The Golemn And The Jinni

I think that this was okay overall and that the beginning was it’s strongest. The writing really came to life there, and I did enjoy it at the beginning.

However towards the end, I didn’t enjoy it as much anymore. As I did feel that the plot was a little too slow to my tastes, and that it took a long time before the two main characters even met.

Although they were characterized rather well, but they often faded into the background since the writing is in omniscient and does do a good exploration of the side characters who are rather well fleshed out, but the main characters lack a huge presence there.

The writing was one of its strongest points initially, where I found it funny and full of life. And it continued staying so for most of the book, it really amplified the style quite well.

Overall, I really enjoyed the writing style of the author and how it fleshed out most of the characters. However the rest was not really as intriguing.

Rating: 3 out of 5


The Toymakers

I think the real thing that made me lose focus was the fact that it just didn’t seem to focus on what I really wanted it to. It just really felt lost. And that at times I wonder why this book was even written, and what it was for.

There were stories with comepletely resonated with me, such as Cathy and Martha. As well as how they came to be in the Emporium. But it just didn’t seem to really have any characters or even focus, I didn’t know what this was all about to be honest.

It was never clear and the characters from the start, such as Papa Jack were mysterious but nothing much was ever revealed about him which made it really difficult to be feeling anything for the guy. Or that it seemed to not have any villains, not have any real story to tell.

It just felt confusing and aimless. Although the writing was nice and there were touching momennts as well as characters that I did like, but I just didn’t feel that it was satisfying at all.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Walk The Earth A Stranger

The strongest point of this whole book is the main character. I found her strangely believable, and able to keep to herself make sensible choices and try to escape when things get terrible for her. Girl is definitely a brave one, and what she does is rather classic of almost any other girl in such a system. Dress as a boy.

I just found her strangely relatable, since she doesn’t bitch about her life, neither does she seem like a hypocrite. And that there are some interesting female relationships here.

As for her uncle, I really hate him. Yes, the author succeeded in making me hate him as a person with a passion. Trust me, I will like to see him conveniently fall off a cliff so that he will no longer haunt Lee. Well, that is the one thing which I will like about them.

However the plot is for lack of better word nonexistent. Yes, it is nonexistent. And I found myself asking where this was going where in actual reality it is just setting up the next book. There is a lot of things that happen to Leah on the road, it just doesn’t seem that impactful if you ask me.

The writing flows very well, and I really could feel Leah as a character. Perhaps another reason why this worked so well for me, but sadly it lacked a lot of details on the plot or anything inventive which will really buy me.

Overall, I did find this okay if a little underwhelming. Leah is a good character, Hiriam is a good enough villain that I do hate him. But the rest of it, honestly could use some work.

Rating: 3 out of 5

The Girl In The Tower

I found this slow tale, at first quite a bore but eventually I really liked Vasya and her character as well as eventually her elder sister Olga.

The setting in medieval Russia in my idea is perfectly well crafted and even felt real at times to me. As well as this being a second book in the series, I didn’t find myself at a complete loss as to what was happening in the book. As for Vasya and her siblings, I found it rather interesting and even heartwarming towards the end about how it was resolved.

As for the book made with many myths, and some of them were enjoyable and some just flew over my head. Perhaps it’s just my lack of understanding of the myths well enough, that I really didn’t find it rather interesting.

Anyway, the book really began to grow on me in the later parts of it. Not really kidding here, I didn’t feel an inch for any of the characters at all. Hence, it only really settled into me at the end.

So overall, the setting is really gorgeous and the characters takes a little while to settle into you. But once it does, I really enjoyed this rather unique and slow tale, which will tug on your heartstrings.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Iron Cast

For a moment, I just didn’t found myself captivated by this. Although the writing was readable, and the characters on some level relatable, and also, the world did seem rather different.

The things which I did like was how diverse it was, and how it handles a book without too much romance. It does show that not everyone needs a love interest, but the main problem is that there really is nothing else other than that.

Corinne and Ada are just there, apart from having a lot of friendship and a good relationship. There really is nothing else that defines them or makes me interested in them. They are just there. Which I consider a major flaw, and the diversity to be one thing that I did enjoy.

As for the world, hemopaths are indeed an interesting aspect of this world. Which I find rather well explained but just wasn’t explored too much. I didn’t find them doing too much magic or testing how much, it just felt there although given a good context. And the setting, apart from it being in the 1910s, I know zero things other than that. Again, another flaw since the background is simply too sparse and doesn’t help support and define where it is set in. Although it does seem to be more towards the 1920s if you ask me.

Overall, I don’t really dislike this work but I just don’t find it all that thought provoking and several aspects which I feel could have been done better.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Flames To The Beast

Well, I just don’t really understand much about this book really.

To me, it just felt as though it didn’t have the focus of any book and hence it didn’t really move me in a particular way at all.

I didn’t really find a character whom I really liked or even enjoyed, it just was a bunch of them together doing something.

Although the ending is rather interesting about the birth of an immortal and eventually the epilogue in 2008 when it was originally in 1881. Interesting to say the least.

It just didn’t kept my interest at the front, sadly to say.

Rating: 2 out of 5

The Fallen Kingdom

A satisfying end to the series. Really, I have to admit it. The ending was rather perfect, with plenty of hard sacrifices which Aileana have to make and eventually resolve quite nicely to give a good ending. All the while, making this world a breath of fresh air in its worldbuilding and take on fairies.

By the way, Aithinne is my favorite out of the series. The more I read her, the more she grows on me, and the more she makes me smile. Quite sad to see this end really.

And I really appreciate how Aileana has to make a difficult decision, and nothing did indeed come easy for her. And everything has its price, and really it was enjoyable to see her finally get an ending that I find was satisfying.

The ending was rather nice and fulfilling. And it did go in a way I never really expected it too, seeing as how it went back to what we knew. But in a way I never thought it will, and surprising me but at the same managing to have all the characters survive and some with unknown ending too.

But finally, the author is willing to make the difficult decisions and the characters really do suffer. Although at times I was rather bored, and at times the pacing was really fast and the pages were flying. But to me, this series is good. It is unique when compared to most, with its own folktales and beliefs. And also, it does take what we know and doesn’t go down the usual route. So, I find it rather refreshing and do recommend you to check it out. Naturally, start from the Falconer.

Rating: 4 out of 5