The Book Jumper 

What would I say about this book? That it is every readers dream to jump in books all around. I would say that it is fulfilled here, and rather well. With a system that almost all readers abide by, or the stories we love will be twisted being recognition. 

So, the story begins with Amy who love books and goes with her mother to her hometown. Since the background as to why she chooses to go back, both mother and daughter have a very good reason to do so. And their own choice to do so. 

And the plot, I would say is centered around a lost story trying to find its way again. That to me, is quite interesting to the spin it puts on books. The way that it talks about those books which were lost forever. 

All the while the plot is also around all the realistic issues, regarding finances, whether books could be jumped into at choice. Also, about the book jumpers and their clans. Those were clearly interesting to read about, and developed well enough with their own history as to why they have came together. Even though they clearly don’t like each other. 

As for Amy, what she is is really interesting. Although revealed at an earlier step, but isn’t that important as it serves as more of a boon. And I would have wanted to explore her story with Desmond, I feel as though I was left hanging regarding that. 

As for Will, a lot of unexpected things happen. And his ending is quite bittersweet, along with Amy. I could see that this was likely what happened, but somehow I feel as though I have died a little when the ending came. But, I do like that little bit of hope. But I don’t think that there might be a happy ending regarding Amy and Will. No matter how much I would like one. 

As for the biggest question: does it explore all the intricacies of the literary world. Does it have a lot of questions and possibilities that it explores? My answers to this are all yes, this is really good exploration of the possibility of this happening and the possibility of having book jumpers around and all the outcomes it may bring. 

So, for all readers I would say give this book a shot. It is a rather good exploration of it all, even regarding a person who ends up becoming a book character. Only complaint would be regarding Desmond, Alexis and Amy, that was left off too easily. 

Rating: 4 out of 5



I feel absolutely nothing about this book. This didn’t make me hate it like I had with tiger’s curse, but wasn’t any better either. The main issue is that almost everything comes easily to Lily, though thankfully there is a lack of food porn or Amon trying to stuff food down her throat. That’s just about it.

Then, we have Lily and three other characters together. Who then magically falls in love with three main characters, I have no words. And if that’s not awkward, they are all literally in the same body. This is completely to a new level, of creepy and becomes a sort of love sextagon. Except it’s really creepy and awkward. 

Even more so is that Lily actually gains nothing, she still cracks jokes which are not funny, insult in a completely cliché way that has no new twist. And for once, being brought to Egypt on her own I hoped that Houck would have grown better. Except that all the hard parts are handled by Tia, and all of a sudden comes in a fairy that I’m very much certain is not from Egyptian mythology. 

Then, it’s really where it gets weird and sometimes creepy. Because it takes a love sextagon to a whole new level with three consciousness in her mind, I have literally no idea what would happen, but I guess that some magical way would be able to separate them and they will be able to live happily ever after with their love interests. Really, really awkward. I mean what’s wrong with setting up other kinds of love, or even other characters who will become important. 

And the only character that I really liked had been her awesome grandmother. I was waiting for her to show up, and then she will asked what the heck is going on and learn about them. I mean, she is one damn strong woman, and runs a farm on her own. To me, I really like her. Well, she only had a small portion in this book. 

And I wanted a better representation of females here. Well, I hoped that the grandmother had played a little more role. The tension was a little higher, and the characters a little more complex, Asten was good, he was rather well developed in my mind with his back story. And another huge issue, is that almost all the guys are rather fond of Lily, even Dr Hassan. I mean it, she has Egyptian gods helping her left and right, and one who is outright lusting after her with only one meeting. 

Those are a lot of issues. But in this case, I would admit that it is better than the previous book. Most still come to Lily easily, but not as conveniently in her previous series either. And Amon, well I won’t say since he barely has any appearances here at all. So, this is an improvement from the autbor but to me still failed to move me in the least really. 

Rating: 2 out of 5


Carnival Of Souls

I didn’t really enjoy this. The book took forever to move forward and Mallory only really went towards her real father at the end. That was where it began, but before that is mostly just setting up the series and neither is it even remotely interesting. 

Mallory is a bland main character, the most interesting to me had to be Aya. And the love interests were not that much different, just boring and bland. The characters didn’t really have much of any personality to me. Although Aya and Evelyn striked me as intriguing given how ruthless she was to use her own daughter as a weapon. 

And Evelyn was able to breed and used her as a weapon, which to me was interesting and making me more curious about her character. Adam is simply like a typical overprotective parent, almost no words about it. 

As for the relationship between witches and daimons, it does interest me quite a lot as to how it is. But I would have preferred a little more explanation, they just dislike each other and maybe some issue that sets them at odds. 

But other than that, there is almost nothing remotely interesting about it. 

Overall, I won’t say I hated this book but neither did it entertain me. 

Rating: 2.5 out of 5


Daughter Of Smoke And Bone


This took me a rather long time just to read, it just wasn’t what I expected and wanted as well. Well, it wasn’t a complete disappointment on my side but rather it just didn’t meet all of them. 

Karou here wasn’t really that bad, bust at times just didn’t meet my expectations. Although I do find her interesting and she does grow somewhat such as regaining her own memories in the end and who she is. That part was a surprise on my part. 

Another issue would be the pacing and how slow it was, it just wasn’t what I expected as well. Maybe a little more, though I do like Akiva and the worldbuilding here. Such as Chimeras, Seraphim which was interesting. It was more to do with the style which failed to grab me, and that I just couldn’t find myself just reading every paragraph. 

And the dialogue didn’t really grab my attention, although at the beginning the handprints were fascinating and the deaths as well. It was just the dialogue which failed to captivate me in that sense, and also made it harder to know the characters. 

This book just isn’t my thing. It does move at a good pace, but maybe not totally to my style either. As such, this is just a case of it’s not the book, but the issue lies with me. 
So overall, I won’t reconmend it, but you can check it out if you’re curious. This just wasn’t to my taste and I won’t say anything, it might be yours but just not mine. 

Rating: 3 out of 5


These Vicious Masks 

This is a really really fun book to read, and brought me quite a lot of joy as well after some pretty dark works, and heavy works, maybe returning to this also became enjoyable. Although not too light, but it’s still a good and enjoyable read. Which is also one of my most unexpected books that entertained me this year. 

Evelyn is one of the better protagonists I have seen so far. She’s entirely focused on trying to save her sister, even though the ending is unexpected and twists aren’t really all that it seems. She still keeps her head in the goal of saving her sister in the end, even swoony guys don’t distract her. 

As for the love triangle, it is quite one. Yet, I don’t really hate it, both sides of the triangle are rather interesting. One being a detective who’s actual gift is to force people to tell the truth, and another is someone who can kill you with his presence and especially quick if you touch him. Talk about deadly touch. 

And both sides have their own flaws, deadly secrets that made Evelyn unable to decide. And for once, she doesn’t excuse either of the boys from the rules or even forgive them based on looks alone. That is believable for me to say. 

As for the hidden abilities all possessed, it didn’t really bother. More or less felt fitting even the ending bit where another plot twist was pulled, that power made a whole lot of sense why Rose would be considered a healer. And countless hidden abilties in the people all around Evelyn, most of her allies have some abilties. 

As for Miss Grey, I like her and I do want to know more about her. She did after all survive an insane asylum and would be an interesting character to read nonetheless. I’m just hoping that some importance would go to her time there, it’s a pretty traumatizing thing to go an asylum during those times. 

And Camille, she may be a minor character but she really was what I liked in this entire book. She may be more willing to betray, but that doesn’t mean she’s fascinating. She’s someone who disguise herself, even admitting that she might not even have a true self, which I mean makes her one of the most intriguing characters. I just have fingers crossed that she might appear in the next book. 

And the book provides some of the wittiest dialogue I have read, since Six of Crows and provides plenty of entertainment as I chuckle at some of those lines. Particularly Camille’s that woman is interesting with her lines, both quotes that I have taken come from her. 

And I like how the title actually translates to many ways, about how people are willing to do vicious things to keep other things under wraps. And having masks and secrets, all the while depending on it to grow. 

Overall, this is a pretty fantastic and fun read. If you’re looking for a good Victorian era fantasy, I would suggest this, little but still incredibly enjoyable and for once a heroine that puts her family first. 

Rating: 5 out of 5


We do not remain the same each minute to the next. Every word you hear, every sight you see, every smell, every thought you have, every moment—it all changes you. We keep putting on mask after mask, layers over layers. That’s how one grow. 

The moment you doubt your appearance is the moment others will sctutinize your behaviour



This was a pretty enjoyable book, and gave me quite some laughter but still with some pretty good and interesting fantasy elements. 

Such as beacons, templars, and demons. All of them come together nicely here, and give a lot of depth to each other. As well as explain all the half breeds, which Meda is, it was revealed quite early, and worked well with the plot. In fact, it was way more interesting when it was introduced that early, as it allowed a lot of moments for me to think whether it will be told to them. And added a lot of depth to Meda. 

Meda is compelling, given her narration managing to get a reaction out of me many times. And that her character is extremely active, where she pretends to be a beacon and try to get some secrets out of the templars. Where it eventually then turns into her discovering a lot about her own family, more about her mother here. 

And I just loved her, she was likeable and relatable. She was rather interesting and even unqiue. 

As for the others, they nonetheless entertained. Having Jo being a cripple but still wanted to keep on fighting, that was rather interesting and knowing how she was still dealing with her own issues, and blew up. As for Chi, quite the heroic idiot, but I just liked him because he wasn’t overly so, and no matter what put others first. 

As for Uri, his death came as quite a bit of a shocker, but then still something important and his character also contributed quite a lot. 

The dynamics between them had to be one of the best I have ever seen. I always looked forward to having them talk and meet, as they were just making the absolute best use of those pages. 

And that Meda despite being funny, and badass she still has plenty of flaws. Moments where she’s weak and even her own issues. Particularly at the end, where I think it might be more like an identity crisis and a really really difficult choice. 

But nonetheless, I still enjoyed the book till its end, with the characters being compelling and with some solid plot and worldbuilding. Which I’m going to really reconmend this to those who like Urban fantasy and is really sick and tired of the usual, since after all I also gave up on the genre after a while. 

Rating: 5 out of 5