The Bear And The Nightingale

This was gorgeously written, in a way that I just fell in love with all that was in here.

The writing was in multiple points, and of any kinds and sorts. I really liked how perfect it seemed. I really understood Konstantin and his motives, no matter how much it churns me. And Anna, and I just so desperately wished she will eventually just disappear. If anything they were complex but really easy to hate. In a way that I just wished they will drop off a cliff. To me, that was the most perfect kind of book I know. If I hate the villains despite them being so well fleshed out and indeed flawed, well this book is perfect.

I liked how brave Vasya was here. She never seemed to falter. Although I will have preferred if the story just focused a lot more on her. But it is also mostly negligible to the kind of entertainment I got from this book. The way Vasya never failed to go to the route that she saw as hers. I enjoyed it as much as possible.

As for the ending, I really liked it so much. It suited Vasya given her entire character. That she will never consider marriage to be her option.

I just like how the story was told so lyrically, yet at the same time told a dark tale. It indeed, is worth my money for it.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5


The Golemn And The Jinni

I think that this was okay overall and that the beginning was it’s strongest. The writing really came to life there, and I did enjoy it at the beginning.

However towards the end, I didn’t enjoy it as much anymore. As I did feel that the plot was a little too slow to my tastes, and that it took a long time before the two main characters even met.

Although they were characterized rather well, but they often faded into the background since the writing is in omniscient and does do a good exploration of the side characters who are rather well fleshed out, but the main characters lack a huge presence there.

The writing was one of its strongest points initially, where I found it funny and full of life. And it continued staying so for most of the book, it really amplified the style quite well.

Overall, I really enjoyed the writing style of the author and how it fleshed out most of the characters. However the rest was not really as intriguing.

Rating: 3 out of 5

The Scarecrow Queen

I will say that this was satisfying, but on some level still a bitter disappointment.

I did expect Errin to be hurt through the entire process, to come out of it broken and putting everything back. Not how she reacted to it, but just that she bounced back without needing too much of time to heal. However, I really felt her pain, the time where she spent it as the Aurek’s plaything, to be as he wished and loved.

As for Lief, I wonder why wasn’t he so well remembered. Why wasn’t he at least acknowledged for what he did by Twylla, that will have given them the closure they needed and for her to think deeper and reflect upon it. But I don’t get any answers, apparently. And he remains a barely remembered memory, and that well, I did have to admit that he did deserve better. And his entire character hasn’t even been explored, I still don’t know much about his motives and actual wishes. I still don’t know how much he could have grown. But well, he gets killed off just because he has a grey morality, I still think redemption could have a way better way to be dealt with than death.

As for Silas, I do have to admit that what Twylla did was sensible. As well as her poisoning the prince. Although I didn’t even see the point of why Twylla will end up with a curse that barely affects her, her eyes and hair change color, while the others end up possibly dying due to reviving people or even turning to gold if they did too much. Still a slap on the wrist if you were to ask me.

Aurek was still a good villain, he had motivations and he had a mind when he sought to do what he did. He did it because he can and probably could. There are some villains who don’t need a reasonable explanations, but at the same time looking at his history you can still guess why he turned out the way he did. Aurek just so happened to be one of them.

However I enjoyed the ending, I do believe that Twylla will not have ended up with anyone. And here it does deliver on that, and Errin too. I an really surprised that there was no final ending, but rather a continuation of life. I did like the ending, but just felt off about some of the issues and how it was handled.

The first 60% of this novel was exactly to my thoughts, still hard, still bleak and almost hopeless. That Twylla managed to find strength and Errin survived. But afterwards, perhaps out of time and pages, the author couldn’t explore it. But if not, the front part was still like it’s predecessor. And to me, I still will have preferred something a lot more tragic with the death of a true hero and good character. Rather than one that does play both sides, but yet I still don’t understand him much at all. He could have used the development as I liked him, in that sense.

Overall, this trilogy was still perfect and even enjoyable. The last book was a disappointment, but the front is still worth recommending to everyone. For this is a story that does really little to make you hope, and that the situation goes from bad to worse at every inch. And finally, a villain worth recommending that does have depth.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

The Sleeping Prince

I really enjoyed this, in the way that it takes the most common tropes and I expect it to go in a predictable manner. Yet, it doesn’t, it goes down in a way that I never expected it to, but darkly so. What I get is twisted folklores, hidden secrets and plenty of intrigue to spice things up. Which is what I wanted and craved for so long.

Errin is a really understandable character, she may be demanding she may be willing to do anything for her mother. But I don’t hate her, she is making the best of her circumstances and I felt that she was the most consistent. She never went away, and even till the end she is someone who puts her family first and even if it means putting others into jeopardy.

As for the sleeping prince, I understand his entire being. That he does all he wants, and he has lost much of his own life and woke up to a comepletely different and even new world. And there is a good reason why he does want Twylla, and even Errin not to mention taking advantage of everything that he has. And when he lost his inheritance, what does he do? Burn two kingdoms to the ground to rebuild his own. Indeed a great a villain that I will love to hate, and with an interesting depth.

As for all the side characters, I will always like Silas. Cannot help doing so. Twylla makes a return and well, what it revealed about her shocks me and all the while bringing a whole new meaning to why she was poisonous. And Lief, playing the two sides, him as usual.

Overall, this is something unique and different. I will recommend this if you like a mix of mythology and intrigue, with the fact that both main characters are flawed and with this a good villain that I feel isn’t just there. He has some legimate reason why he does what he does, but all the while a lot of the blame is still on him.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Wonder Woman: Warbringer

I really enjoyed this work. The wit and humor really got to me surrounded by a cast of extremely interesting and diverse characters who brought this to live.

I really enjoyed the liberties she took with the story and setting it in modern day New York, it fits it perfectly and completes her. All the while the inequality Alia faced, is present and touched upon in a way I like.

Diana, I believe was finding her footing and I did like her quite a lot. She did go through a lot and with this, I once again find out why I like superheros in the first place. Although complicated dark characters will always be first in my heart, but Diana is a heroine who never wavers. I thoroughly enjoyed how Diana is not going there because of a man, but because she wanted to save a girl. Romance is little here, but in a way that I absolutely enjoyed it.

As for the villain, although predicted since I did see him as a possible threat from the beginning. I knew that he was likely a major aide or probably a threat. And well, I will be sad to see him go. But I did enjoy the place he served in narrative and how he did compliment his sister. And also, I really really liked him. Strange, don’t you think.

As for Alia, when it comes to wit she has it all. I enjoyed her remarks, her comments for it was enjoyable and even interesting. She may be a war bringer but she is someone that I sympathise with and the fate that she is saddled with as a war bringer. All the while I did see her grow and learn. Which was another favourite you could say.

Overall, you don’t need to watch the movie. It is seperate from the book in its own way, and makes it even more enjoyable with the cast. As for how Diana has her name, I like that it was simply an addition from Alia. Makes this entire story even more memorable for how female friendships were more important than romance. Sisterhoods do need some representations. And finally, the wit and most importantly that this was a novelty which I always found lacking in superheroes.

Rating: 5 out of 5

The Scorpio Races

I really was fascinated about this whole entire race. Although I was mostly lost in the book for quite some time. And that I really liked the whole water horse mythology.

I did like Kate, she really clicked with me and I could fully relate to her and understand her fully. Hence, I really did like her. Same thing with Sean.

The whole water horse thing never really got to me until the end, all I did know was that there was a race. And surprisingly, very little romance. Which I do appreciate.

Although I was quite confused at the beginning but eventually I did grow to like all the character and comfortably enough.

As for the ending, I do find it open ended. Plenty of moments where I felt for Sean and his ending, where will it end as well as a strong hinting towards the possibilities. But I fill that it was suitable.

Overall I did like this book enough although there were moments where I was confused and quite lost. But I did find the characters extremely relatable and well developed, as well as distinct.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Heir Of Locksley

I found this really enjoyable as a Robin Hood tale. The liberties the author took was something which I found really enjoyable and even entertaining for that matter.

As for the story, it is rather tragic at times as this is going to make him the men he was. Who he was and what he was. Although it is clear that he will have no wife or son, but I like how the author gave her touch to this romance. It was short but tragic. As Robin Hood does everything for her.

The villains wise, one really needed someone to knock some sense into her. And one just fell flat. Although Guy did have a back story which made him who he was and what he was. But it just pales in comparison to the kind of the entertainment I got from really good villains.

But overall, I found this rather satisfying as a tale. Not to mention how the story worked in such a unique way, with the author taking liberties making a satisfying origin story when it comes to Robin Hood. There is much growth here, and that is why I liked it.

Rating: 4 out of 5