Once again, I am dropping a book. Nothing is making me enjoy this book, and I do think that it was enough of just sitting through it.

Although the premise and beginning did sound interesting, at least for a brief moment before it ends up boring. Even with so many perspectives, I feel as though I’m reading all the same person. And was there really such a need to change it so many times, I was as confused as to who was the actual protagonist. And neither did I even feel connected to one of them, the writing was really bland and normal. I feel as though I couldn’t even get into it at all. The beginning was pretty okay and I did hoped that it would be decent.

All I know is that there are magicians but where are they. I don’t really see them, nor does Annabelle become directly involved in them. Most importantly, when her line was being ended by them it was only when it was at 80% of the book. That sounds like poor pacing to me. So much of the book felt useless to me actually, since I was so incredibly bored while reading it. Not much happened, at least not much which I wanted and even expected from this book.

When my expectations aren’t met, I don’t see the need to give it time to let it settle with me. I’m out.

Rating: 1 out of 5



This was rather surprisingly enjoyable. It was a simple enough tale, and short. I found myself rather immersed in the story.

Although, I do not really like Lars that much at all. He is rather okay, readable and definitely have something that goes for him which makes me like him to a certain degree but again, he doesn’t really have much other than that reliability. And it has been a long time since I have truly invested myself in a character, but given it all, he’s not all too bad.

A very important thing to note is that the world is quite well builg and for once I don’t feel as though I’m just thrown into it with absolutely no idea what is going on. That happened to me so many times that it wasn’t funny, just annoying. Here, I think the author skillfully handled throwing me into its world. Careful, subtle and enough to keep me reading.

Also, the world is rather fascinating. They have their own unique culture, and a lot of time was invested in it to make all of it.

Overall, can’t say that I hated it. Although it does suffer a bit from having forgettable characters, but it is a rather nice tale with one that is about discovery for Lars as much as it is for Lars. My Verdict: Recommended.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


The Golden Specific 

I just can’t seem to get myself to feel anything for this characters. And I certainly say that the world building is once again, good with plenty of exploration. But the characters just don’t feel real to me. That is a major turnoff to a reader like me who prefers characters instead of awesome worlds.

As for Sophia getting on board a ship with Remorse, only to find herself on her own. I don’t even know what to say except that it is very surprising, and at the same time, very strange.

The side characters often feel just there to talk about something, and there are many of them to the point I can’t even seem to know who is talking and who is Sophia asking. The exploration is really intriguing to me, but Sophia as a character, not really.

Another point is that the dialogue although okay, is utterly unforgettable. I didn’t read so much of it, and could barely find myself really caring. Most of it is about the world which is the drawing point of the book, but the characters, not so much. I could barely care less about Theo, or whatever characters stood in the middle of it. Including Sophia too. Although she was rather realistic in that sense, but I could never really relate to her.

I really think that this series wasn’t really written for me. Wasn’t really made for me to understand. It just feels so bland and forgettable when it comes to the characters. And it becomes a weakness for readers like me who prefers character driven stories, with the plot being made by them, not having it all happen. However, Sophia has a reason, and she does take advantage of everything. But I was more surprised that she didn’t do anything except try to survive on her own, or try to learn while she was on the journey who wanted her in the papal states and why.

Rating: 2 out of 5


The Bone Witch

This was a really good surprise, since the world really went up my alley. Multicultural, and although borrowed from several cultures had a really good way of making it original.

Here, there are some interesting developments. Asha, which clearly remind me a lot of Geisha, and their customs. Although making some clear distinctions too. Not just limiting them to song and dance but also the fact that they can do magic. The also are able to draw runes.

This reminds me of an alternate world with certain cultures at the center of it. Looking at the eight kingdoms, I find that it does include a lot of different cultures, and a lot of magic intertwined to it. I was immersed with the world building of this world, for some strange reason I was enthralled by it.

The writing is another plus point, the descriptions are lovely. Although characters weren’t as complex as I expected. But the lyrical writing worked for me in this case, and clearly expressed itself and managed to keep me reading. Somehow this worked, since the world building happened to be up my alley, as were the writing. Simple, yet beautiful. Also, the one person who I found to be fully fleshed out was Tea, and certain aspect of the side characters weren’t what I predicted too.

As for the main character, Tea. She is fine, she has moments where she is a defined person. She has moments where she needs to grow. This story is about her growth, it is about her becoming powerful. It isn’t about her taking down or saving the world, even though she does it once. But also, one where she becomes the hero. One where she eventually finds her path. She isn’t set on any path as of now, and I like her for that.

All her struggles, the way that sometimes a lot of time passes. Her moments of heroism is slowly built. As for the romance, I didn’t feel it. I did however saw her falling in love, but frankly to me, that doesn’t really affect her decisions. She chose to save another, because she had close ties to her mentor and didn’t want her to die. She is selfless in that sense.

The romance was such a small part, and really to me doesn’t seem all that important. It is subtle, and a lot more telling, which I would prefer. Tea needs to grow, and this book is about her path. It isn’t about her romance, Kance sometimes appears, but he doesn’t appear all the time. Tea is left on her own just to survive, just to make the decisions herself.

And when things doesn’t go her way, when she tries to help another. She chooses to use other means, to become someone who uses her head more than her stubbornness It isn’t about the romance to me honestly, because a lot of the decisions she undertakes doesn’t have really any man she is rooting for. She is simply trying to find her place in the world, and also, eventually change it. I could relate her to the girl who narrated her entire journey, that was believable as even from the ending, Tea would sought many ways out.

She never seemed to be a person who adhered, and isn’t hopeless when it comes to lessons. I was glad they glossed over it, but also giving small glimpses which explained the world and its details.

When the ending came, there were surprising reveals. Some of it seemed convenient, while some seemed quite a bit different. She worked things out with Kalen and his hatred of her. Also, a lot of people in here tend to have a little more about them than I thought. The world isn’t just fully white and black as it seems, to me really. Towards the end, and the middle life gets easier and harder for Tea too.

To me, it isn’t purely black and white. And I liked this book since Tea struggled, she failed, she was relatable. She had many moments where she suffered, where she was forgotten. When she got power, she chose to use it carefully, to use it to achieve her own goals. Also, she would be someone that would take power and go against the customs. That to me, is where I think Tea really found herself.

The ending seemed a bit too easy, and all of a sudden a character was revealed to be that person. Although I did have my suspicions, and also, certain times when I wondered why Tea didn’t bring it up. Although given good context in the end, felt convenient. And that is a rather big flaw of the book.

I recommend this, since it takes time. There isn’t a major villain, or something big happening. Instead, it is Tea learning, growing and slowly becoming that heroine we know she is. It is like Wintersong, where it takes it time to slowly develop the world, slowly have the main character discovering herself. And at the end of the day, emerging as someone else. Someone who matured and fully grown and ready to take on the uphill battle of changing her entire world.

Rating: 4 out of 5



This was a case of exceeds expectations, given that I didn’t come with much and found myself enjoying this tale. 

Jade is a typical main character, but she feels realistic, insanely relatable. Sometimes she needs to deal with things that aren’t too good, deal with things on her own. And at the same time, she doesn’t have anyone helping her. She is on her own and a lot of her own decisions, she must pay the price to get there. Take the risks even. 

That was why I liked her, loved her even. Because nothing ever came easy to her, nor did anything fell into her lap. I guess this was why I became invested, to know whether Jade could survive this. That was why I became interested in this show. 

Another bonus is how little the romance take up the book. And for most of it, she doesn’t have the chance to meet him and does think of him as a villain. Only when it was revealed and shown to her that he wasn’t one then it became believable. And she wasn’t flawless due to the reason why she believes in her uncle, it’s common sense. 

Even though I could see everything coming from a mile away. I knew who killed her father, who caused all this. Not that difficult, not that hard either. Around half of it I figured it out. But all that kept me reading was the reason why her father died, and found myself looking at a pretty good and exciting tale.  

The world was interesting, travellers, dragon-verse, all of this was interesting. The culture that was developed nonetheless was interesting, really interesting to read if you ask me. 

Overall, I really liked this book for the way the main character was so utterly relatable. She neither was given any sort of special treatment and honestly nothing came easy to her. She had to work for it, make a gamble. And this is why I like this book, it is a tale of someone discovering the horrible truth. A girl who is true to herself and kind of heart. Although I prefer more morally grey characters, this proved to be an interesting tale. Straightforward, predictable but one that I recommend to all. 

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

Rating: 4 out of 5


A Court Of Mist And Fury

I have almost no hopes for this author. Especially since Queen of Shadows and I dnf Empire of Storms and A Court Of Thorns and Roses. And it didn’t disappoint. In the completely wrong way.

I still cannot even try to read the book, at best skim and some parts I read. But I just couldn’t find myself in it anymore. Why do I care about all these characters? I barely knew them. I barely knew every one of them.

I was only a quarter into A Court Of Thorns and Roses, and here I give up. There is virtually nothing attracting me to the series anymore, and I find myself scratching my head as to what was I reading. Other times, I could barely even bear to read it. Whether it is about them having sex, or the Fae or whatsoever. I don’t give a damn about any of them.

Because this work simply failed to pull me into it. And that’s all I have to say about it. Nothing about Feyre or Rhysand, nothing about their characters at all. Their romance was flat, what did I care to know what Rhysand gave her. There wasn’t really any tension. I was waiting for Tamlin to just appear way earlier and try different methods.

And in one of the chapters all of a sudden without warning I was reading about Rhysand. That just feels so strange. That just feels so weird. All of a sudden a change without really any clear indication at all. And there was nothing distinct about his voice, you could not even tell the difference should you compare.

I used to love Maas and held high hopes for her work. But with each disappointment, I think it has more to do with the time she is allocated to editing. I mean, she is releasing two huge books at the time without much time for her to edit. And really, I heard that the next book in throne of glass was written in a little over a week. I really don’t have any hopes that it would be decent in any way possible.

And now with this, I think I would be avoiding her for a while. A long good while. With this book, I give up on the series too. One book earlier than most since I can’t even find guilty pleasure.

Rating: 1 out of 5



When the writing is filled to the brim with purple prose, a reader like me has no time to try and infer whatever under it. Writers are supposed to make their intentions clear using as little words as possible not drown it with adjectives to the point it feels as though I trying analyze everything. And the whole substance apart from the pretty writing is completely lacking in substance. 

Mia’s intentions are clear, but they are often boggled with such descriptions that it makes it so hard for me to even link to her. So hard for me to even connect with her. Those passages felt unreal, I wasn’t reading through her, I was reading about her. All of it was described by using descriptions that didn’t warrant so much adjectives being thrown, so much vagueness that it was so hard just to know. That it made me lose the entire reason why I wanted to read this in the first place. 

I wasn’t reading a book, I was trying to understand literary jargon. All of it crammed, without anywhere where I could just be mindless. I want to be to easily read this book, not wading through a thick set of purple prose and still having to infer what was under it. This was the reason why I couldn’t be bothered, not every reader has the patience of a saint to be reading through this, and seeing it with a fine comb. 

The characters in general all lost any chance for me to connect with them through the writing. It just wasn’t my style. It was too long to get the meaning across, I like books uses way less words to get the meaning through. Not find ways to go around it, do so long that I probably missed out on a lot of details and I didn’t care. The writing, was a bore and a pain to read through for me. 

I am not one of those, and I would not reread unless I loved that book to death. And here I am telling you, if you want to read this, read it when you have nothing better to do. Not when you have a slushpile to get through. And I simply don’t have that kind of patience to dedicate myself to be reading this piece of literary masterpiece. 

So, check it out if you feel like wanting something written that is thick. That is heavy. And don’t mind sex scenes right in the middle of it. And also, if you have the patience of a saint. To those that managed to finish this without skimming, I salute you. 

Rating: 1 out of 5