Made In Abyss

No matter how much this seems like an anime meant for children, it really isn’t. There are all sorts of dark stuff which happens in the series, some things which has even moved me to tears, or realised how messed up it was, especially in the later episodes.

And basically, this is an anime which can be summed up in a sentence: two children go on a dangerous quest. I mean it, it is dangerous and not something that is something for the light hearted. And the characters almost die many times in the series. Or are put in incredibly dangerous situations.

However, there are plenty of humor in the series, which do help to offset the really horrific things that happen in the series. And a lot of is funny in the sense that it is poking fun at a lot of characters and their personalities, or about the situations they are placed in.

However, the characters are well developed and original. They don’t feel like I have read exactly anywhere before, and their interactions are always something that I greatly enjoyed even. With it being well thought out, and heartwarming, sometimes even painful to watch.

Overall, I say that this anime is gorgeous in the sense. The art is nice, and rather beautiful. The music is catchy and suits the mood of the series, and the story is intriguing even if it is only a first season. And some of the scenes will make you cry, for be thankful that this is the world we’re born in.

Overall, recommended for those who wish to really try themselves. There are some twisted things that happen here, although the anime does a very good job to balance it out. But seriously, don’t let small children watch it.


Sense And Sensibility: Manga Classics

Well, I somewhat enjoyed the adaption. On a level, I could feel emotion towards the main characters and the struggles they go through. I feel that it is rather truthful and even real.

I cared for Marianne the most, somehow Elinor was lost on me. I didn’t really care much about her. And the way that love and status here come into play such as marrying well or marrying poorly. And choosing between love or wealth.

I liked how the debate here is showed, and the characters here are all different. I enjoyed most of the time, was Marianne and her story. It was incredibly realistic if you asked me. And one which made my heart wrench.

But otherwise, I didn’t care so much for the novel at all. Which was a little sad, but ultimately, I still found this a pretty good adaption of the novel.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Great Expectations: Manga Classics

I like this very very much. The story is something which I have read before, although it certainly went over my head (I was thirteen at the point of time). And well, I expected something which was incredibly miserable, and it’s somewhat there.

Such as the way that Estella is portrayed, is incredibly attractive, much like how she should be in the novel. The definition of a femme fatale, and her sole purpose was to be a form of revenge that her adoptive mother wanted.

Even breaking Pip’s heart, it wasn’t as though she was able to truly feel it in the first place. In a sense, Pip falls to all the vices that most people do when they get rich. Which is somewhat expected.

And by the end of it he has grown a great deal, and changed quite a lot. In the sense that he has matured once he almost lost everything, and show that he does have a lot of strength. And able to keep it up.

Well, something about the manga worked here quite well. In showing that the story is realistic, and as a sense, quite melancholic. There is a lot of people who meet their ends in much regret and unhappiness.

So, I say this is rather faithful and skillfully portraying much of the manga. I got why Pip fell for Estella, she clearly has an air of elegance around her that is shown here. And despite his rather irritating character, he is still someone that I like and enjoy.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Jane Eyre: Manga Classics

Well, after the previous manga which proved to be a surprise, I’m back again with another manga classics.

Jane Eyre here I believed was adapted decently, Jane is portrayed as plain and I agree to her portrayal. It is very very plain. And difficult to see that she is in any way beautiful. Pleasant yes, beauty, no.

Although I did wish that things didn’t just happen so fast. And then, they were in love and married. I enjoyed the last part more since a lot more time was devoted to it, I do not particularly mind if they are split into volumes. Or at least touched on upon more.

And that when Jane found out that Mr Rochester was still married was when it really touched my heart(this is a classic, so I highly doubt I’m spoiling anything.) And the moments where she leaves, deciding to find another life.

That to me, did say that when it becomes impossible Jane simply moves on. I enjoyed the moments afterwards, such as when she met her cousin and the clergyman. As well as the moment when she realised that she was a heiress and actually became rich.

The face was perfect to show her expression. I did wish that they used more of the ways that many manga use to show emotions.

But overall, pretty good and I thoroughly enjoyed the latter part and the front. I truly cared for Jane for most part and the ending left a smile on my face.

Rating: 3 out of 5

The Count Of Monte Cristo

Well, the actual story is completely with me. But the reality of the manga is that it is too choppy. I didn’t feel the emotions Haydee did about Dante.

Or even what the heck was happening. It was just too summarised if you ask me. And well, it was like trying to tell a story that barely have any context to rely on.

Suddenly, Dante makes his move from the middle of nowhere. That happens all the time where I felt the transition was clumsy and could be handled a lot better. Not just once but many many times.

As for all the foreshadowing that occurred, well some of it was really grasped. Other just flew over my head.

Overall, I still liked the original work but the adaption just felt clumsy and honestly it could be stretched far longer than I thought. But the manga has great art, nothing else need to be said about it.

Rating: 3 out of 5

The Stories Of Edgar Allen Poe

This was rather entertaining. If it wasn’t as disjointed as it was. I was hoping for some continuity, but since the author of these poems rarely use the same setting so it feels a little disjointed.

But the tales narrated here are quite well done, with the art style truly elaborating all of it. And all the details. We only see the words written by the author, but the actions does a lot more to complete the picture.

However because of the way it was narrated it also had a lot of problems as you can say. Since I couldn’t really connect with any of the main characters at all.

And it was even worse when the stories had very little in connection to each other. I Like the art and the action, but I just could not appreciate the story.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Les Miserables Manga

This was a surprising adaption. Although I’m not entirely familiar with the story which is why I chose to read it in this form. But I was rather surprised at the scope and disappointed at the lack of closure.

I mean, the ending is just hanging there with no real conclusion in my eyes. But the story, the flashbacks all feel so real and true. It felt as though I was truly understanding them.

Cosette’s back story, Marius and his history regarding his father and grandfather. Who were interesting people to say the least. Cosette’s mother and Jean Valjean. This were all interesting stories which touched me.

The art style was rather nice and suitable. Similar to many styles but having its own touch.

But I just found the ending and the story a little confusing. As there was plenty of flashbacks but not much on characters or even the actual core. I don’t even know whether this was because of adaptation or whether the original story was like this.

But the story have its moments albeit confusing and lacking a conclusion which I can say goodbye to.

Rating: 3 out of 5