Well, although I was greatly entertained by this novel and the slow reasons behind it. Such as the life of Hild who is rarely mentioned and can be left up to debate.

And she was someone which I did like on many levels, but never really understood. Hild feels too saintly and not human enough if you ask me. She doesn’t really have a well rounded character, apart from curiosity and being able to see the future.

After a while, it gets boring. And well, that is where I largely fell asleep to the book. Although I was intrigued by the storyline the setting and the details of the the early middle ages. But Hild simply wasn’t a strong enough character to carry the story, and she lacked something to make her more relatable.

But other than that, I enjoyed how Hild found a place for herself in this world. Even her own relationship with her sister was by far one of those which I utterly enjoyed.

And the situation that England faced in its seventh century, with the trade relations, the various kingdoms. Which was by far a point which I enjoyed in the book, more than anything else.

Overall, I guess the main issue was that I found Hild to be far larger than life. She doesn’t feel relatable and I don’t know what she is thinking, or how her emotions affect her thoughts. But otherwise, enjoyable.

Rating: 3 out of 5


Murder At Half Moon Gate

I greatly enjoyed this book for what it told. The story was enjoyable, the characters easily relatable and understandable. The mystery was gripping. When all of the come together, you will see me enjoy this book fully.

And this deserved it. The mystery was about new technology, about the world changing. And about Charlotte’s past, which was tied to the story and the mystery and what it revealed.

The reality of women in those times that no matter what they do, there will be something said about them. And when they become the epitome of society perfection, they simply become boring. As well as the many misfortunes they face but can never solve within their own right, because society limits their ability to do so.

I enjoyed all the women here. Almost all of them exist for a reason, have their own personalities and objectives. And Charlotte was someone that had an intriguing past that she move forward from and is more than capable. A reason why I like her, and even understand her choices.

Wrexford was no different. I found their relationship to be rather equal, and they depend on each other quite a lot. Their interactions are always enjoyable and entertaining.

Overall, I liked the story for what it did. Telling a gripping story from page one to the end, and the characters who have their own personalities and pasts which do play a part here. Highly reconmended if you’re into mysteries set in historical times.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Sins Of The Fathers

Well I was more intrigued by the story of the death of the Archduke Rudolph and what was the reason behind it. I did like the countless, but the story was the one which pulled me in.

However, the countess is clearly quite capable and is shown to be able to do detective work on her own. But sadly, this doesn’t reveal much about her. And I will have liked it if it did reveal much more about her rather than her be the viewpoint character.

But it oddly works, although more chances for her to show more about herself will make this even More enjoyable. Such as why she chose to enter into this and more about her family life. Other than her mother whom I’m mostly indifferent against.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed how much I learned about the Countess and her life. And how she moved forward. Although I like development of characters, but the story captured my attention. Fully and made this a pretty enjoyable piece of work.

The plot is well done, everything fell neatly. And I was rather surprised at where the story was heading at times. And the mystery is truly intriguing, and if otherwise I will not have liked it.

Overall, I will recommend this if you’re looking for a mystery which went beyond the usual settings and counties used. And surrounding a mystery that I don’t often see but definitely has merit to suffice as a mystery that is unsolved.

Rating: 4 out of 5

The Flame Never Dies

This was one book which I really didn’t expect a lot of things. And well, it was written in such a way that I fully enjoyed the series. For what it was, and how it was written.

To me, this isn’t like most books. The premise is original, and the sequel definitely surprised me in how it went. Such as where it was heading, and the ending itself was in such a way that I didn’t expect it to turn out.

And the plot was entirely enjoyable, it tied up all the loose ends although I did wish for a more satisfying conclusion than this. But I didn’t mind it for the way it was, as it was unconventional and something that I haven’t actually seen done before.

And it worked.

The idea behind souls, exorcists and demons. The ideas that blend together and the reveals that comes with the story, is something that does a pretty good job of exploring the world as it is.

The characters and their background, back stories have truly been able to explore this rather messed up world without a soul and everything. And the way Nina dealt with everything, was something that was incredibly brave and truly makes her likeable.

As for Kastor, I was expecting something more sinister. But he was interesting for the last part, and all the truth that came out of his mouth. And as a villain, he somehow works. He has really dark agendas, and it is in such a way that is personal motivation and the fact that he is a demon.

All the while concluding this work which has been rather different from most in its genre, and making it end well, although it didn’t really tie up everything. And the world is largely still unchanged by the end of it.

Overall, I liked it. It is unusual, though it might not be for everyone.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Blood And Destiny

This was strangely entertaining. I greatly cared for all the characters here. And there were many moments where I felt something for the characters, and their predicaments.

I liked Matthew, he was relatable and understandable. The writing was old without ever being too difficult to even read, or taking a lot to comprehend.

And the various other characters such as Edwin, his elder brother whom Matthew always is with. And their relationship was indeed something that I enjoyed. And the way that it was portrayed was enjoyable.

Not to mention, Emalel, although I did wish for more female characters. But this was the early middle ages, it was lucky if we had a few female characters at all. And nonetheless, I liked how she was someone different from the usual noblewoman we will end up having here. Sad to say, but always true.

But most importantly is that it told a story. A story that was complete, full of development and that was what made it feel real to me. Most books rarely do, and from the title I wasn’t too convinced that I wasn’t reading a biography.

But thankfully, I read it and enjoyed what it gave me. Reconmended for those interested in Saxon England, and the early middle ages. And all those looking for a good story set in these times.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Beasts Made Of Night

Well, I barely remembered anything about the book itself. And I think that it could have been way better executed than this, if you ask me.

I was kind of interested in the world which seemed unique and much more different from what I have read. Sadly, it was just written in such a way that I could not care less. And if I do not care for the narrator of the book, since it is written in the first person.

I feel that the story took way too long to become good, the plot doesn’t kick in until much later, which makes this feel like a prequel rather than a first book. Which should be able to grab my attention rather than slowly introduce me to the world.

I’m fine with that, but it must have tension to make it interesting. But nothing of much importance happen here which is the main reason why I couldn’t really enjoy it. It doesn’t really show the characters’ personality well, since I don’t know anything interesting things they did throughout the book itself.

Well, it was a disappointment to say the least.

Rating: 1.5 out of 5

The Ballard Of Black Bart

This was just way too much telling and not enough of showing. A lot of things were told which made it difficult for me to even like any of the characters at all. I mean it.

Nothing about the story really touched me. And the way it was so distant made it even harder for me to like the story. And sadly, it just didn’t catch my attention enough.

The characters are basically background props, they don’t really have anything which intrigue me or capture the attention. And I found the book to be rather confusing, and perhaps just too short.

When that happens it is really hard to make me like the story as I can’t even read it. I don’t feel a connection towards it.

Which was why this just didn’t click with me. And I find that it really doesn’t have much of a reason to exist at all.

Rating: 1 out of 5