I could connect with the book on a certain level, but it never went to me really caring about the characters worrying whether they are dead. Also, regarding the chosen one and Nephillim, I would want a more subtle approach to the chosen one. And the way it just felt tacked in, without having Luna deal with everything about it. 

I just couldn’t connect with the characters and couldn’t bring myself to believe them. Despite the whole idea about Nephillim being kept hidden, and even kept away from the human and angel side of things. It just didn’t feel real, it just didn’t feel right. And the way the chosen one was used as it was, without a name change, without really having any real purpose in the story. I just can’t buy it. 

I’m a skeptical person, and I prefer heroes be normal or skilled rather than some prophesized chosen one. Also, I prefer main characters having more of a drive to do things. Luna didn’t have have that development or even a reason why she wanted to do so which I wanted to read about. It just felt as though she accepted it and did nothing. Whether to uncover her memories, which would have been interesting. 

And I greatly prefer that the entire confrontation had been dragged out, Finn telling Luna that she needed to see some memories. And her having moments where she was going to doubt herself and the angels. Otherwise, I just don’t buy it. I don’t even know why Luna decided not to seek answers when it would have been logical, and normal even. Having her memories become a pivotal point would make sense, as she’s beginning to learn about herald and it is very important that she learns. 

I just couldn’t buy the fact that Luna went around and fought, yet she never felt like a character. She’s simply the chosen one, the one who was destined for greatness. Except without the depth that would make her a good one, or the depth of why she would accept it. 

I do think that the book can be improved a lot, given that I could not connect. But the writing style was readable and enjoyable even, clearly edited very well. But I just couldn’t buy the novel as Luna was a very one dimensional character, with little reason to even begin a journey to hell. I think she needs to have more time doubting, more time thinking and more time spent exploring her options and looking through a different perspective. 

Rating: 2 out of 5


Kuroshitsuji 128

What is revealed here can say that it can be his twin. It’s really the only reason why Ciel looks so incredibly frightened, why Soma recognized him and why Lizzy chose to stay at the music hall.

And how the message is veiled subtly. “Who stole the candy from my tummy?” These does suggest that the candy is the ring, and it was taken from his stomach. Well, this is beginning to hint more obviously at the twin. Which I am fine with the twist as it is, as it brings a completely different kind of subtext to the story. 

What did Ciel do? He probably sacrificed his own brother. And his reaction subsequently make me think that he is afraid as he is guilty, and that he had wholeheartedly sacrificed his own brother. 

For this story, I won’t expect survivor’s guilt, since it is one of grey morality from the very beginning. And Ciel barely has a shred of humanity left in him, and we don’t know how their relationship had been. But I can say that the younger twin must have been jealous. Because in Victorian Era, primogeniture was the thing. And so, it makes sense why he would be jealous. He wouldn’t have been accessed to a single cent of the fortune. 

He all the more suffers from asthma, which is something that has affected him quite badly when he was a child. So, what could this mean? He could have a real reason why he would have sacrificed his brother, out of fear and eventually tried to rationalize it as everything would be for himself. 

And really, it does make the most sense among all the other ideas. So, I am more or less ready for the reveal of the twin this arc as it was suggested. 

But I would also expect the twin to be mentally unhinged and rather unstable. And with Sebastian’s reaction, it suggest that he has died and really was revived as a bizarre doll. 

But this is all my speculation and how likely it would fit if the theory is true. There is still that chance there is a completely perfectly good explanation which doesn’t include a twin(Victoria and John Brown deciding that this is the perfect chance to strike back at him, and reveals the twin.)

Or that John Brown and Victoria also has something to do with the Blue Sect(Even though that pointed to Undertaker more due to the Campaigna and the blue star liner), but I think that Victoria closing her eye to this and only bringing up now has a point, and Ciel to her isn’t of the best image. 

So, I think that this chapter revealed a lot and made me think that it’s the twin theory slowly coming to life. But I don’t know, maybe there are other explanations. Maybe there is a whole new twist. But I would expect a brutal faceoff should the twins meet each other again. 


Carnival Of Souls

I didn’t really enjoy this. The book took forever to move forward and Mallory only really went towards her real father at the end. That was where it began, but before that is mostly just setting up the series and neither is it even remotely interesting. 

Mallory is a bland main character, the most interesting to me had to be Aya. And the love interests were not that much different, just boring and bland. The characters didn’t really have much of any personality to me. Although Aya and Evelyn striked me as intriguing given how ruthless she was to use her own daughter as a weapon. 

And Evelyn was able to breed and used her as a weapon, which to me was interesting and making me more curious about her character. Adam is simply like a typical overprotective parent, almost no words about it. 

As for the relationship between witches and daimons, it does interest me quite a lot as to how it is. But I would have preferred a little more explanation, they just dislike each other and maybe some issue that sets them at odds. 

But other than that, there is almost nothing remotely interesting about it. 

Overall, I won’t say I hated this book but neither did it entertain me. 

Rating: 2.5 out of 5


Daughter Of Smoke And Bone


This took me a rather long time just to read, it just wasn’t what I expected and wanted as well. Well, it wasn’t a complete disappointment on my side but rather it just didn’t meet all of them. 

Karou here wasn’t really that bad, bust at times just didn’t meet my expectations. Although I do find her interesting and she does grow somewhat such as regaining her own memories in the end and who she is. That part was a surprise on my part. 

Another issue would be the pacing and how slow it was, it just wasn’t what I expected as well. Maybe a little more, though I do like Akiva and the worldbuilding here. Such as Chimeras, Seraphim which was interesting. It was more to do with the style which failed to grab me, and that I just couldn’t find myself just reading every paragraph. 

And the dialogue didn’t really grab my attention, although at the beginning the handprints were fascinating and the deaths as well. It was just the dialogue which failed to captivate me in that sense, and also made it harder to know the characters. 

This book just isn’t my thing. It does move at a good pace, but maybe not totally to my style either. As such, this is just a case of it’s not the book, but the issue lies with me. 
So overall, I won’t reconmend it, but you can check it out if you’re curious. This just wasn’t to my taste and I won’t say anything, it might be yours but just not mine. 

Rating: 3 out of 5



This entire week, I have been enthralled by this series. There is a lot of pleasure which I had gotten from reading this, and this has become my new obsession so far in anime and manga. Mostly manga, which had more or less gotten a reaction out of me many times. 

So far, I have fully caught up with the manga and got myself to reading all sorts of really super weird theories which are likely to be true. But at the end of the day, it’s all speculation anyway. And really, I’m still more or less amazed by the foreshadowing done so early into anything, than slowly peeled off revealing a little more each time. But I’m more of an occasional reader anyway.

Favourite Arc: Noah’s Ark Circus 

I really have to admit that it is one of the most well done arcs so far. Where the entire arc showcased what were the most prevailing themes in Kuroshitsuji, such as tragedy, moral ambiguity(Ciel does something incredibly horrible during this arc) as well as the villains, who all really aren’t that bad lot of people. They ultimately just paid the price for what they did, although not deserving it to be as harsh as it was, but still nonetheless what was eventually coming for them. 

The one reason why I do like Kuroshitsuji is also because of its really morally ambiguous characters, both Ciel and Sebastian aren’t good people, and despite how much I like them, I can see a bad end in store for them. More than likely due to the themes of the manga itself, as well as the morality of them. You see them do a lot of questionable things all the time. 

Despite having no final antagonist in visible sight(not in the shadows, more than likely it’s someone within the cast that was introduced in the first place, or at least mentioned). But I still like the manga and its pacing so far, and all the mysteries shrouded in it. 

Another reason why I like it further it’s also due to its bizarreness and the possibilities, as well as having some typically very cliché arcs having its own unqiue spin which I did enjoy. Whether it was incredibly humorous or anything. And the most important, none of the characters ever seem to be just what they are. There is always something beneath them other than that. 

So, I would probably be reviewing the subsequent chapters where it continues as well as the theories if I have some. 

So far in the manga… 

As for what I feel about the latest chapter, is more or less about Bravat figuring out how Ciel is shrewd enough to use almost anything, from merchandise to songs. Which also proves something about Bravat, that he’s also bright enough, it gives the feeling that he’s more or less well aware of what they are doing. My guess is also personal reasons, since the Lords of the Stars also can have some relation to him. He doesn’t seem to be just a lackey to keep around if he could figure that much out. 

Which can also mean, since he has shown parallels to Joker, yet some undeniable differences in terms of hair colour and even intellect. Joker may have not been very bright, given that he believed all Baron Klein just told him about the workhouse and didn’t try to see it for himself just once, Bravat doesn’t give off that kind of aura to be honest. Given what I have seen of him so far, and this chapter just supports that he might have personal reasons, because he may not be a genius, but he isn’t foolish either. Which is more or less why I’m invested in his character and where does he stand in this entire arc. 

As for Undertaker bring here, I really think it should more or less be a given here. But what if he isn’t, there is still no way to confirm whether he is really with this cult. Although more or less hints do point to this, without really any real confirmation within the manga itself, he may also not be involved. But I really don’t know either way, but I’m putting myself onto the ‘he’s involved camp’. 

But I have really been quite invested in this series so far which is likely going to be soemthing I frequently discuss about or just post reviews monthly. 



Well it was rather okay as a book, even though Evie isn’t nearly as interesting a character. She is witty and fun but almost no other trait really stood out from her. 

The book was read easily as well as quick, with the IPCA being rather interesting. But nothing else really, because I could feel the deja vu from reading it. A lot of similarities as well as it resembles almost every other paranormal work I have read. 

Evie is acutally quite okay, she may not stand out explicitly or is intriguing with a trait kept to her. But she’s seems strong and quite skilled at her job, all the while her wanting to quit was tacked on at the last minute. I didn’t buy into, I just didn’t feel it. I just didn’t get it why she wanted to quit her job, and the introduction of that wasn’t hinted on very well. 

Evie liking high school things, it grounded me better in the book, but the explanation as to why she wanted it, I didn’t buy it into. That she wanted to be normal, I didn’t feel it was there. She seems to like her friends and family, and didn’t feel like she wanted to quit her job. Neither her reasons were good enough for me to buy into it. 

Lend was okay, he doesn’t seem to be perfect. Or possessive, he cares about Evie in a non-creepy or misogynistic way. So, I would say he’s a good character with a healthy relationship to her. All the while his background was interesting and felt realistic for a high school student. 

But the entire story background wise, it isn’t really interesting. Apart from some pretty unqiue abilities as well as some twisting of the myths rather than the usual bloodsuckers who keep their youth, their corpse is below. 

As for the IPCA, I’m surpised that Evie didn’t know the truth behind them, isn’t she their member. Weren’t they supposed to teach her and help her know her job. It feels stupid to not tell her the various things they do to paranormals, or Evie simply believed a stranger. And they do have stupid decisions which I agree with Evie fully on fairies, they are really too stupid to survive. They are immortals, all able and you take advantage of them thinking that names is all you need. Well, it’s only a matter of time before they rebel. They were stupid as an organization. And really no reason for why they were so. 

Reth wasn’t nearly as bad, he wasn’t down jealous boyfriend. He didn’t come off as one. But he was very much interested in Evie for reasons other than she looks hot. And I doubt he actually even liked her, but since at that stage of life Evie was incredibly naive so I’ll cut her some slack. All the while their history was interesting as well as even unique to a certain degree. 

But other than that, this was a fun and easy read. Generic and clear cut, and didn’t blow me away. 

Rating: 3 out of 5 

Would read the sequel: maybe, as I’m pretty busy and even tired. So I’ll just dabble on the seuqel but not anytime soon.