Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice Review


The movie, wasn’t something that I wanted to catch, more so that it was just one fine day when my brother pestered my mother about it and this came up. Well, it was this or Kung Fu Panda 3. But I was pleasently surprised with this movie.

Honestly, this movie had been quite interesting and surprising. A lot of it is on the batman and superman fight but actually we get to see the build-up.

Honestly the one character that I have been doubting through my mind, was the sudden appearance of Wonder woman. I had to even look it up to confirm. Honestly nothing else except her costume implied that, no confirmation and everything.

Honestly, this crossover movie does touch on many things that most movies left out. Interestingly, on the matters of whether Superman is doing more harm than good.

Also, we get to see the heroes struggle and actually don’t really behave. Although I felt nothing while seating through the movie, and the only thing that kept me at my seat literally was the identity of the mysterious woman aka wonder woman. That was what kept me. She had been an enigma even though I had seen the poster but was unsure how did wonder woman come into this.

And somehow I’m not disappointed, from her very first appearance to the next and eventually to when she dons her costume. Everything was subtle to the pictures, and the one nearly a hundred years ago. That made me think very hard as she practically looked the same which gave me the idea that she was a superhero. She inducted her way into the story without it feeling as though she was just chucked into it. But she only played a role until the final fight thus I can see why her name wasn’t mentioned or in the poster. Until I went to the cinema than I managed to see her character poster.

One thing that was amazing about this story was its villain. Eccentric was the word I called Lex Luther. Although I didn’t even see his backstory but I just liked his character, honestly he is fascinating as a villain. At least he was more fascinating than the usual, I want to kill you for no reason. And that he isn’t pure evil. Although his backstory is interesting but he isn’t stupid, he thought it through. Although his motive for wanting Superman dead, I’m sure that it has to do with his backstory. He is an interesting antagonist as he doesn’t seem to be against either batman nor wonder woman just Superman alone.

I like him a lot more, much more for the fact that he had characteristics that makes him him. Such as his roundabout way of saying things, preferring not to reveal a lot. Never direct, but very roundabout. He always likes to give hints especially during that incident. Also, especially the fact that he was only human and a billionaire and yet he caused so much damage and that he didnt do it directly, just that he created the very thing that caused the damage.

Batman, well he played the anti-hero throughout the movie and was kinda interesting and very intriguing. More so, that his justice is different to that of Superman’s, he is a vilganate, Superman is hero would be something that I agree.  But in the end, he has changed somewhat.

Also the way that it ended, the way that very monster that Lex created in the end was killed. It was due to a weapon which originally had been developed to kill Superman.

Actually the fight I thought was going to be the main highlight only that it wasn’t the best thing here or what made it shine. And the fight featured how batman got the upper hand when at first it was Superman. But the story and buildup was better and should be as I would not want to waste one hour after another where just watching them fight. And that what happened before it and after it was awesome and what that I really enjoyed.

Although one weakness is that the story was pretty interesting, one thing that I didn’t feel as much was the emotion and that was it. The jokes here, although there were only three was pretty interesting and placed right in the middle of super serious situations although it felt well placed and natural.

The two hours spent on this movie was rather worthwhile, as it was worth to see this story unfold and the ending is very cliffhanger like. Almost as though it was readying itself for another movie. But I would probably catch it.

The ending, everything wrapped up but there were still loose ends. But I wonder what did Batman imply when he said that.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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The Good Dinosaur Review


Today I went to the cinema to watch a movie with my family. This was on the list of movies that my brother could watch and the only one that he wanted. Honestly, I was a bit skeptical about it. However, I was completely surprised about this movie.

It’s that good in fact, I do not regret seeing it. I like Arlow as a main character, he’s a very kind determined but afraid of everything around him and is a complete and utter scaredy cat. However, he’s transformation through the entire movie was great and relatable. He’s also very human-like despite being a dinosaur, wanting to gain his father’s appreciation, wanting to do something exceptional,angry and hurt as well as wary.

Spot was a character that I didn’t understand much however I grew to love him especially when it came to his strength, he looks as though he was raised by wolves or dogs and behaves like one as well. He’s very independent, doesn’t say much throughout the entire series, he is able to hunt very well and knows what to do as well.

There were people that I hated and there were many secondary characters here, the plot is done very well with everything making sense and the friendship being the centre of the story.

They went from enemies to friends, that was great. Both helped each other and saved them many times, the most memorable in my mind would probably when Arlow saved Spot.

There were so many scenes here that made me emote and almost cry, this movie has done a great job at doing this, I really felt a connection with him.

The friendship is great and at the end it was a rather good ending with Spot also finding his family as well as Arlow going back to his family.

The secondary characters are really human like and I enjoyed them immensely, be it from the villain or antagonists of the movie is great. Also, the Tyrannosaurus family were great, and hilarious.

The movie is a must watch for anyone, it’s the type of movie that makes you cry, makes you feel something and learn something from the movie as well.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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