Defy The Stars

You know, sometimes Sci-fi does work for me. Even if it is more the rarity rather than the norm. And this book is that rarity.

I mean, the story isn’t just about science or anything. It is about violence, has a touch of religion and also about robots having a soul. That is something that I will prefer to read instead, science which had an impact. Science which will create different viewpoints.

And you know, I just love Noemi. She never compromises herself, but she slowly accepts and eventually falls in love with Abel since she realises he has a soul. Nothing else, but that was enough to convince me of their romance. It was a believable ride, with neither really changing themselves too much.

As for Abel, when he slowly grows to care for Noemi it is done well, and gives him a slight human touch. However, it does not define him. It doesn’t make him who he is. It just helps him grow to be a human, and as a reader who doesn’t love this kind of stuff.

As for the touch of religion, where Noemi is so, and she doesn’t change so much. Eventually, it will fade and her views will change slightly but it still remains the same. She still is the same girl we see at the start, all ready to sacrifice herself.

The world is made up of many planets with humans living on almost all of them, and there are a lot of difference in opinion in the world as it is. Genesis and Earth are having a war, Cray is a place for all those geniuses and Kismet as a tourist attraction. All the while, the mechs are important as it takes a lot of space since Abel is one. And there is a lot of argument there, whether Abel is that disposable and whether he truly is a completely different being. And that whether he actually has a soul despite having almost everything a human has.

And this book did make me think, and immersed me in all of it. And for sci-fi, it is rare for me to ever do so. And I guess that I will wholeheartedly recommend this, for it is talking about something that does deserve attention in this day and age.

Rating: 5 out of 5


The Unity Game

This just wasn’t to my expectations. I did expect a writing with a tighter plot than this. And that the beginning just did not grab me while it still could.

And that I don’t think it really touched much of the philosophical aspect of the writing as it was. I just didn’t feel intrigued or even interested in it.

The main characters just wasn’t to my taste at all, I found them bland and forgettable. And as always, when this makes me unable to read it I just cannot continue on.

Overall, this just wasn’t written for me and I just didn’t enjoy it. Feel free to check it out as well, I just never really liked this work at all.

Rating: 2 out of 5

Blood Memory Society

The one thing I do really like is how it blends science and explains it in a way that I can understand. If it was solely about fertility and all the dry science, I would have slept. But most of the explanations are understandable, simple and easy to digest in a way. That is the best part of the book really.

Although William was a good character who gets dragged into this mess of the Blood Memory Society, always with reveals that is linked to the Blood Memory Society. However, I didn’t relate with him, whenever I read through his viewpoint it just didn’t grab me. A good narrator with his clarity and having a good story to tell, there just was something that lacked here. It just didn’t click with me.

Same for the other characters. I didn’t think Victoria was developed enough, or even quirky enough since she probably has the longest memory in the world. And there just wasn’t enough development on her, since she probably would have a lot more problems and some issues from remembering too much. And also, what about past feuds.

It took an interesting concept, made it possible through DNA, but I feel that there wasn’t really an exploration of the impact that it would leave on the human mind and the characters wasn’t really all that unique, how should I say it, Victoria was a little on the normal side, yet she doesn’t really complain of anything that it does. She is rather laid back, but that’s all I really remembered about her.

The rest of the characters didn’t really became memorable to me, and well I guess I forgot them roughly apart from a guy named Tiny, and really the main characters and also Dr B. Nothing else really stood out to me.

Overall, I like the concept the explanation(thankfully it didn’t make my head hurt), but the characters felt flat to me, and while I guess it’s what killed this book for me, I just couldn’t connect and since I’m a character oriented reader, I also cannot really get into the story either.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Strange The Dreamer 

What do I think about this book after everything? I enjoyed the way it explored dreams, about them coming true, about them being fulfilled only to have a cruel twist waiting at the end. And this story clearly does that, even though before it is plenty of wish fulfillment for Lazlo. A girl who understands and even looks forward to him, one who doesn’t dismiss his dreams as nothing. All the more the characters here are all developed and fleshed out. 

The entire dream revealed at the end was clearly good. The way that it seemed unreal and that he and Sairai met a few times before loving. Yet, it never came off as strange to me that they would eventually love each other. Now that takes skill to make me not think that it is instalove. 

As for her writing, I have finally gotten used to the way it is written. Rather simple, yet has a very unique touch. I guess I didn’t enjoy her previous book because of it. Here, I feel as though, it should have been written like this. Sometimes short, sonetimes quick. Sometimes playful, sonetimes dark. 

Besides you would be utterly fascinated with Lazlo and where his dreams might bring him. Whether it is about gods, the godslayer or any other thing. Lazlo’s fascination is what draws him to Sairai and the ending clearly shows why he would have been obsessed. 

There are many unexpected twists here, really the way that so many characters have a part to play. Some which you think may have an important part but reveals himself to only have a small part. Also, I really like is the characters who managed to gain a personality, many were memorable and unique. 

And a lot is on the romance, although you don’t have to root for the main couple. And the twist at the ending will be really change how this book is. But a lot of emotions, a lot of passion and the ability to dream. I mean, Lazlo is a guy who spends seven years just writing his own works, without anyone even seeing it at the end. And that he is always dreaming. 

But the weakness lies between the fact that it could have been faster, to me at least. And that it does feel disjointed at the end, from what I was reading at the beginning(it turns quite late in fact to the gods). About godspawn and the gods and how it was revealed. Even though I would say that the world is build really well, and that to me it feels like one unique world. The way that Lazlo often keeps his head in the clouds and the mystery of Weep. 

And really, I like How the theme goes back to being careful of having dreams come true. At least dreams thag don’t need you to work hard or earn it. The way that the ending ends, I would say is quite fine and all. So, would I recommend this? Yes, feel free to check it out. Since I didn’t really enjoy Daughter of Smoke and Bone, but found myself devouring this. So, anyone can really read it and enjoy it. 

Rating: 4 out of 5

Gilded Cage 

This had been one book that had everything I needed. A little on romance, a lot of intrigue, and a lot on the possibility of those with magic ruling over them. All the while exploring a horrible yet not completely terrible situation for humans without any powers. 

I would say that the slaves here have terrible lives, they give up a decade of their lives. It does sound pretty horrible yet at the same time, it also sounds pretty reasonable. At least they aren’t bound for life. They are only bound for a decade. But the end removes almost any possibility of it being changed, perhaps it would be even worse. 

And you know what, there wasn’t a main character. Everyone was. There was a stake for everyone here. Such as Abigail, Luke, even the Equals. They are all rather well developed with it being neither black nor white. There are those who enjoy and view slavedays as being fair. There are times where Equals also try to change things. 

Even though this book sets everything up, and at the same time takes the conflict to a whole new level for book 2. It broke me and let me enjoy the beauty of the series at the same time. How dark and bleak it was for them. And sometimes that it wasn’t as illogical as it seemed. And a failed rebellion. 

All the while showing Equals who sympathise with them. Showing someone willing to do anything to free the Equals. I would say that Silyen does seem sympathetic to them but I would reserve my judgements or perhaps he is simply biding his time. 

There is no main romance. Just a little here, a little there. Somewhere or anywhere. Sprinkled throughout the characters. 

I would say that this surprisingly have been a really good book, and even managed to force me to finish it within two days without stopping. All the whole providing a horrible situation, only to have it worsened at the end. And having intrigue play out so well along with the main villain. 

So I would recommend this to those who like fantasy with a very bleak setting, and with little on the romance. All the while providing neither black nor white side to everything just grey. To me, this was absolutely perfect. 

Rating: 5 out of 5

Writing A Healthy Romance 

I would say that writing a healthy romance takes a lot of work. And sometimes a lot of skill too. To me, a healthy romance means that the characters should not be subjected to abuse with their beloved. That is just warped. 

Both sides should also fully respect and accept one another for their faults and their wishes. No one has to change completely to accommodate to someone else’s needs. Or one has to be the one always apologizing. Eventually, their relationship will break apart as it is unhealthy and wouldn’t be good to either side. 

Romance and love to me includes a lot of give and take and compromises. That is what love is to me. Not just having pure adoration or admiration. Let face it, admiring someone is placing them on a pedestal and being perfect. And no one is perfect. Admiration is not a good form of love, it can become an obsession or something unhealthy. It isn’t a good thing at all. 

So, the best kind of love is mutual respect and trust. They need to accept wholly the person before them, not just because he is hot so I will love him. That is a horrible reason to fall in love. Sadly, it is how most romances in young adult novels goes. It is just too shallow, and not about personality traits but about looks. Looks would fade, but the personality would never change. That’s the reality. 

So, to me a healthy romance can be quick or slow but just depends on how it is handled here. That’s all I would say about their development, even though I pretty much prefer a slower development of things. It allows a better exploration of how well a fit they are for each other and whether they will be able to live with each other or not. 

Because love isn’t shallow, it needs a lot of depth too. These characters are spending their lives and their years together, I would prefer to see a good healthy ending. Where both are able to accept each other for their faults and their weaknesses as much as for their strengths. 

These are what I would consider a part of a healthy romance. Feel free to leave a comment on what you think would be a healthy romance and what isn’t. I really look forward to knowing what you think. 


I would say that this was enjoyable in how the author explored immortality. Which is actually something that if possible, what are its effects and what can become of the world. Nonetheless, I do see where it’s heading in the first book, and the ending excerpt definitely hints where the book is going itself. 

The world here is I would say quite well thought out with almost everything answered for, such as revival centres, turning of corners and everything. Especially also the scythes, seeing how even now they are associated with death and symbolises it makes a lot of sense here, and their names as well. 

As usual, I like his world more than anything and his style of writing which gives a more bigger picture than if he used limited. Here, I guess it worked well with the excerpts which were interesting bits of information about the possibility of becoming like cartoons, the really disturbing mentalities of some, and the more poignant. 

As for the plot, there were plenty of twists which I simply didn’t see. Such as Scythe Faraday and his death, that twist was simply one of the most boggling either way. But nonetheless, I liked where it was heading with this, and where both Rowan and Citra went different ways at the end. It was more enjoyable than anything else. 

Rowan and Citra, they both are good jusr different as well. And where they split is when Scythe Faraday died and they went to separate Scythes which was nicer as I got a more in-depth look on Scythe Goddard, there was some moments where he was quite disturbing with his thinking and line of thoughts. And even then, there were some twists which never really affected my image of him. He is despicable and just someone who believed he is entitled but it feels as though the entire plot itself didn’t have him as a villain after all. 

This book goes down a lot of unexpected roads, and makes plenty of twists which I never saw coming, which was quite pleasant. Though I do think that this is just setting up the series for future events, despite it was enjoyable, it really couldn’t be contained in one book, even at the end some loose ends are left with us. 

But I really enjoyed this for it gave me answers to questions which is really rarely answered about immortality and death, and how do we control them after it. So, I recommend this if you’re interested in books that explore the unknown. This really was unknown and hard to guess where this would go, even though it feels like utopia, yet it is only a dystopia. 

Rating: 4 out of 5