The Gentleman’s Guide To Vice And Virtue

Well, this wasn’t exactly the sort of hilarity I was expected. But this novel is still something that I agree should exist, really exist. Because it manages to make characters which feel real, and their situations and plights to be understandable.

We have Monty, who isn’t all that likeable. Yes, he is far from that. He does a lot of questionable things and ends up in hilarious situations because of his own stupidity, and the whole reason why the plots starts. A brilliant plan to get him into trouble when it is really all he does.

And that his plight although comfortable was not all that nice. He is like the unwanted son, his father provides for him but never truly cares about him.

Percy is biracial, and has an illness that will have many send him off to an asylum in those times. Sad as that is, but I admire him for the way that he understands his friends and tries to live with it. He doesn’t say that he wants a cure at any means, and I appreciate him for that. Although I will have liked to know more about him.

But I like Felicity the most, a girl who wants to become a doctor but had no chances. Because she just so happened to be born a girl. And that doesn’t stop her, I like what she does to get what she wants. And that I will check out the next book since it is centered on her, if anything I do want to know her better.

The plot is basically revealed up there, Monty gets into trouble, by doing something that he really shouldn’t be doing. But turns out to be all that important, and at the same time develop the plot. Yes, I was surprised at the developments. Although this is for from the normal kind of story that I got.

But by the end of it, they have moved forward and truly grown as people. Monty actually taking some responsibility and taking the first step into an actual relationship, although I enjoy the open ended ending.

Well, I think I will appreciate the sequel more, Monty wasn’t all that likeable for me. And this wasn’t really all too funny. But deserving, yes. It is something that still kept me hooked for an entire day, but masterpiece not really.

Rating: 4 out of 5


The Scarlet Letter

I have to say that this was something that translated so well into manga. It worked the way it did.

I enjoyed Hester and her character, that despite all she had went through she still was a decent human being at the end. Despite being labelled as a sinner, she went through life hoping to change that label.

And that well, I enjoyed how the story was told. The mystery between who her father was, who was someone there from the start. But he is also sympathetic and carefully portrayed that it is not that he couldn’t acknowledge her, it is that he cannot acknowledge her.

Even then, there are rare moments where he is with her. The manga showed his conflict well enough, and I could see why he didn’t. And Hester who didn’t wish to destroy him, had chose to keep quiet as well.

It is easy to see where it goes, but I feel that the way it is told was masterful. Capturing the way that it should be, exploring the ideas of guilt and sin, and the characters act in a way quite unlike many. Which makes for an even more entertaining read, and the fact that Hester has done everything to redeem herself.

Perhaps I will have liked to see her struggle that little more, at least to convince that it wasn’t easy. But overall, I feel that the book has done a splendid job in making the characters feel real.

And I still liked Hester the best. Well this is a good adaption of a classic, capturing what I believe the story really wanted to tell without ever confusing me.

Rating: 4 out of 5

A Hope Divided

This was okay. It is just that I am rarely into historical romances, and well this managed to make me read through the story without ever skimming. A little rare.

But most importantly, was that their relationship was slow. There were moments where it was held back, but I get it. Or moments where nothing really happened. Although I will have enjoyed more interactions, but I did like how it is so understandable and also more than just an attraction.

At least it doesn’t move fast, and well it gives me time to invest in the relationship. Which always ends in a certain way. Here isn’t any different.

For me, it’s just that I prefer historical romances with a slant to it. Either philosophical, principles or using it as a chance to truly change things. But I just didn’t get that vibe here, which was why I didn’t enjoy it that much.

If you’re into romances such as this, then this is for you. It isn’t that bad, even for me, but I just feel nothing. It was to an extent enjoyable, but nothing which really made me care about them. Forgettable but decent.

Rating: 3 out of 5

The Address

Surprising story and work. Such as how family drama is blended nicely with historical fiction set in America. And well, making me enjoy something like this is difficult. But this book managed.

I cared a lot for Sara Smythe and her life. Such as her story, which was not one of happiness but of much endurance. Such as her choices at the end of the day which was selfless but at the same time fulfilled her. Her romance with Theodore, and relationship with Mrs Camden.

Mrs Camden initially was a woman I disliked before I realised her predicament. And even her own secrets nonetheless. At the end of the day, she was not all to despicable and I liked her towards the end.

As for Theodore’s, I really hate the guy. Well, towards the end all is revealed about him. And although I enjoyed the brief moments of romance at the front between he and Sara. I disliked it a lot more towards the end.

The plot was predictable, I could easily guess who did it and why Sara chose to take the rap. Easily to figure out, but didn’t remove the enjoyment I had from that reveal.

As for the modern era, I liked Bailey. But that was just about it. And I didn’t care that much for the storyline as compared to the one set a century before. Perhaps it is much more of nuance and even tension when compared to the modern era. Where it seems to be nothing but unraveling the mystery through their descendants.

Overall, I enjoyed the work for the time in America during the 19th century and the last chapters for the modern era. As well as Sara and Mrs Camden, who to me was what the story was all about. And if you love historical fiction with mysteries, then this is for you.

Rating: 4 out of 5

The Pillars Of The Earth

And this is a book that is the largest I have ever read, yet I have fallen in love with it. Comepletely.

The story goes between many characters who are all important. Tom, the first master builder, to Jack, the son of an outlaw and the second master builder. Ailena, who I really like and loved. Also, not to mention Ellen.

They were all characters I cared about, and somehow all their pasts were linked together. In a way that comepletely blew me away, it wasn’t what I expected but it was still enjoyable.

This work tells the story of a building of a cathedral, and mostly covers all the difficulties they faced. The endless trials. Rather it was romance or even the schemes they all placed. And well, intrigue does have its own hand here as it turns out to build a cathedral, the funds must be there. And it’s only the court who will provide it.

I found the entire story to be well placed, with every secret tying back to the story. The history and the setting well researched, not to mention all the characters whom I really cared about and loved. If that counts for anything, looking back at all my reviews which didn’t contain it, I will say that it makes a huge difference.

Overall, this was a brilliant and well woven tale. One which I will always recommend.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Impossible Saints

I really never felt so much agony for the main couple ever at all. It is different from my expectations and even what I expected it will go into.

This is a tale of romance that stretches, that will make you feel sad and hope for something. That their seperations are because of their ideology rather than some unfortunate events. It isn’t because of any tragedy the main couple cannot get together, it is merely a matter of ideals, personalities. And this is where I just fell in love with all of this.

Lilia was definitely born in the wrong century, she is the modern woman we know today able to make her own choices and flaunting it. She will not be an angel in the house, and she will fight her way for the vote. From the beginning, she captivated me and her journey was not about love and learning to love. She never compromises on her beliefs and it leads to all sorts of interesting discussions.

As for Paul, he is a clergyman. And eventually he also decided on his own path temporarily but eventually will get together. But he has his own ideals than he can’t get over, and by the end he has changed. Even more than Lilia, but I will still like her for her views in how she never deviates nor ever changes from them.

Even more so was how the book had so many moments where wit was included in such an interesting way that definitely caught my attention and made me laugh in such a way that I never expected it too, nor even the way I recognized how true it was.

Overall, this was just really enjoyable. This isn’t the normal romance, but it is very true. There is changes and compromises on both sides, but never deviating too far. As for the ending line, I loved it. It was perfect. And finally, this just never was what I thought it will be. But it proved to be what I needed most.

Rating: 5 out of 5

A Rebel Among Us

DNF @46%

I really tried to read this book, but it just really dragged on for too long.

I did like the beginning with David and the whole entire scene where he wakes up and learn about them. I found that entertaining.

Although I was expecting a romance, but I just didn’t expect it to take this long for anything to happen. I was expecting a lot more of questions, and a lot more of suspicion. I mean the title is a rebel among us. I expected a little more tension.

What I really got was mostly a little romance, some obstruction. But nothing that really lights up my mind or makes me want to read on. Almost halfway through the book I just couldn’t hold onto it anymore. There is very little reason why I want to read it.

There is almost no real character exploration or really understanding. And the romance, I just didn’t feel the chemistry together. Although I liked how they were kind to him. But I just wanted more than this, it just didn’t satisfy my tastes enough.

Perhaps this is for you, but it just isn’t for me.

Rating: 2 out of 5