Mrs Osmond

Surprising, and fully enjoyable go be savoured when you’re in for quite a ride. This is a tale about a woman who wishes to seek her freedom and she will spare no expense to get it. And to that end I liked her, she wanted revenge but it was never to destroy the person.

It was simply to be free of them. And Isabel, had the right intention in mind. She simply wanted to be able to divorce her husband and pursue what she thought was right, and well I can’t blame her.

Her husband is indeed the scumbag who deserves what he has at the end of the day. As much as Serena Merle did. And well, I cannot fault her for falling into this. She was barely a girl when they married and often persuaded that it was the best course of action.

But when she found out what her husband did and what she was really to him (he basically was a gold digger), I liked her attitude.

That is really all there is to this book. Conversations about the way that men handle affairs and when children are the product of them. And well, the way that she treats Pansy. Pansy, who she treats as a pitiful child who should be given another chance at life.

Overall, this is the sort of book that you should read if you want a likeable main character who is seeking justice for herself. And well, at least she isn’t crying or putting her fate in another’s hands. This is truly her tale, and well the ladies are the stars of this novel.

Rating: 4 out of 5


The Bear And The Nightingale

This was gorgeously written, in a way that I just fell in love with all that was in here.

The writing was in multiple points, and of any kinds and sorts. I really liked how perfect it seemed. I really understood Konstantin and his motives, no matter how much it churns me. And Anna, and I just so desperately wished she will eventually just disappear. If anything they were complex but really easy to hate. In a way that I just wished they will drop off a cliff. To me, that was the most perfect kind of book I know. If I hate the villains despite them being so well fleshed out and indeed flawed, well this book is perfect.

I liked how brave Vasya was here. She never seemed to falter. Although I will have preferred if the story just focused a lot more on her. But it is also mostly negligible to the kind of entertainment I got from this book. The way Vasya never failed to go to the route that she saw as hers. I enjoyed it as much as possible.

As for the ending, I really liked it so much. It suited Vasya given her entire character. That she will never consider marriage to be her option.

I just like how the story was told so lyrically, yet at the same time told a dark tale. It indeed, is worth my money for it.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

The Book Jumper 

What would I say about this book? That it is every readers dream to jump in books all around. I would say that it is fulfilled here, and rather well. With a system that almost all readers abide by, or the stories we love will be twisted being recognition. 

So, the story begins with Amy who love books and goes with her mother to her hometown. Since the background as to why she chooses to go back, both mother and daughter have a very good reason to do so. And their own choice to do so. 

And the plot, I would say is centered around a lost story trying to find its way again. That to me, is quite interesting to the spin it puts on books. The way that it talks about those books which were lost forever. 

All the while the plot is also around all the realistic issues, regarding finances, whether books could be jumped into at choice. Also, about the book jumpers and their clans. Those were clearly interesting to read about, and developed well enough with their own history as to why they have came together. Even though they clearly don’t like each other. 

As for Amy, what she is is really interesting. Although revealed at an earlier step, but isn’t that important as it serves as more of a boon. And I would have wanted to explore her story with Desmond, I feel as though I was left hanging regarding that. 

As for Will, a lot of unexpected things happen. And his ending is quite bittersweet, along with Amy. I could see that this was likely what happened, but somehow I feel as though I have died a little when the ending came. But, I do like that little bit of hope. But I don’t think that there might be a happy ending regarding Amy and Will. No matter how much I would like one. 

As for the biggest question: does it explore all the intricacies of the literary world. Does it have a lot of questions and possibilities that it explores? My answers to this are all yes, this is really good exploration of the possibility of this happening and the possibility of having book jumpers around and all the outcomes it may bring. 

So, for all readers I would say give this book a shot. It is a rather good exploration of it all, even regarding a person who ends up becoming a book character. Only complaint would be regarding Desmond, Alexis and Amy, that was left off too easily. 

Rating: 4 out of 5

Pandora Hearts 

I really like this manga, due to its pacing and the way it has managed to handle everything and end it quite nicely. All the while losing some characters which to me developed to be quite a favourite. So, to me this manga has been a much better one as compared to others. 
To me, the pacing of some mangas can be a little better. But here, everything is revealed at the right time and slowly builded a completely different picture. And well, twists came when I really least expected it. Really really least expected. 

And well, the entire premise is at first quite unclear to me. About the abyss and time warping. Which was handled really well and gave a fantastic story as it went along. To me, characters development and even deaths were as well done as they were supposed to be. And the ending to me, was perfect for such a story. 

So, for me Pandora Hearts was quite perfect in many ways. The plot, the characters, the foreshadowing and slowly the revealing. And despite it having a hero at the center, this hero is quite different. He after all, suffers from having quite a difficult family background which is also balanced by having some pretty good people there with him. 

The way Alice and Gilbert eventually went on to become very important, and all the twists associated with them is quite unexpected to me, yet I had the feeling that it was coming anyway. 

Eventually, all the characters have a part to play. And most aren’t just an addition, even sometimes for powerless characters they all have their own abilities. And well, all characters got what was coming for them in the end, though most villains redeemed themselves at the very end. Including the villain which you won’t really see coming until a while later. Then the entire situation becomes really weird and at the same time making a lot of sense from afar. Such as what Oz is, and why Jack also inhabits his body. And also what Alice is. 

And well, this was a pretty perfect manga to me. With a proper ending, well at least I won’t be left waiting for an end to this. Do I recommend it? Well you should just check it out and see whether it is to your taste. I can assure you, it has a bit of comedy which balanced out the pretty dark moments in this manga. 

The Well Of Ascension

I have to say that the sequel is just about as exciting as the first book itself. With tensions within the country, that is falling apart with many countless tyrants who wants to be King. 

Elend here constantly is a great character, one which is really honest and kind. Even though it also serves as jis biggest weakness seeing that ultimately it also caused his own downfall in a way. But nonetheless interesting to see how he fell and then rose again. As for the end, that was interesting to see and even know that would happen to him. 

As for Vin, it’s like I completely connect with her on many levels. All her emotions, her feelings. Her insecurities. They all come to her here. Although taking a small part of the entire book which I believe should be so for such things. And still being paranoid and mistrustful because of her background. Her portrayal felt real, her issues weren’t given am important part, but enough to really relate to her and remind me about her age. 

As for the Well of Ascension and all the hidden words a thousand years ago. There seems to be a lot more, which although a lot was revealed in this novel there is still more to it. With mostly mentions from Kwaan and his take, and even more insight to the time before. A thousand years ago, I guess only logbooks, journal entries may have survived. 

And the worldbuilding here which expanded even further containing secrets about Kandra, Kolossos and Mistborn. Now it makes a lot of sense why they served and why the Kolossoss haven’t destroyed the final empire yet. 

While the first book dealt with bringing down an empire, here was about trying to pass laws, trying to show that they are the leader and trying to show who can rule. And also, what Lord ruler had been trying to prevent. Or maybe controlled to a certain degree. Even after his death, I do think that he is a smart person if it took someone that long to suspect the real place. 

Overall, I really like this series. It is one of the better written fantasies which worldbuilding is fascinating to read about. And also, most importantly having characters which have issues but still focusing on the Empire as a whole. I know that I’m late to this series, but let’s just say I thoroughly enjoyed this series as it is. I would most likely be picking up the next book, The Hero Of Ages.   

Rating: 5 out of 5

Game Recommendations 

Here I am being a rather picky gamer, where I would just delete a game when I felt bored and that I would just download another one. When I’m bored with a game or there is almost nothing new happening. 

This time round I’m recommending two games. Now, I should start on what they are. In fact, I was mainly playing otome games or other games, as the other games I just don’t have time. Just didn’t have time for the mainstream fighting ones, I just didn’t want to commit, maybe after next year then I would. As I still have a lot to commit besides this blog. 

The first is Mycafe 

An excellent game, like most games but it’s very fair. It gives you plenty of chances to just earn diamonds, as well as completing orders to get spices and money it’s easier than having to buy them. It just depends. And that money is earned quite easy as did Diamond as well. 

The other is Mystic Messenger 

Within one day of playing this I ended up just playing and playing it for an hour straight and managed to get off after finishing the tutorial. It’s gameplay is much more interesting and is less of just being chosen and is quite enjoyable with the rather interesting mystery and that I didn’t feel frustrated with the game. Even if it’s an otome game, I didn’t feel ir was lile one, instead it was truly interesting to see it being done on rext messages here. 

Both of this games are