Well, at first this did get to me. But towards the end, it became less of an epic fantasy and more of a romance. Which still doesn’t make much sense when it is more portal fantasy, but never explains why is it only the human world and Asper. 

Milla is alright, she has motivations, she has goals. And when her father died, I still understood her. When I began to completely misunderstand her, it was after she met Parker. Such as how his ex-girlfriend could mistake that simple kindness as love. 

And the romance was nothing more than perhaps an attraction but the ex-girlfriend said that they were in love. And well, you can guess how ridiculous it was. And how the story split between the human world and Apser with zero explanation as to why Asper and the human world are even linked together. 

As for the scenes with her mother, there is nothing complex about it. Milla is simply hating her, and well the woman isn’t trying hard enough to be her mother. Or even trying to show or win her over. And well, if she is cruel, where are all the cruel things she has done. Show, not tell please. 

And that is why I simply gave up on the book realising how illogical many things were. And realising that Milla is plain stupid, and doesn’t really try to get to her father’s killer or anything. She never takes any chances to help herself or to break out or even anything. And you can say this is why I dropped it. 

Rating: 1 out of 5



This is basically almost every fantasy world out there. Normal girl dumped into this new world? Check. Normal girl who happens to be royalty? Check. The only thing unusual was that the mother was alive. But really, Kelsey is boring, and utterly useless. She does nothing, and she is gifted. Do I want to read about someone like her? No.

I gave up at 70% since I didn’t want to suffer through the last 30%. Again, this book lacks almost anything that stands out. And again that it fails to bring anything unqiue or interesting to the fantasy genre. Same set of characters, girl who doesn’t know who she is. Some prince whose name I can’t even bothered to remember. And a bunch of utterly unoriginal characters.

There is no charm in this book, I can’t even keep myself reading at all. And hence, I’m dropping this book at this percentage. Because I don’t give a damn for any of the stakes here or the characters. The Queen did have some potential, but it was so wasted since Kelsey was the main character and well, frankly she’s boring.

My recommendation, read this if you’re new to the genre or don’t really get tired of reading the same thing. I am tired of reading this, and that is really why I cannot finish this book, there isn’t really anything wrong with, it just wasn’t to my taste.

Rating: 1 out of 5