Cold Summer

This book was rather touching, at least in the way I never thought it was. With a time travel story, but centering around all the problems and rift between friends and family here, was the best way it could go.

Kale being a world war II veteran, and the entire idea of him being a time traveler but not completely about the idea of his family, and the problems left by it. It is so real that his constant time travelling created all these problems and fighting in a war really took its toll on him.

Harper, I did like her. Something about her worked, and how she dealt with her issues was important. Poignant, but at the same time willing to give another chance to her own mother. But her coming back here, and getting together with Kale again is a nice idea too, which I think began to really change the whole course of the story.

As for the ending, about the way it was. Open, but I have always liked such an ending. And that Kale does eventually learn how to control, although only to a certain extent. And Harper had simply accepted his unique situation and went ways to help him, that to me is more or less a sort of love. Although I would have liked it that Kale did get some time knowing Harper’s situation, but in this context it is fine since they have known each other since childhood.

But overall, this was a really touching tale. Talking about time travel, war and eventually romance. I think it handles the balance, and it doesn’t try to be too much. It is simply Kale finding his way home, Harper opening a new chapter in her life. And at the end, a simple romance which still has a long way to go.

So, in my opinion I will whole heartedly recommend this.

Rating: 5 out of 5


The Deceived

If anything, I was more confused by the work at all. I just really didn’t seem to have understood much of it at all.

I just don’t feel a single connection to any of the characters at all, neither did it really make me interested in the work at all. Just some demons like Lucifer, then an archangel and some angels.

But really, I don’t feel any connection to them. And making me invested is really important in a book. It just didn’t do it.

The writing was okay, if you ask me. And the world having some interesting aspects but nothing much apart from it. I just didn’t like the work at all, since there was virtually no character who managed to catch my attention.

However the premise was interesting and definitely what I did see here. Except that I just didn’t feel a thing for the characters, which again is the book’s greatest flaw.

This is simply a case of just not my taste. And well, I guess I just can’t help it that I have picked up such a book.

Rating: 2 out of 5

Daughter of the burning city

I found that this was rather okay. Although I didn’t care much for Sorina, but in the circus again it takes something quite new to this.

Sorina is blind, and doesn’t have eyes. Although the strangest part of her character is how she can see without them. The best way this could have been done was through sensory description, otherwise it is physically impossible for her to be able describe. She doesn’t have eyes. Which was a weakness, third person narration will have done a far better job when it came to this.

Also, the pacing really seemed off to me as I spent such a long time picking it up and down, but didn’t feel like wanting to continue. The ending was okay, some questions were answered with an interested twist given. As well as making me think, what does this really do. It is simply a story about Sorina facing danger and protecting her family, but nothing managed to shake me from within. It is pure enjoyment. Which was okay, but at the same time quite boring.

And the world, although some development is given is flimsy at best. There really is nothing to define any of them, apart from being freaks, and most of the world building at least to me could have been better, and more vivid.

The weakness laid in how unbelievable it was for a blind girl to be describing so well. And that really is my main issue which developed into subsequent issues regarding the worldbuilding and the description. It lacks a little bit of logic since it is written in first person.

However, I really like this book on some level. Although there are sone undeniable weaknesses in it too, such as the plot and description. It had an interesting premise, but mediocre execution. And this is why I think that this book is rather okay, a quick fun read but probably won’t do it again.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

A Column Of Fire

I was really interested in this tale, where I was sucked in completely. To the time of Tudors, which is to say my most favourite time of all under Queen Elizabeth (who is also my favourite if you ask me).

As for the story which begins in 1558 but ends in 1606, about Ned and his life while helping Elizabeth all the way. Serving as her spy and helping her to quell rebellions. I did enjoy how Elizabeth was portrayed here, as a rather intelligent and sensible Queen. Besides, she saw the time of having a Queen who was dethroned. And she still managed to rule extremely well, there had to be a reason. And I think the book did do her justice in how she was portrayed.

And the intrigue in my view was very well done, and did feel real as I cared for Ned. As well as all the characters in the novel, but mostly for Ned. I just really liked him as he constantly worked for the crown, and as a protestant had some logical views about tolerance. It was the most acceptable part of him.

Although I could see why so many was divided or wished the Queen took a side, or perhaps even wanted her gone. Nothing is easy in those times, and for Elizabeth who wanted religious tolerance which likely was impossible in those times.

And this is where I fell in love with the book, for I am a history buff to the core. And that this kind of stuff, will always have a dear place in my heart. So, if you love history then yes, I will recommend this.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Nine Lessons

DNF @60%

I really didn’t understand how this could have taken so long for even the plot to move forward. There was nothing interesting or nothing about the mystery apart from some guys died. And the rest of it was never revealed.

I prefer a book when the main character is getting affected by the mystery. Josephine, I don’t even know what she does. Perhaps being around, or just there. She doesn’t really have any role in the mystery at all.

And really, I want a mystery to be about the mystery and solving the crime. But even up until halfway through the book, I really don’t know why they were dead except there were more victims. And what does anything have to do with Josephine, nothing at all. Really, nothing at all.

And that is where I think I have no reason to continue, when I barely see any development in the first half of the book. However, the time of the novel does fit rather well, but that was about it.

Rating: 1.5 out of 5

Ocean’s Fire

DNF @67%

I just couldn’t find a reason to keep on going, nothing is really making me really interested in this story at all. To me, I did not care for almost anyone.

Since I got a free copy from the publisher, naturally I had to read it. Only to find myself bored throughout this entire book, and well by the two third mark, I decide to call it quits.

What do I remember about this story? Barely anything, since Skylar was bland, and really she didn’t feel like an interesting main character who could carry the story, and none of them interested me. The one who I do have an impression of was some woman who talked to her about some Sophia.

Yeah, the first part was mostly taken up by nothing at all. Not even action, not even anything that remotely interested. Once again, the pacing felt really off to me since the first third or so have anything intriguing me.

So, this book really didn’t pick up the pace enough for me to like them. Neither did Skylar have anything interesting about her at all, and here is where I just say: I’m not going to put myself through torture again.

Rating: 1 out of 5

The Life She Was Given

This book had a really good writing style, and it clicked with me easily. Although I didn’t have much fondness for any of the characters at all. And the plot to me, was rather slow and I feel as though nothing interesting really happened.

Both Lilly and Julia didn’t have much which really attracted me. Lilly, although having quite a story to tell, really fell flat to me since she just feels so bland. And the writing although good didn’t make her come alive, she just felt there.

And that is where I think the book just didn’t work for me too much. Although I do enjoy the historical details and the portrayal, but I really just couldn’t. There wasn’t anything really interesting about Lilly’s tale to me. And that was where it really lost my interest.

Since the story mostly centres around her, and mostly about her story. It just seems to really bore me.

Overall, the main problem with this book was the fact that I think that Lilly and Julia didn’t come alive to me. And I couldn’t connect with them or sympathise with them. The writing is the best part of this work, which I really cannot deny.

Rating: 2 out of 5