The Flame Never Dies

This was one book which I really didn’t expect a lot of things. And well, it was written in such a way that I fully enjoyed the series. For what it was, and how it was written.

To me, this isn’t like most books. The premise is original, and the sequel definitely surprised me in how it went. Such as where it was heading, and the ending itself was in such a way that I didn’t expect it to turn out.

And the plot was entirely enjoyable, it tied up all the loose ends although I did wish for a more satisfying conclusion than this. But I didn’t mind it for the way it was, as it was unconventional and something that I haven’t actually seen done before.

And it worked.

The idea behind souls, exorcists and demons. The ideas that blend together and the reveals that comes with the story, is something that does a pretty good job of exploring the world as it is.

The characters and their background, back stories have truly been able to explore this rather messed up world without a soul and everything. And the way Nina dealt with everything, was something that was incredibly brave and truly makes her likeable.

As for Kastor, I was expecting something more sinister. But he was interesting for the last part, and all the truth that came out of his mouth. And as a villain, he somehow works. He has really dark agendas, and it is in such a way that is personal motivation and the fact that he is a demon.

All the while concluding this work which has been rather different from most in its genre, and making it end well, although it didn’t really tie up everything. And the world is largely still unchanged by the end of it.

Overall, I liked it. It is unusual, though it might not be for everyone.

Rating: 4 out of 5


The Girl Who Saved Ghosts

Perhaps if it had been just that bit more gritty, I will have liked it. The concept was nice and caught my eye. It was very easy to like the main character, and I believed her on many levels.

I really cared about her relationship with her mother, which was rather interestingly more complex than I thought. Such as her love hoping that she will be part of her family because she was afraid. My most favourite moment of the book.

But the rest of it just fell flat on me. There is no other way to describe it at all. I couldn’t care a little bit, because I just didn’t seem to find it all that believable at all. Especially the plot in the later half of the book.

It seems so quick that all of a sudden there is some ghost against her, and she saves them. Way too fast and I could not even believe that was the villain and how quickly it happened.

I guess that it just wasn’t to my taste. I expected a little more development here, and well it just wasn’t to my stadnards. Maybe this is yours, but I just found the execution poorly done and the story to only be rather superficial. However, the main character is very very relatable and the narration is smooth.

Rating: 2 out of 5

Jane, Unlimited

And this is a book where I really liked the way it was written. The path of unlimited possibilities and the story of Jane and her choices.

This is really light on the romance but it is all about possibilities, her choices. And for once, this worked with me. Since the author had a very interesting view when it came to feminism, this was perfect. Jane and her paths, the choices she took all the while having a mystery set in a house.

As for Aunt Magnolia, she has a lot of influence on Jane. Something which I really liked, and the way the Jane constantly talked about her. And that she was the centre to this mystery which was rather paranormal to be said.

Although at times I was confused but the writing worked here, I enjoyed every inch of it and the way it showed all the characters. The choices Jane made and the effects it all had, and also finally the mystery of Aunt Magnolia. It started off a little slow, but the beginning really kept my attention in how it was about Jane moving into the house.

As for the ending, I will say that it is rather perfect. There is no perfect ending here, no ending that is closed. Just one filled with limitless possibilities of the imagination as shown above.

So, you could say that I just liked this. It worked with me overall, and it just all clicked. Will I recommend it? You can give it a shot, this isn’t for everyone after all.

Rating: 4 out of 5

The Night Of Elisa

Well, the story begins with Elisa waking and having little idea of what she is herself. Or where she came from. But eventually her personality was slowly developed, to the point that I greatly enjoyed the story.

The writing was the strongest point of the story if you ask me. Where I found it full of life, easy to understand and even love. Elisa, all the characters were written in such a way that I cared about them. Even if I barely knew anything about them.

Answers did come, and there were some regarding Elisa. But some things shall remain a mystery as it was here.

Although there were some things which I didn’t think was done well enough. Such as Elisa’s abilities and what it really did. I was expecting a little more to say, about what it really did. And what it really meant to her.

And the romance between her and Leonheart, I didn’t really feel the chemistry between them. A little sad about the fact, although the ending was nice. But they could have spent more time together and understood each other better before the plot kicked in.

But otherwise, solid story and filled with the supernatural. Which is just to my taste.

Rating: 4 out of 5

The Kings Of Bones And Ashes

This just wasn’t my thing. I really tried to get into it, but it just didn’t have much of a story to tell.

This is a very slow work, and to me it just never picked up the pace fast enough. Or even made the characters interesting enough to keep me reading. I just felt nothing as I slowly trodded through this.

The writing was pretty good, and at the beginning held my attention. As all the characters were being introduced and fleshed out. Just that I believed it took a little too long to get to the heart of the story and most of the middle was rather sagging.

With the scope of the novel, it indeed is interesting and nonetheless fascinating. But it just didn’t do a good job to tie me to anyone at all, nor did any of the characters interest me.

Although there were plenty of talking about the witches but very little of the spells, and it took too long to get to it and all the possible implications.

Overall, I just think that it took quite a long time just to get to the core of the novel. And that was what killed the book for me.

Rating: 2 out of 5

The Magdeburg Relic

I just didn’t feel as though this was written for me. Initially, the beginning was intriguing as well as fascinating. It was written in such a way which really made me curious.

But I just didn’t care. The characters fell flat to me, with very little depth which I enjoyed or even saw among the characters. And for much of the book I was confused as to what they even wanted in the first place.

None of them had much of any motivations at all, which caused me to just be comepletely unable to immerse myself in it.

Well, this just wasn’t for me. The writing was to my taste, but the characters were particularly bland and the plot felt rather aimless.

Rating: 2 out of 5

In The Shadow Of Blackbirds

I really enjoyed this novel. Even when the entire story started from a death, and although it still ended in the same way. But I loved Mary Shelley.

She was such an original character, and most importantly I always found her really relatable and even realistic. And that she has seen so much, and despite not fighting in a war she has already lost a lot in it. I really liked the impact it has done on Mary Shelley.

As for the main story, it is a murder mystery about Stephen. Where his death is more suspicious than anyone thinks it is, and well there is quite a bit of supernatural aiding Mary to allow her to figure all this out. I just really enjoyed the way it was handled.

Most importantly, was that the novel dealt with war. The mystery dealt with how people impacted by the war, the plague and how it creates a tragedy. And how it happens. I really enjoyed yet was saddened by the reveal of it all. And at the same time, it was never what I expected at all.

All the while the side characters stood out. Such as Julius and Mr Darning, and their secrets. Aunt Eva and her protectiveness which did have some sense, although I was groaning at her all the time. Yet, I never detested her just found her really annoying and wishes that she will understand.

As for having Mary serve the red cross and help those war veterans, it was really real to me. And I felt that it was fitting if anything.

Overall, this is a novel which explores more than just war and ghosts. It is about all the effects it causes, apart from the epidemic to even the mental health of soldiers. Overall, this was really enjoyable.

Rating: 5 out of 5