Ever since Deemo I have been a great fan of Rayark and played their every game(including Cytus which was anything but easy) and here I am on Voez. I have decided to do some games, but not all sorts of games. I will most likely be doing rhythm games or role playing games as normal games, I neither have the time nor the money.

Gameplay: It’s a very challenging game far more than Deemo was itself and that was hard, this is even harder.


As we have to use that, and trust me it’s challenging when you realise that some of the notes you have to move the columns yourself. But it provided great entertainment for me despite this.

Songs: The songs here generally tell a great story, it’s a very bright story for it is one about pursuing dreams and the first few tracks do represent it. The songs are vibrant and very loud.

Art design:

I must say it’s fantastic and tells a lot about the song itself. The art truly represents the song even though I have only played like five so far.


Like I said, it’s different from Deemo. It’s similar to other rhythm games in terms of premise unlike Deemo but the songs are much more challenging and harder to beat.

Price: Generally around $2 per song, I guess once I manage to get some money I would buy the songs, for they are truly artistic and good for the ears.

Overall rating: 5 out of 5

Would recommend: Hell yes, this is a game meant for those who like challenges yet want to take things slow. I would fully recommend it.