Deadlands: Boneyard

Now this was the book that I consider a really interesting read. Since it is about a mother who is protecting her own daughters, and eventually when her own past also catches up with her.

I just love Annie, I know that Annie is a really fantastic even great mother. She is someone who has seen quite a lot in her life, and that her husband was in fact mad.

And that the tale surrounds this as a whole, as Annie is facing her past and an enemy who wants her daughter to make a perfect creation. And this does say that imperfection was always the best, as the way that the father wants to make his daughter perfect will make you want to kill him. I’m not kidding, the entire thing was so real that my sympathy went to Annie that very moment.

And that Adeline doesn’t have too much of a role, which is rather fine. Most of it is with Annie and her time as his wife. When she birthed conjoined twins, and when she saw her husband do what he did to them.

Her strength is admirable and makes the most amount of sense, since she has simply accepted and made the best of it. And that sometimes, accepting people for their imperfection is all they need. And that really, the husband is a chauvinistic pig. There is nothing else I can use to describe him, apart from the words raving lunatic.

And to me, this just worked and clicked. For this dark and creepy tale, I suggest that if you really want to read this, prepare yourself for a dark ride. And also, prepare yourself to face some really messed up stuff.

Rating: 4 out of 5


The Rogue’s Discovery

I think I am just getting too old for this kind of work. Especially after the description, I really should have guessed what the work was all about.

I really tried to get into the work and I just couldn’t. There wasn’t a single thing that really caught my attention at all. If it wasn’t for the fact that I needed to review this I will have just DNF it already.

There wasn’t a single character which I liked nor even loved. As well as having no characters which I could even relate to at all.

But I think I should really read the description more carefully when I pick a book these days. This just wasn’t written for me.


Well, I gave it a shot to see how long my mind could retain the memory of this book. And sadly, it just didn’t work in my favour for I emerge having no idea what happened in it.

This book has a really dull way of telling the story, coupled with pacing that I could see that nothing was happening apart from being taken as a slave. But there is a lot of telling, and a lot of passing moments. But not enough times showing me about all of his time as a slave.

And with it, I just couldn’t connect with any of the characters since there really isn’t much of anything which kept my attention. The writing is rather emotionless and dull which made enjoying this difficult, at least for me.

And since the writing was neither lyrical nor smooth in a way that I hoped, but rather just forgettable. As well as the characters were quite flat, and I couldn’t feel their emotions or even sympathize with them. Hence, you can see why this just didn’t work for me.

Rating: 1 out of 5

Traitor Angels

This was okay, although on some level it did manage to draw me in and enough to have me finish this book. But there are just some things which I need to really address.

The one character which somehow caught my attention was Robert, yes the bastard of the king and the duke. Also, something very interesting happened towards the end which did ruin my view of him completely. But I guess I never really knew him well enough. And that I don’t think the author really suggested his other side. However, the story was narrated in first person, and Elizabeth never truly understood him and I’m reading through her eyes. But yeah, I feel that the most compelling character was him.

As for the rest of the cast, needless to say they exist. But nothing more than that. I was rather bored when I had to read Elizabeth’s scenes, and somehow the rest apart from Robert seemed to completely disinterest me(maybe I have a penchant for liking characters with a dark side.) And that when he was revealed to be who he was, although not completely convincing but neither completely out of question. I just didn’t see it, but I welcomed it.

Elizabeth just didn’t hold my interest, and that is a major flaw since we are seeing everything through her eyes. And well to me, she is mostly what anyone will expect of YA heroine. But she just didn’t work with me.

So overall, the story to my belief is well researched with many of the details gotten right. However, it is just that I don’t care about any of the characters apart from Robert, and so, I can’t really bring myself to recommend this.

Rating: 2 out of 5

A Rebel Among Us

DNF @46%

I really tried to read this book, but it just really dragged on for too long.

I did like the beginning with David and the whole entire scene where he wakes up and learn about them. I found that entertaining.

Although I was expecting a romance, but I just didn’t expect it to take this long for anything to happen. I was expecting a lot more of questions, and a lot more of suspicion. I mean the title is a rebel among us. I expected a little more tension.

What I really got was mostly a little romance, some obstruction. But nothing that really lights up my mind or makes me want to read on. Almost halfway through the book I just couldn’t hold onto it anymore. There is very little reason why I want to read it.

There is almost no real character exploration or really understanding. And the romance, I just didn’t feel the chemistry together. Although I liked how they were kind to him. But I just wanted more than this, it just didn’t satisfy my tastes enough.

Perhaps this is for you, but it just isn’t for me.

Rating: 2 out of 5

The Han Agent

I just gave up, I couldn’t find any reason to continue reading at all. It just didn’t make me interested in continuing to read it at all.

Well, there is some researcher and some mystery. But the writing made it incredibly hard for me to even read it feeling something, the writing was dull and emotionless.

And the mystery, I just don’t care about it when I don’t even care about any of the characters here at all. And the plot moved too slowly to my taste.

Hence, this was a disappointment as I expected more from the book. And well, at least something which will have kept my interest for longer than just a few minutes.

This just didn’t work. So, I can’t really bring myself to recommend this.

Rating: 1 out of 5

The Cloister

This was a really interesting tale about Both World War II, religion and also the 12th century.

I did find the entire focus to be there. The writing good enough to handle the difference in styles and syntax, since how we spoke nearly a century ago will be extremely different from now. And the way that it managed to interwine it with the entirely storyline well enough.

The writing and the tale of Heloise was the real reason why I fell in love with this book. Rachel was incredibly relatable too, but she wasn’t as engaging as Heloise. Heloise who indeed was brilliant, who did really accept her own ideals. And really, she was willing to pursue what she believed was hers, and love when the chance came. I find that rather courageous to do, and to even support Peter, no matter how hard the times.

As for the religion aspect, I’m not a Christian, but I did like how it was simply as a choice. Or the different interpretations of the religion, for I do know about their very bloody history when it came to difference of opinions.

One flaw that I really don’t tolerate much is that what was the plot of Rachel’s story, she seems to be wanting to tell the world of their story. But it seems that after a while, it just doesn’t get fulfilled. And I will have highly preferred for her to have really gone through the war in France, although the ending was rather poignant and open ended. I just didn’t care that much for Rachel, since all My sympathies was with Heloise for the most part.

Overall, I just really enjoyed this book. There was something that really worked this tale for me, and Heloise was always the one who won my heart.

Rating: 4 out of 5