Wicked Charm

Well it will have been better if it wasn’t for the fact that everything was predictable. I saw everything a mile away. Like really far away.

And then romance was predictable, although having a murder mystery added in did add some tension. But Willow becomes a target just because she is in love with Beau at the moment.

As for who is the killer is, it’s predictable. I expected it was her, she made sense. And well, the description regarding the murderer was vague in the first place.

As for Beau, I don’t really care much about him. He was as interesting as the rest of playboys who learn that breaking hearts have consequences. And you can ruin others lives just because it.

The plot was as usual as it can get. Nothing which was mind blowing or entertaining.

I didn’t find anything particularly interesting or unique about it at the end of the day. And well, maybe it is for you but it isn’t for me. I liked it to a certain degree but it just didn’t suit my tastes.

Rating: 3 out of 5


All Her Secrets


Well, something about this just didn’t work. Apart from the fact that I cared almost nothing about Victoria or Sam but I found dreadfully boring.

Even when Victoria was getting kidnapped. And well, she didn’t seem to be thinking too hard as to how to get out at all. Although I get that she panicked, but why don’t you use your brains a little to sort it out. It doesn’t make any sense at all. Even more when her father is creating something that can change humanity.

As for Sam, I don’t understand why he is an important part when he has zero motivations. An unlucky chap to be roped in, yes but that doesn’t make him interesting. It just makes me wonder where his brain cells went to agree to kidnapping a girl. Just to get back at her father or something like that. The girl here is blameless.

And well, after all the chapters which were sort and did nothing to advance the plot. Other than Victoria telling her life, getting kidnapped and Sam telling his life and how it was like being her kidnapper.

And well, if it doesn’t try to make itself seem meaningful I’m out. It reads like stream of consciousness with zero focus on the actual plot, or even anything for that matter. I just didn’t feel the need to finish a book when it is like this.

Rating: 1 out of 5

The Secret Science Of Magic

I found this a rather surprising book. Given that this is the first time I’m reading contemporary teen fiction, and I find myself quite liking it. Diversity, mental disorders they are all here for us to see and read about. And well, I guess it was a main reason why I like it more.

Elsie is likely Indian, given the name of her brother. And both Sophia and Joshua on some level can be attributed to being autistic even. And well, despite it being mostly about the romance but this issues get a very good spotlight too. Just like how Sophia isn’t said to need to be fixed, Joshua accepts her. And for once I don’t find the dual narration to be annoying in many ways.

I don’t really have a lot to say since this is my first teen romance, the first time which I tried to read this. So, generally yeah I don’t really have a lot to comment apart from the fact that I liked it. And that the romance and characters face quite a bit of circumstances. About Sophia and her real life, where basically she is quite isolated.

One more thing, this is really up to date with the new pop culture. Frozen, Game Of Thrones which are all things we can relate to, and also feel that it is really happening now, and also quite realistic and relatable for me really. Since the references aren’t too removed, and I do feel as though I have read it or even seen it before.

Overall, I really enjoyed the book for its simplicity. And also for refreshing and making me think that accidentally grabbing a book off the shelf because of the cover was a pretty good thing which sometimes resulted in horrible choices of books that I hated.

Rating: 4 out of 5