Beasts Made Of Night

Well, I barely remembered anything about the book itself. And I think that it could have been way better executed than this, if you ask me.

I was kind of interested in the world which seemed unique and much more different from what I have read. Sadly, it was just written in such a way that I could not care less. And if I do not care for the narrator of the book, since it is written in the first person.

I feel that the story took way too long to become good, the plot doesn’t kick in until much later, which makes this feel like a prequel rather than a first book. Which should be able to grab my attention rather than slowly introduce me to the world.

I’m fine with that, but it must have tension to make it interesting. But nothing of much importance happen here which is the main reason why I couldn’t really enjoy it. It doesn’t really show the characters’ personality well, since I don’t know anything interesting things they did throughout the book itself.

Well, it was a disappointment to say the least.

Rating: 1.5 out of 5



This was by all means, dark and satisfying. Even for a middle grade book, this was one which did truly explore the depths of being exploited and alone. With no one to stand up for them.

A tale of a lonely girl and the way that many take advantage of her, when she does something that is so necessary. A thankless job but none of them take her seriously.

I greatly enjoyed this, because of the way that it was told and Laylee’s plight was highlighted. Through her thoughts that she simply moves on without care, even when they often mistreated her.

That what she does is so important yet often ignored. That the dead were simply left on her doorstep to deal with. And she wasn’t even paid enough. I say that I enjoyed this because of the way this issue was so clearly explored, the kind of hopelessness she faced. The situation she was stuck in.

Like many children who are still doing child labour, because if they did not do it, they will never get fed. I appreciate what this story is telling, as much as Laylee doesn’t have a choice.

And the emotions she felt, all the time were so incredibly well done. I felt for her, I understood her. She simply did what she thought was best, she accepted her situation because trying to fight it was hard. Very hard. That there was little way that she could have won.

And Alice and Oliver, although I didn’t read the previous book I liked them. They truly were of aid to Laylee as much as Benyamin was to her. They were her friends, and grew to be.

As for the magic here, the ideas are well explored and developed. Such as how the dead rises, and how they need to be washed. Otherwise they will never move on, and if waited too long they will linger on the earth.

As such, I say that this is a book that should exist. It is relevant, it talks about something that should have been done. Such as the emotions that Laylee bottles up from years of exploitation, mistreatment. That when it comes up, it is scary. In this case, it is so.

But Laylee is still a better person than they were at the end of the day, she simply wanted to be respected and paid for her work. Nothing more, and well isn’t that all we wish for too?

Rating: 5 out of 5

The Reluctant Queen

Well, I never thought I will be staying this but this is a series that is quite different from most fantasy books that I have read. And all the characters here have a reason to exist and all does things aligning with their characters entirely as they are said.

Naelin is someone with talents but to her she doesn’t want it, all she wants is safety and a simple life. She isn’t Daleina and I’m glad that the author never made her to be as such. She stands on her own feet as someone who is different.

And someone that I could completely understand. She is a middle aged woman who by all means didn’t want to be a Queen, did not aim for greatness. And I actually saw her sensibility in it, it isn’t a safe job and it can drive people mad. And the author made me understand her, when I’m probably all for personal choice.

Don’t worry, Naelin grows into her own convictions later. She has found reasons to continue.

As for Daleina, I always will admire her. The way she dealt with her imminent death, and her intelligence. But Naelin is still the main character as she is the one that grows the most.

As for all the other characters, my favorite is Hamon’s mother, Ganrah, a chemist with zero morals. She is comepletely not beyond hurting others for her own amusement but I like her. As a friend maybe I will hate her, but reading her just felt so refreshing.

As for Queen Merecot, by all means she was rather interesting. She has her reasons why she does this and for lack of better word, it is completely understandable why she will even resort to this.

Because her country will not survive without it, and who can fault her actions when it is so.

Overall, I enjoyed this work for the way it developed its characters. Richly and complex without ever letting them become just one sided. And some rather interesting additions to the series, which I will love to read more about the Ganrah, even if she may be a woman who lacks any ethics and possibly may be in an attention seeker. But she was my favorite out of all of them. And well, what can I say, I highly recommend this series.

Rating: 5 out of 5

The City Of Brass

This was a work which I savoured from beginning to end. A tale of djinns which paints them as complex and a blend of mythology which I’m enthralled by.

I love Nahri, from the beginning regarding her self preservation. A sensible protagonist who did all she could to survive, and to allow her own survival. And her wit, those were moments which made me laugh. Her interactions with Dara was anything but boring and I enjoyed their conversations.

As well as Ali, who was interesting in the beginning. But by the end, I’m attached to him. And even surprised as to where his ending was leading me. And that despite the fact that he is a good prince, he doesn’t just

throw everything away. He has a family and he treasures them.

As for Ghassan, he is a villain. But he isn’t plain evil, he has moments of humanity. The way he treats his sons, which also serves as his flaws. As much as he is someone who is ruthless and cruel, but he is a product of his times. And I am interested in the things that shaped him to be who he is today.

And Dara, I liked the man. For all his past, he is someone who has seen so much. And those are what that shapes him, and he respects Nahri. I liked the way that he is someone who has gone back from the dead to here but does all he can to help Nahri. And their romance was even something that I felt natural, it doesn’t come in words such as “I love you.” But they care for each other and when they lose the other, it leaves a hole that cannot be fulfilled.

The plot is very full of twists. It moves fast, in a way that I never expected it to be at all. Or even guess that it was going to happen. I was surprised at how original it was, that not all of it was something I could predict. The lore was something that intrigued me endlessly, and so well explored, that by the end of it a brand new world was created. And one that I will enjoy returning to.

So, you can say that this are all reasons why I love this book. From the middle eastern themes, to the djinns and the plot and the characters who appealed to me. By all means it is something worth checking out.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Mirror Sword And Shadow Prince

This tale was rather interesting, a look into Japanese folklore by the same author. As well as imagining them as quite different.

The story is like a folktale, which at times captured me for the way it was structured, and also written. But sometimes lost me as well. Some of it really eluded me while others continued to make a very good impression.

I don’t have any idea what is the actual story about. But nonetheless this was well crafted to say the least, such as the relationship between Toko and Oguna. The shift to the palace, for the Emperor and his various secrets. The man had a lot of them, no kidding.

All the twists revealed later were surprising, but at the same time completely plausible. But it all goes down to interpretation, and I barely even knew the Emperor. Which makes it hard for me to guess that he will hide something like what was revealed in the book.

The ending was rather perfect, in all ways tying up the loose knots. As well as giving a rather happy ending to this rather tragic tale.

But overall, I did find something greatly entertaining about this tale. Not exactly to my taste, but rather enjoyable.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Black Goat Blues

I just really didn’t understand nor care what was happening here. That was the main problem. The characters were flat and the plot was nonexistent, and that was just about it.

At the beginning the writing was rather charming, but right about the end I found it tedious and even annoying as it was just too much. It had so much context than what I initially expected or even decided. And that when I become confused I really get confused.

Charlie was difficult to even like as all his actions were written in such a way that I didn’t care the slightest for them at all. Or even know who was the characters at the end of the day. They were just uninteresting with the writing making it really difficult for me to understand. I just didn’t like the way it was written.

And when I can’t even stand the writing you know that this isn’t going to go anywhere. So, I’m just dropping this. I just don’t understand the writing or the characters nor even get what the story is about. Maybe it’s for you, but it is certainly not for me.

The Bear And The Nightingale

This was gorgeously written, in a way that I just fell in love with all that was in here.

The writing was in multiple points, and of any kinds and sorts. I really liked how perfect it seemed. I really understood Konstantin and his motives, no matter how much it churns me. And Anna, and I just so desperately wished she will eventually just disappear. If anything they were complex but really easy to hate. In a way that I just wished they will drop off a cliff. To me, that was the most perfect kind of book I know. If I hate the villains despite them being so well fleshed out and indeed flawed, well this book is perfect.

I liked how brave Vasya was here. She never seemed to falter. Although I will have preferred if the story just focused a lot more on her. But it is also mostly negligible to the kind of entertainment I got from this book. The way Vasya never failed to go to the route that she saw as hers. I enjoyed it as much as possible.

As for the ending, I really liked it so much. It suited Vasya given her entire character. That she will never consider marriage to be her option.

I just like how the story was told so lyrically, yet at the same time told a dark tale. It indeed, is worth my money for it.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5