The November Girl


Something about this book didn’t work with me. Although the focus of this is mostly Anda coming to terms with the fact that she is the November girl, leading to most of it being just pushing Anda.

Also, do I mention that this is narrated by two characters. And Hector, feels like an extra above everything else. He has nothing which makes me interested or even invested in him. Just that he is going to help Anda in some way. And that his character will fall in love with her, which is just plain strange in my view.

As for the writing, it just doesn’t work for me. It seriously didn’t work for me, the more I tried to read it just didn’t work for me. And really hampered my ability to enjoy this work. The writing just really failed me.

Although the release date fits the title, but little else makes sense for me there. I just couldn’t find something which made me able to read through all of this work. And hence, you can see why this just didn’t work for me. Not because it is terrible, but the writing was not to my taste and the characters if anything was weird to me.

Rating: 2 out of 5


The Becoming Of Ellicia Wayfield

This is simply a case of it not being to my expectations. I expected it to be a much funnier then what I got. I guess urban fantasy and paranormal only works for me when it simply is much funnier than it seems.

And well, this just doesn’t cut it. Ellicia, she has very little interesting things about her. I thought that perhaps she will be more active and at least more snarky in a way that I wanted it.

But it never had the same kind of effect that I wanted in it. And that although the world does seem different, but really it doesn’t do a really through explanation. And that I simply didn’t like how some things seemed so out of control for Ellicia, or that Ellicia didn’t do anything to rebel against it. Or at least test the limits out.

I just wanted more than what I got, and that my expectations for such a book is a little more to the funnier side. And those are the ones that stick at least for me.

This isn’t just to my expectations, it didn’t really do anything that really stood out to me. Hence I just didn’t like it nor enjoy it. Well, I will still recommend it, it may be for you but just wasn’t for me.

Rating: 2 out of 5

Lord Of Shadows

Well this was one completely different ride from what I thought. And one that I had enjoyed far more than any other book in this world, really this was by far the best.

The stakes here are indeed higher, and it deals with the mess of the previous story as we all know it. Of the Dark war and the Cold Peace. And I’m amazed at how seamless it was for me to integrate into the world once again, something about her writing made it easy to remember everything. And well, I had a couple of moments where I did smile. And moments where I really felt nothing but agony.

Most importantly, was how large this cast was. And how diverse they all were. Mental illness isn’t a stigma, it is accepting that they are different. That they just need to spend time together to learn to be together. And well, as for Diana, trust me I’m utterly blown away by what she was. It will be something that is much more different than what anyone thinks, and the author handled her well. Presenting her as a capable, strong woman.

As for the main plot, such as the faeries who want an end to the cold peace. Or shadowhunters who wished to do a lot worse to them. Here I really feel that almost all the characters make very difficult decisions. Including Emma and Julian, both of them are not going to destroy a world for themselves, instead they are going to make some sacrifices to fall out of love. And you know what, that will be sensible since the kind of miracle that came with Clary and Jace will never happen again. And here, there are some losses. And I do really feel it right now, since the author is a lot more nuanced with them. And that there are plenty of consequences to every action and there really isn’t an easy way out of many issues.

But again, I really wonder why can’t Kit make his own choices? He would be a fine help to Ty, that’s true since he knows that they exist. And that they just need a little help. But really he should be given a chance to choose for himself. That is really my only complaint.

But the characters are awesome. I did warm up to Mark, but Julian is still my favourite. I mean, he has the most amount of problems and he became a father when he was the grand age of twelve. And you know, he is just as he is, and well he is still my favourite out of all of them. Emma has become more readable but nothing around her stands out. But I do rather like Cristina, and love the way thay Ty is characterized as strong and capable, he just needs a little help.

I think that with this world, I can finally say that I really want to continue reading this world, and I’m more than willing to continue reading the next book and most definitely The Last Hours. Will I recommend even for new readers to this? Yes, this is easy to read and it is easy to find yourself really in the world and immersed in it. And also, plenty of diversity in the way that is respectful and still proving that they are capable people.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Vassa In The Night

Something about this book clicked with me, took me on a wild ride and did make my mind go all the way in trying to make sense of what was happening.

And well, I did like the Russian folklores even if I have almost no idea of what any of them tell. But definitely, loved the story here. The way that it managed to make me interested in Vassa and her journey, and all the mysteries around. Something is rather wrong here and it definitely starts to escalate even more slowly. Even though I’m still not entirely sure what just happened. But really, the tale is quite dark, and happens to be quite weird too.

Somehow, I just liked the way things went. Something here is horribly wrong, such as how night is getting longer and longer. All the while Vassa gets into all sorts of trouble. Even though this was probably a pretty weird story, where I just enjoyed the ride. But it won’t be for everyone.

To me, this is magical realism at its best. At least when I feel I can be taken for a ride, and have absolutely no idea what is going on yet thoroughly enjoy it. And well, the way that it is written definitely would be confusing to many. Somehow it just worked with me. Something just clicked with me when it came to this book, and something just worked too.

Ending it off, I really have no idea how I should recommend this book. It is enjoyable, even without having much idea what is going on. But can be incredibly frustrating to some, and well like I said, it will go down to whether you would instead like a story where there is plenty of weirdness and bizarre moments. And also, moments that you probably have to reread to get sense of it, or really have little idea till the end. Strangely, I enjoyed the tale. That is all

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

The Ninth Circle

Well, if you want to read this book refer to the last pages where the glossary is. Otherwise, you will be like me, asking constant questions, what are the ten circles, what are the difference creatures? Wait, what since when is there a new creature? Well, the author provided a very extensive glossary, but didn’t came in useful since it was at the back.

And I was thrown into this world without any cushion and look lightheaded to figure out what they all are. Nighthunters who hunt creatures or demons or whatever.

The only thing that did manage to ground me somewhat was the main characters. They were like a vessel to read through, and they did have some personality but really, I don’t even know what to make of them since both Tala and Avia are just there. I can read through them, the narration is smooth. But is there anything else that stands out? Nope.

As for the plot, would have worked better if I was not confused, just a teensy little bit of info dumping I would not have minded. But here, I was wondering what was going on. Is there even anything to help me? And well, I could barely imagine what the demons look like, and all the hidden nuances about the demons, the back story behind the characters which never seemed to really have a place or even spurred them on until the last quarter of the book.

And really again, nothing sucked me in. The writing was okay, and readable. The characters, in my eyes don’t exactly feel real yet. And the worldbuilding, please I beg of you, just do some info dumping, I don’t even understand any of what the characters are talking about. Except the go to bars, hunt demons and whatever I could figure it out.

My verdict: up to you.

I voluntarily requested a copy from Netgalley to review.

Rating: 2 out of 5

Ocean’s Fire

DNF @67%

I just couldn’t find a reason to keep on going, nothing is really making me really interested in this story at all. To me, I did not care for almost anyone.

Since I got a free copy from the publisher, naturally I had to read it. Only to find myself bored throughout this entire book, and well by the two third mark, I decide to call it quits.

What do I remember about this story? Barely anything, since Skylar was bland, and really she didn’t feel like an interesting main character who could carry the story, and none of them interested me. The one who I do have an impression of was some woman who talked to her about some Sophia.

Yeah, the first part was mostly taken up by nothing at all. Not even action, not even anything that remotely interested. Once again, the pacing felt really off to me since the first third or so have anything intriguing me.

So, this book really didn’t pick up the pace enough for me to like them. Neither did Skylar have anything interesting about her at all, and here is where I just say: I’m not going to put myself through torture again.

Rating: 1 out of 5

Yesterday’s Dreams

I feel nothing about it. I don’t feel a reason why I should continue when there is obviously nothing sucking me in. I just can’t, not when I definitely spent enough time reading this. I give it up until the first half, and well I was ready to give up then.

Most of the writing was still rather okay, and on some level in the beginning emotive. But after that, it was so dreadful, and again I don’t have any reason why I want to even read this.

The plot and the characters were classic, I do admit that the premise was even relatively interesting. But after a while, I really lost interest in read this book as a whole. Nothing was making me invested, and as a reader I won’t waste my time any longer.

Again, do check it out if it is to your taste. But if is not, well don’t be afraid to drop it like I did. Well developed characters are so hard to come by and I just cannot read on when I can’t find a character to relate to, or the writing to be the main issue why I can’t continue.

I voluntarily requested a copy from Netgalley.

Rating: 1 out of 5