Well, although I was greatly entertained by this novel and the slow reasons behind it. Such as the life of Hild who is rarely mentioned and can be left up to debate.

And she was someone which I did like on many levels, but never really understood. Hild feels too saintly and not human enough if you ask me. She doesn’t really have a well rounded character, apart from curiosity and being able to see the future.

After a while, it gets boring. And well, that is where I largely fell asleep to the book. Although I was intrigued by the storyline the setting and the details of the the early middle ages. But Hild simply wasn’t a strong enough character to carry the story, and she lacked something to make her more relatable.

But other than that, I enjoyed how Hild found a place for herself in this world. Even her own relationship with her sister was by far one of those which I utterly enjoyed.

And the situation that England faced in its seventh century, with the trade relations, the various kingdoms. Which was by far a point which I enjoyed in the book, more than anything else.

Overall, I guess the main issue was that I found Hild to be far larger than life. She doesn’t feel relatable and I don’t know what she is thinking, or how her emotions affect her thoughts. But otherwise, enjoyable.

Rating: 3 out of 5


Sins Of The Fathers

Well I was more intrigued by the story of the death of the Archduke Rudolph and what was the reason behind it. I did like the countless, but the story was the one which pulled me in.

However, the countess is clearly quite capable and is shown to be able to do detective work on her own. But sadly, this doesn’t reveal much about her. And I will have liked it if it did reveal much more about her rather than her be the viewpoint character.

But it oddly works, although more chances for her to show more about herself will make this even More enjoyable. Such as why she chose to enter into this and more about her family life. Other than her mother whom I’m mostly indifferent against.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed how much I learned about the Countess and her life. And how she moved forward. Although I like development of characters, but the story captured my attention. Fully and made this a pretty enjoyable piece of work.

The plot is well done, everything fell neatly. And I was rather surprised at where the story was heading at times. And the mystery is truly intriguing, and if otherwise I will not have liked it.

Overall, I will recommend this if you’re looking for a mystery which went beyond the usual settings and counties used. And surrounding a mystery that I don’t often see but definitely has merit to suffice as a mystery that is unsolved.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Hunting Prince Dracula

This was pretty entertaining in the right sense, that I enjoyed the mystery. Perhaps it’s just that my tastes changed a lot within the last year, and this was not nearly as enjoyable as the one before.

However, all else is still exciting and even well planned. Since they were finding the serial killer as to who was behind the murders here, on their own. I enjoyed it quite thoroughly, although the murderer was someone that I could have seen coming.

Something lacked a little more regarding Thomas, which was why I liked him so much in the first book. It’s that he no longer has his genius, somehow that has eroded from him. While Audrey is going through the phase of whether she should just reject all the help. And well, I like that she is strong and modern although I still will have liked her to also accept him.

However, I do admit that the tension here is well deserved. It was going to happen the moment they started to understand romance, and when Thomas will take care of her. In the wrong way, and not in the way that she wants him to.

Well, the mystery was nice and so was the characters. But there just wasn’t a spark here they allowed me to completely love the series. Enjoy it, very much yes. But did I fall in love, not really.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

The Sisters Mederos

This was one which worked for me, completely. That the relationship of the sisters, and even the mystery was the centre of it all. There is no romance here, but it certainly doesn’t take away from the series at all.

I enjoyed Tesara and Yvienne, in how they interacted as sisters. Worked on getting the real reason why their family was destitute, why they were poor. And how it was so. It was nothing more than that.

These girls used means only they could use and exploited all they had. It was entertaining to read and watch as they did things which were questionable but not completely illegal. And well, seeing that both of them are focused on one thing and will never waver from it.

The plot is as simple as that, but the way they have to find out is really towards the end. Although I did want the introduction to actually be faster, but the second half was absolutely satisfying.

But the first half had kept my attention with the family dynamics, regarding how their parents dealt with it. They didn’t kill themselves, get themselves killed, but were not too willing to find out. Grateful for what they have.

An interesting portrayal, and it was intriguing to read. Although I do wanted a little more involvement when it came to them, because their daughters went behind their backs to find the truth and yet they don’t know. But, I should have seen that coming when they sent them to a school where they were basically humiliated and broken.

Yeah, they weren’t abusive but loving, not really either. But interesting, very much.

Overall, I enjoyed this for the main characters and the plot. Good plot where I didn’t know what to expect, characters who despite all have managed to find strength to survive and finally, the fact that this is overall unique and rather enjoyable.

Rating: 4 out of 5

White Panther

If anything, I really didn’t care much after a while. It just seemed to have lacked something that drew me into the story, even though I enjoyed the narration at the beginning.

I really didn’t like it although the setting was intriguing, about a group that I knew barely about. Since it is set during the Roman Empire, but goes towards more of Celtic tribes.

But I just didn’t get the story, nothing really got to me here. I liked some of the characters, but the plot just took way too long to kick in and the characters lacked something which intrigued me.

Which as always, will be difficult to ever keep my attention when it is so. And so, this just didn’t work out. It was just forgettable with little really developed, although I liked the setting and could relate to some of the characters. It was just the fact that none of them really got to me was the problem.

And the plot could have been more prominent, and more exciting will have helped too.

Rating: 2 out of 5

The Last Hours

I found this tale utterly intriguing, about the black death and mostly the main character, Lady Anne.

By all means she was the character which I connected the best towards. Such as how she acted towards her daughter, and the way she was with her. It was entertaining, her wise and ability to see through the black death.

The story is set in England, and for once I actually care about all the characters. The author made it easy to see through them, even for an unlikeable character. A very unlikeable character.

I really disliked Eleanor, for all her actions showed it. She was sympathetic at first, and as time went by Anne became to shine. We are made to hate her, but yet I found her to be even more selfless than anyone. Because of her actions.

The plot is simple, such as the way that the black death affected them. The struggles they had, and the adversity they faced. Although it went in a way that I didn’t expect it to.

Lady Anne is the star of this show, and she is a surprising character. She is a middle aged woman with a daughter, and I like her the most. She is the main character, she is the one who does what she can to save them.

As such, this was purely enjoyable. The black death in its wake, and the way that it could have been avoided. As long as they practiced hygiene, which was nonexistent in those times. And I will likely continue with this series because of how it made me care for their struggles, which is rare as you know me.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

The Reluctant Queen

Well, I never thought I will be staying this but this is a series that is quite different from most fantasy books that I have read. And all the characters here have a reason to exist and all does things aligning with their characters entirely as they are said.

Naelin is someone with talents but to her she doesn’t want it, all she wants is safety and a simple life. She isn’t Daleina and I’m glad that the author never made her to be as such. She stands on her own feet as someone who is different.

And someone that I could completely understand. She is a middle aged woman who by all means didn’t want to be a Queen, did not aim for greatness. And I actually saw her sensibility in it, it isn’t a safe job and it can drive people mad. And the author made me understand her, when I’m probably all for personal choice.

Don’t worry, Naelin grows into her own convictions later. She has found reasons to continue.

As for Daleina, I always will admire her. The way she dealt with her imminent death, and her intelligence. But Naelin is still the main character as she is the one that grows the most.

As for all the other characters, my favorite is Hamon’s mother, Ganrah, a chemist with zero morals. She is comepletely not beyond hurting others for her own amusement but I like her. As a friend maybe I will hate her, but reading her just felt so refreshing.

As for Queen Merecot, by all means she was rather interesting. She has her reasons why she does this and for lack of better word, it is completely understandable why she will even resort to this.

Because her country will not survive without it, and who can fault her actions when it is so.

Overall, I enjoyed this work for the way it developed its characters. Richly and complex without ever letting them become just one sided. And some rather interesting additions to the series, which I will love to read more about the Ganrah, even if she may be a woman who lacks any ethics and possibly may be in an attention seeker. But she was my favorite out of all of them. And well, what can I say, I highly recommend this series.

Rating: 5 out of 5