When I Cast Your Shadow

I have really got used to her writing and style, and that this was slightly easier to read than Vassa In The Night.

Once again, this tale is like her previous. Bizarre and filled with weird events, with a hint of paranormal but no clear explanation on how the dead can be brought back to life, but I’m more or less fine with it.

As for a beginning, I really like Everett. He is the one reason why I really kept on with this story, and well he isn’t all that perfect either. And so aren’t any of the other characters. However, he always has sensibility and insecurities since he is different when compared to his brother. But I’m all the while fine with it. Truly, really fine with it.

As for Ruby, she is rather brave and at the same time naive. Since she relishes control over to her own brother, who does seem quite evil at times. But at the same time has always trusted him. As for her brother, who I have grown some sympathy for towards the end. Seeing as how he had plenty of moments where he seemed the same and yet different, towards the end, his character feels a lot more rounded with his awareness. And that it was a rather nice change to know them, and sibling relationships always do get my attention. Although it did bordered at times, but I didn’t feel as though it was really incest in any way possible. At least the end really revealed it all in a good light, convincing me that it didn’t seem that way. And all the while having the characters be a lot deeper than what they seemed.

As for the weirdness of this, I like it. It’s as simple as that, and that I have really gotten used to and even enjoyed how it was done. And that it was a lot easier to read when compared to her previous work.

So, this book may not be for everyone which is what I admit. But if it sounds interesting, do give it a shot. Also, check it out if you really like magical realism, for it gives no real explanation just plenty of possibilities as to why Dashniell could come back.

Rating: 4 out of 5


Elemental Secrets 

This book would not have been so bad if it was faster paced, less obsessed with the love square that the author built. Chase, Cade, Holden, and Valerie barely even has the agency of anyone up until the later parts of the book.

You can skim read until around 70% where the main plot would kick it, and the actual interesting parts does come it. Before that, classic special snowflake and tropes of girl that doesn’t know much about her true abilities. Also, don’t forget school drama(as if we need more of that). And that’s where Valerie really shone, since she is a normal person, being incredibly naïve is believable in that sense.

As for the world, it feels so incredibly cliché. There could have been more elements, more unique things into it. But it barely succeeded at it, seeing that the only really good thing is about the polarizing beliefs of the Elementals which is rather interesting along with its history. When that kicked in, it became quite interesting. Even if I still could care less about Valerie. 

She probably is one of the most typical female main character. Except that she is more obsessed with the three boys she knows, one of which is in college which are revealed to have differing beliefs. But I would have wanted to see more than that. Charlene is forgettable at best, and I can’t even bother to remember who Loren is. Or what she is doing there. 

Generally, the characters were forgettable, and very usual. What you usually read, is what you would get in this book. And that is where it lost me. I would not want to read about love, teenage life without that little bit of magic, and even that only came in later. The front part was a complete and utter bore. 

The plot needed to move a lot faster, and having Valerie search for those answers. Also, having her start to find them herself instead of waiting for shit to happen. Or it being revealed to her. When things become strange, try the internet, try snooping. Don’t just wait for answers to fall from nowhere, and it came easily to Valerie. She didn’t have to take risks, make sacrifices or any of the sort. She simply asked and got her questions answered. Also, why the hell the Aunt didn’t tell her if they were planning to kill here or even tell her to be careful or I don’t know teach her the differences between Elementals and their abilities. They are centuries old sages, but they act like idiots. 

And this is why I barely liked this book, if I wasn’t tasked to read this, I wouldn’t have even finished it. There is a point, and although a slight pleasant surprise existed in this book. But it was too late to salvage the lasting impression it had on me. 

Rating: 1.5 out of 5



This was quite a joy to read. It does definitely feel like a tale of Alice In Wonderland with plenty of spins and being carefully plotted, enough that it uses the old Wonderland but it’s different. Darker even.

And well, at least Alyssa is sensible enough to know what she is doing. Why she gets there is for perfectly good reasons, if you ask me. Since she doesn’t want her mother to be put on electrotherapy. Certainly a good reason. And she isn’t an idiot, she only has Alice In Wonderland to help her and the things she does figure out are pretty awesome.

Although the way the mental illness was dealt, it would have been less using straitjackets. It would have been a lot more counselling, perhaps even hynosis. I do not see a straightjacket, and sometimes mentally ill patients aren’t even commited. They are mostly allowed to stay at home, just as long as they visit the doctor’s regularly. And her case definitely seemed manageable, especially when it’s faked.

As for the love triangle here. I ship none of them. Both lies her, one is a knight in shining armour, he is basically that. And the other, is a manipulative bastard in his own right. What can I say? She deserves better.

The world building was the drawing point, as well as the writing. It seems that I am always a sucker for lyrical writing and writing that is simple but beautiful. And I can read it easily. And when it used Wonderland, I certainly saw a lot influences and really liked it. It is darker, but when it happened to Alice it was a lot more of coincidence, but to Alyssa, she was outright finding it.

I do recommend this book fro being different from the usual retelling, it is much more than that. It follows into the modern times, where there is a possible curse. And revealing the plot twist, the way it went and when it was. I enjoyed it. I didn’t see it coming.

However, there are undeniable issues here. Such as the problem of the way both Jeb and Morpheus really need to learn how to be civilized people, Jeb to lose his knight in shining armour attitude. But overall, I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it.

Rating: 3 out of 5


Nascent Shadow

It began by having some interesting parts, before it really became a matter of confusion for me. Who was the main character? I don’t really know her, and I couldn’t really enjoy the narration.

The world was especially unclear to me, and in this case maybe a little spoon-feeding wouldn’t be so bad. Since I barely know what the world is all about, and I’m utterly confused to the mentions of dragons, enchantresses and you the sort of thing. Yet, no in depth translation is actually given to tell me about this world.

And the narration, at first was okay, then eventually became emotionless and incredibly dry. I couldn’t even care about any of them in the least. And Brooklyn was a rather interesting narrator, before she descended into one which I couldn’t click with her and neither did I enjoy her.

And something about the plot also passed me too, along with the way that writing was structured and done. It just wasn’t to my taste again, although it is rather refreshing but at the same time, it was confusing after a while. And well, you could see why I didn’t enjoy it. It just went down to how the world was never truly explained, some clues were given but there were so many parts where I wouldn’t have minded telling, since I wouldn’t be so lost.

Although, it started with a bang, but it descended into chaos and confusion.

Rating: 2 out of 5


Court Of Twilight

This book was rather slow in the front, and didn’t really keep my interest much at all. But the ending when it revealed one twist after another, that had me completely hooked.

In this world there is what we call the Trows, and they are always having a king. Except that this king would only rule for a year before dying under the hand of someone else. There is no way to avoid it, and when it does, another king would be killed or their consort. Basically, quite a dangerous position and one of certain death.

Ivy, was the best person to have started this story. She is realistic, and she is a human. Yet, she never seems to lose faith and does something for someone close to her. And when things really get tough, she is always in it for Demi. Also, she is sensible enough not to have needlessly put herself in danger.

Like almost any other book, the truth is that parents don’t always play a great part in the story. And here, they appear when it is important and there are some very well hidden twists regarding them, and making Ivy seem a little less strange. As to why she could see Demi and why she would eventually bunk in with her.

The most important thing is how the author manages to make Ivy find Demi, it isn’t about exploration of this world. It is so much more about finding a way out for her. The ending does have a very good price that they need to pay. And Demi does something for once.

The ending leaves it as that, with very little known on who wanted the Year Kings dead. Which is something that is also a downside since I’m no closer to it, but everything closed up nearly and nicely. However, it still makes me curious and should this have a sequel, I really hoped that it would be addressed.

Overall, I enjoy this book towards the end apart from the slow start. However, if you don’t really want something that’s a little slow, then this isn’t the book for you.

I received an e-ARC of this book from Netgalley.

Rating: 3 out of 5


The Book Jumper 

What would I say about this book? That it is every readers dream to jump in books all around. I would say that it is fulfilled here, and rather well. With a system that almost all readers abide by, or the stories we love will be twisted being recognition. 

So, the story begins with Amy who love books and goes with her mother to her hometown. Since the background as to why she chooses to go back, both mother and daughter have a very good reason to do so. And their own choice to do so. 

And the plot, I would say is centered around a lost story trying to find its way again. That to me, is quite interesting to the spin it puts on books. The way that it talks about those books which were lost forever. 

All the while the plot is also around all the realistic issues, regarding finances, whether books could be jumped into at choice. Also, about the book jumpers and their clans. Those were clearly interesting to read about, and developed well enough with their own history as to why they have came together. Even though they clearly don’t like each other. 

As for Amy, what she is is really interesting. Although revealed at an earlier step, but isn’t that important as it serves as more of a boon. And I would have wanted to explore her story with Desmond, I feel as though I was left hanging regarding that. 

As for Will, a lot of unexpected things happen. And his ending is quite bittersweet, along with Amy. I could see that this was likely what happened, but somehow I feel as though I have died a little when the ending came. But, I do like that little bit of hope. But I don’t think that there might be a happy ending regarding Amy and Will. No matter how much I would like one. 

As for the biggest question: does it explore all the intricacies of the literary world. Does it have a lot of questions and possibilities that it explores? My answers to this are all yes, this is really good exploration of the possibility of this happening and the possibility of having book jumpers around and all the outcomes it may bring. 

So, for all readers I would say give this book a shot. It is a rather good exploration of it all, even regarding a person who ends up becoming a book character. Only complaint would be regarding Desmond, Alexis and Amy, that was left off too easily. 

Rating: 4 out of 5



I feel absolutely nothing about this book. This didn’t make me hate it like I had with tiger’s curse, but wasn’t any better either. The main issue is that almost everything comes easily to Lily, though thankfully there is a lack of food porn or Amon trying to stuff food down her throat. That’s just about it.

Then, we have Lily and three other characters together. Who then magically falls in love with three main characters, I have no words. And if that’s not awkward, they are all literally in the same body. This is completely to a new level, of creepy and becomes a sort of love sextagon. Except it’s really creepy and awkward. 

Even more so is that Lily actually gains nothing, she still cracks jokes which are not funny, insult in a completely cliché way that has no new twist. And for once, being brought to Egypt on her own I hoped that Houck would have grown better. Except that all the hard parts are handled by Tia, and all of a sudden comes in a fairy that I’m very much certain is not from Egyptian mythology. 

Then, it’s really where it gets weird and sometimes creepy. Because it takes a love sextagon to a whole new level with three consciousness in her mind, I have literally no idea what would happen, but I guess that some magical way would be able to separate them and they will be able to live happily ever after with their love interests. Really, really awkward. I mean what’s wrong with setting up other kinds of love, or even other characters who will become important. 

And the only character that I really liked had been her awesome grandmother. I was waiting for her to show up, and then she will asked what the heck is going on and learn about them. I mean, she is one damn strong woman, and runs a farm on her own. To me, I really like her. Well, she only had a small portion in this book. 

And I wanted a better representation of females here. Well, I hoped that the grandmother had played a little more role. The tension was a little higher, and the characters a little more complex, Asten was good, he was rather well developed in my mind with his back story. And another huge issue, is that almost all the guys are rather fond of Lily, even Dr Hassan. I mean it, she has Egyptian gods helping her left and right, and one who is outright lusting after her with only one meeting. 

Those are a lot of issues. But in this case, I would admit that it is better than the previous book. Most still come to Lily easily, but not as conveniently in her previous series either. And Amon, well I won’t say since he barely has any appearances here at all. So, this is an improvement from the autbor but to me still failed to move me in the least really. 

Rating: 2 out of 5