauty

This book had been so worth my time. Like the author said, it had been a melodramatic fantasy read. It indeed was. Giving me the perfect blend of it.

The story begins from this one phrase,

I was raised to marry a monster

I guess anyone would be sucked in and I was. Eventually I just couldn’t let myself go in this book, it was just way too good.

Nyx as a character here is just a very conflicted character. She hates her family, her father and aunt who had basically betrayed her. Even her own sister sometimes. She had kept her feelings from her sister, as she did not deserve it. Well until she snaps. I guess that makes her a very relatable heroine, Badass no, anti hero quite so. Raised to believe she would die, she would invoke sympathy from most.

She is still cruel and quite malicious. It just adds to her character as it would make sense. She was cast aside, raised and groomed to kill and die. Rather than being raised to live. Unlike her sister who had been loved by others. She wasn’t. She was relatable in her own way, malicious to those that really metered out her fate.

Ignifex, can I just say that he in a sense was swoonworthy. He may have overtaken them. But he offered bargains to people who in the end really deserved what they got. As he said, the honest would never bargain. Only those that believed they deserved it will.

That was what I enjoyed about this story the most. Everything was themed to bargains and their prices. From Nyx’s fate in the beginning, which was a cause of a bargain. To Ignifex’s past, also a bargain.

The bargains here carry prices, it is shown through Ignifex and at the same time The Kindly Ones.

The Kindly Ones are intriguing. They dealt and made bargains, but those who accepted it in the end was humans and no one else. They were interesting, as they did not seem to take any shape. The story here in a sense was set up by them.

The atmosphere and background of the story had been very vague. But somehow I didn’t mind it, as the story made up for it. I wouldn’t mind an intriguing relationship from time to time. The melodrama here was actually interesting. Nyx was supposed to kill him yet she couldn’t as he wasn’t everything he appeared. He had made bargains, but who seeked him out? Her own father had been indeed the one to give her the fate. Thus, I didn’t pity those who agreed to the bargain, but those who had been affected by it.

The story at the end of the day, revealed a lot of mindset. Talked about morality even despite the retelling of beauty and the beast. But behind all that melodrama was an interesting story through and through.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Reading the sequel: too bad there isn’t