Deadhouse Landing


I found nothing even remotely interesting about this book. As much as I tried to read it, it never seemed to get anywhere. And well, when it never seems to get anywhere safely to say I just drop it.

I found it quite aimless to be honest, and none of the characters got to me. The beginning was mildly interesting on a level, but other than that it just fell flat. Really really flat.

As I didn’t think there was enough devoted to the main character and the world as it was, making me feel that nothing has happened so far. As much as I enjoy being thrown into a world, I was not by any means grounded into it.

That’s where this largely failed to evoke even a little emotion from it. I simply do not care.

Rating: 1 out of 5


The Walled City 

I found the whole idea enthralling. But at times, I just got really bored by the book itself in the beginning. The research I believe was did to the best of the author’s ability, and even then she took plenty of liberties here. Which was fine with me, as she was carefully in her portrayal. 

It just took a long time to get to really know or even like any of the characters. I like Jin Ling and Dai. While Mei Yee often just fell flat on me. First person narration can be hard when it comes to this number of characters it is shuffling through. And here, I think it just didn’t work too well. I cared about Dai and Jin Ling, but I felt that there could have been more. 

As in really more. 

More depth, and more grit. As in how life in the Walled City really was a horrifying experience for them. I didn’t really get that feeling here. Or even the themes that the story wanted to touch either. 

The plot was pretty decent, nothing gets easily done and the ending was a nice touch. After all they have been through, it is frankly impossible that any of them will be able to go back to normal without serious help. And it doesn’t do anything to say that it will be easy either. 

I guess the book was a nice read with romance, but it just didn’t dig deep enough for my liking. Which was something I will have enjoyed more, as you can see from the kind of works I enjoy. But overall, still worth the time I spent reading it. 

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


I found this beautifully crafted to create a haunting ghost story which I will remember for ages to come. That is likely to happen, when I remember the story. 

Such as about Mary, who is bullied to a severe degree and her uniqueness. Which draws the wrong kind of attention, like it should in those times. And eventually, she becomes a mute at the end of it. 

It is surprisingly set in alternate times, such as now and nearly 35 years back. The story is carefully told and reminds me of the many Gothic novels I have seen before, something mysterious happening but never getting an explanation. And the ending was completely understandable, and I greatly liked it. 

As for Ella, she is simply curious about it all. That is why she chose to go to Thornhill when it was supposed to end as it was. Ever since she seems to have parents that although are not dead, they are quite absent. Well, she looks around Thornhill and slowly discovers Mary, and the truth behind it. 

The illustrations are done nicely, and give a mysterious tone. As well as the story which is written as a journal of Mary, and details her life. Such as how she thinks about finding a solace from her own bully, because that bully just went too far. All because she was a different child. 

And to be honest, I liked it. The ambiguity, the kind of chill it gave me at the end of the day. It was completely enjoyable and a quick read. So, I recommend it to all those looking for a quick but good read. 

Rating: 4 out of 5

Mirror Sword And Shadow Prince

This tale was rather interesting, a look into Japanese folklore by the same author. As well as imagining them as quite different.

The story is like a folktale, which at times captured me for the way it was structured, and also written. But sometimes lost me as well. Some of it really eluded me while others continued to make a very good impression.

I don’t have any idea what is the actual story about. But nonetheless this was well crafted to say the least, such as the relationship between Toko and Oguna. The shift to the palace, for the Emperor and his various secrets. The man had a lot of them, no kidding.

All the twists revealed later were surprising, but at the same time completely plausible. But it all goes down to interpretation, and I barely even knew the Emperor. Which makes it hard for me to guess that he will hide something like what was revealed in the book.

The ending was rather perfect, in all ways tying up the loose knots. As well as giving a rather happy ending to this rather tragic tale.

But overall, I did find something greatly entertaining about this tale. Not exactly to my taste, but rather enjoyable.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Wicked Charm

Well it will have been better if it wasn’t for the fact that everything was predictable. I saw everything a mile away. Like really far away.

And then romance was predictable, although having a murder mystery added in did add some tension. But Willow becomes a target just because she is in love with Beau at the moment.

As for who is the killer is, it’s predictable. I expected it was her, she made sense. And well, the description regarding the murderer was vague in the first place.

As for Beau, I don’t really care much about him. He was as interesting as the rest of playboys who learn that breaking hearts have consequences. And you can ruin others lives just because it.

The plot was as usual as it can get. Nothing which was mind blowing or entertaining.

I didn’t find anything particularly interesting or unique about it at the end of the day. And well, maybe it is for you but it isn’t for me. I liked it to a certain degree but it just didn’t suit my tastes.

Rating: 3 out of 5

The Diabolic

This was a strangely very science fiction yet a tale full of intrigue. Spun in such a way that I really enjoyed every page of it.

The story is set in the near future, but it is still about endless political struggles between the Emperor and in this case, the study of sciences and maths. These were all an interesting combination. As well as why it became so.

I do like the idea that something influenced them to reject advancing themselves, instead use computers or technology. Because thinking is what makes us humans, the ability to move things forward and create new things.

As for the intrigue, it surrounds a pretending to be mad prince and a ruthless Emperor, and a terrifying grandmother. End of story. It was interesting to watch the dynamics unfold and slowly they start to kill each other.

I like that Tyrus wasn’t comepletely perfection. He is someone who will place Nemesis first despite what she thinks, and that he is stubborn when it comes to her. All the while, he is unable to prevent certain things from happening which impacted the book itself.

The scheming was brilliantly done, it took Tyrus a lot to corner his own grandmother who got rid of the Emperor. Both of which really defined that they were powerful as it was, and truly difficult to outsmart. But since the story is told from Nemesis’ view, it is hard to really get at which point he starts changing his agenda.

And several times, Tyrus was set back. I find that this is much more of his story than anyone else as he is the one who starts to stand up, and differ from the mad prince he pretended to me.

Nemesis was also there, and her reason were very much understandable. If all your life you were raised to believe that you were protecting someone else, I guess you will get someone like her. And all the moments even when she faced a great deal of anguish throughout the story itself.

Overall, this is something worth reading when it comes to intrigue. It is well thought out and even executed. The political players here all look out for their self interests, and for Tyrus, to an extent looking out for Nemesis. But he is still someone who doesn’t mind killing in the last part.

I think that this just clicked with me because of how the intrigue was really handed. All else, maybe a little too hard to say. But few books actually impress me when it comes to this, so, it’s quite high in my list.

Rating: 4 out of 5

The Golden Compass 

Again, I just couldn’t care about any of the characters at all. Like really don’t care about any of them at all. I found Lyra interesting but I lost interest in much of the book as it was. 

Something about the characters just never clicked with me, I found it hard to understand Lyra and her motivations which were paper thin at best. Not to mention that I couldn’t care for any of them. 

And I was still more confused by the world as it was. Perhaps light epic fantasy isn’t for me at all, as I enjoy so few of them. And even then I prefer a fine touch of intrigue in them. And well, when it came to Pullman it just lacked something which will have made this enjoyable. 

Well, this just wasn’t to my taste or my expectations at all. I just cannot bring myself to care about this at all. 

Rating: 2 out of 5