Song Hereafter

I guess I just lost interest in the book after a while. Since I just felt so horribly lost as to what was happening here.

I didn’t comepletely understand Estela or any of the characters here. The story is set in an interesting time against the backdrop of Spain in the twelfth century.

However, the historical facts were indeed what I found really there. As the scope of the book does appear to be a little large covering France and the Angevin Empire as well as Spain.

But I just couldn’t understand any of the characters or even where the story was headed. Well, guess this is where it gets me when I request a book far too ahead in the sequel. I was comepletely lost.

There wasn’t anything which drew me to this story at all. There wasn’t anything which really grounded me. I just found myself reading the writing with very little idea as to what was happening.

Although the writing was readable and full of things which intrigued me. But I was mostly confused about this.

So, you can say that I just didn’t feel for the story among all of it.

Rating: 3 out of 5


Land Of The Lost Tribe

Now this was a tale worth reading. About Eldad as he slowly travels the world and gains a lot of knowledge. But Eldad was easily understood and even relatable.

Most importantly, this was a journey. A journey to him as he goes through endless struggles, never reaching his destination but somehow gaining a lot on the way. Although I will have wanted more attention paid to Hadassah, she wasn’t explored enough. I will have wanted a little more time to develop their romance as simply more than just a friendship.

But otherwise, Eldad’s journey is a deep tale. As he discovers more and more about the Jews scattered across Europe. Not just that but also, the people he meets. But I found him to be just too good, he didn’t seem to have much of any moral weaknesses. And he wasn’t too entertaining. It was more entertaining to read about the side characters who appear here in fact. Especially Judith.

I liked the part with Eudoxia the most. She was strangely the most interesting character here even more than Eldad. And that I do think that this may be a series given the way the epilogue was written, and that there just was some things which weren’t tied up.

I do enjoy the part reading Judith, she does show plenty of intelligence to be Queen. And even when she became Queen, she was very very sensible in her choices. Such as how the epilogue showed that, it was glorious. I will say that if it is about her and conquering the Akusm kingdom you can count me in.

Overall this served as a very well thought out and well written book if you ask me. But Eldad isn’t always the best main character, he has a lot that doesn’t compel me to read him. But the side characters completely made up for it.

Rating: 4 out of 5

The Stolen Bicycle

I feel as though this just wasn’t meant for me. On some level the beginning did draw me in in such a whimsical way and the bike notes was rather okay.

Perhaps it just wasn’t to my liking the way it was written afterwards and I began to wonder where did it lead me.

In the beginning, the narrator is not only believable but I could easily believe him and understand him as well as like him. And that his whimsical attitude did feel rather interesting.

But I just didn’t like the format it was written in although detailed about the bicycle but I didn’t find it intriguing nor really enticing to read about. And the war, wasn’t too much of an interest and I did think that I read a repitition of the passage in another form.

Overall, I just didn’t like this for the format but otherwise it was enjoyable.

Rating: 3 out of 5

The Summer Of Crud

I feel as though the plot was just nonexistent, but all else was interesting.

And the main character was going through an interesting time in his life. But it just didn’t draw any attention at all for me.

The writing is very well tuned to showing the voice of the main character. I really could connect with him and understand him. But I just didn’t have much caring for the story as it seemed largely plotless.

The plot just felt all over the place and I really didn’t care or know what was happening. It just felt as though there wasn’t anything that was happening at all.

And that is just where I think the book fell. The main character was relatable but I just didn’t like the plot or its direction.

Rating: 3 out of 5

The Strange And Beautiful Sorrows Of Ava Lavender

Well, the first thing I did when I picked up this book was to be entirely captivated by the writing, and eventually, fascinated by the characters.

Although this has a large cast of characters, each with a beautifully whimsical name. And with a character that is quite strange but all too endearing at the same time. I can’t deny that the front part was gorgeous, even when it was nothing about Ava but about her family.

The writing was the strongest point, where some moments it made me giggle, some moments it was so beautiful and tragic at the same time. I guess the whole writing handled how this tale was told, giving it a strong atmosphere that it so desperately needed. Otherwise, I don’t think that I can even survive this book. Although the characters were a huge plus point.

As for the characters and their lives, what can I say. It was something that just captured my attention. With careful writing, I cared about all of them with their strange quirks and eventually Ava’s narration which worked so well. Emmeline who was the only one out of four to survive, to Viviane and her tragic love with Jack. Which started off so well. And eventually, to Ava the girl with wings. Occasionally, side characters took the spotlight but still it was so well handled with their characterization, defined by how the book is.

To Gabe who was always around, to Wilhelmina who will turn the bakery over for Emmeline who was only surviving on bread at the time. Whimsical, am I right?

So, this just worked for me. I loved the characters and how the writing was, managing to make me care for so many characters when it only had 300 pages. Quite a feat if you ask me.

Rating: 5 out of 5

A Wild And Unremarkable Thing

I was really more confused as to this work as compared to before. There just wasn’t much of anything that really drew me in. And that was what really killed this book for me.

Although the concept and the writing was good. But I just found it rather aimless and comepletely unable to get into the work at all.

It just really didn’t feel like it was going anywhere. I did like Cody, and the strangeness of it. But I just didn’t see where it was going at all. The plot was quite a mess, as Cody lost her father and then it became something that I couldn’t really understand any longer. Which was where it lost me. It really lacked clarity, hence, I just didn’t enjoy this.

And that was just what didn’t work for me when it came to this book.

Wicked Like A Wildfire

I just found myself rather liking, for the writing and the way it did handle magic. Which to my ideal was a lot more new than any other. Although a tad vague.

However, the main issue of the story is that it takes forever for it to move the plot forward. Up until halfway, the story was more concerned about the sensory descriptions which were indeed gorgeous, but boring.

It really only got good when the whole magic comes in and her kinsman are revealed. I really like that part for the originality and the way that it felt so incredibly real and true. And in fact, was the best part of this book in my opinion.

Iris, is okay I just really didn’t care enough about how she is portrayed. Apart from the fact that her mother and her have a strained relationship. Or her sister who eventually decides to save her sister, I don’t really want to get into the details now. It’s really better if you read the book.

The myths and the setting were one of its brightest points, for it is rather different in the place of Our Lady Of Rocks. And also, the myths were so incredibly fresh from what I knew of the setting. And if there is mythology blended into a story, I always love it. And here, I guess it was well intertwined as I did care about the fates of them and their choices from there.

So, I guess this worked for a multitude of reason when it came to me. However, I do believe that whether you want to read this is up to you. It just was to my taste, but not completely faultless either.

Rating: 3 out of 5