Song Of The Current

This just was a huge surprise. Yes, this was a book which was.a joy to read and indeed was satisfying and fun.

It has a romance but it is not the kind which I want to bang my head against, but rather the kind which I like. The relationship was a slow one, slow but all the while developing their relationships wholly.

As for the plot, it all begins when Caro opens a crate. I’ll just leave it at that. The rest is really one hell of a ride and an adventure. One which I thoroughly enjoyed and even loved. The way that it just never seemed to be predicable, and gave me a lot of thrills. Since I couldn’t really see any of the twists coming. Even though I really should have known better and guessed it from the start. But I didn’t.

As for Caro’s parents actually being an important part of her lives and her book. Yes, I liked it. That they aren’t perfect parents, and they have mistakes. But at least they exist, that is the main point. And I did like how her parents were complicated people, and Caro sees them as an adult does instead of that of a child. I found it rather fitting and one which really worked for me.

Therefore you could say that this work just happened to be one of my favourites. As everything was perfect, a good plot, great characters which I could relate to. And finally, a world and characters. If anything, this was just a lot of fun to read. Will recommend if you’re looking for something to pass the time and something entertaining.

Rating: 4 out of 5


A Crown Of Wishes

This was better than the previous book. Although I neither liked Gauri or Vikram particularly but at least there wasn’t the case in the first book. That was unique in a way that it could not be more hilarious in the wrong way.

And this was different in its own way, and well the motivations are paper thin. I’m more confused by the ending than anything else and how things turned out.

The Serpent King barely had an impact or even appeared, even then I do not think he is some great evil. An extra to be seen really.

Well Aasha did have some interesting moments as did Vikram having a very interesting past. I mean, what kind of guy dresses as a courtesan. Those are a rarity in fiction. But Gauri failed to ellicit any emotion from me.

Overall, a much better work in comparison to The Star Touched Queen but there is still much to be desired.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

The Scarecrow Queen

I will say that this was satisfying, but on some level still a bitter disappointment.

I did expect Errin to be hurt through the entire process, to come out of it broken and putting everything back. Not how she reacted to it, but just that she bounced back without needing too much of time to heal. However, I really felt her pain, the time where she spent it as the Aurek’s plaything, to be as he wished and loved.

As for Lief, I wonder why wasn’t he so well remembered. Why wasn’t he at least acknowledged for what he did by Twylla, that will have given them the closure they needed and for her to think deeper and reflect upon it. But I don’t get any answers, apparently. And he remains a barely remembered memory, and that well, I did have to admit that he did deserve better. And his entire character hasn’t even been explored, I still don’t know much about his motives and actual wishes. I still don’t know how much he could have grown. But well, he gets killed off just because he has a grey morality, I still think redemption could have a way better way to be dealt with than death.

As for Silas, I do have to admit that what Twylla did was sensible. As well as her poisoning the prince. Although I didn’t even see the point of why Twylla will end up with a curse that barely affects her, her eyes and hair change color, while the others end up possibly dying due to reviving people or even turning to gold if they did too much. Still a slap on the wrist if you were to ask me.

Aurek was still a good villain, he had motivations and he had a mind when he sought to do what he did. He did it because he can and probably could. There are some villains who don’t need a reasonable explanations, but at the same time looking at his history you can still guess why he turned out the way he did. Aurek just so happened to be one of them.

However I enjoyed the ending, I do believe that Twylla will not have ended up with anyone. And here it does deliver on that, and Errin too. I an really surprised that there was no final ending, but rather a continuation of life. I did like the ending, but just felt off about some of the issues and how it was handled.

The first 60% of this novel was exactly to my thoughts, still hard, still bleak and almost hopeless. That Twylla managed to find strength and Errin survived. But afterwards, perhaps out of time and pages, the author couldn’t explore it. But if not, the front part was still like it’s predecessor. And to me, I still will have preferred something a lot more tragic with the death of a true hero and good character. Rather than one that does play both sides, but yet I still don’t understand him much at all. He could have used the development as I liked him, in that sense.

Overall, this trilogy was still perfect and even enjoyable. The last book was a disappointment, but the front is still worth recommending to everyone. For this is a story that does really little to make you hope, and that the situation goes from bad to worse at every inch. And finally, a villain worth recommending that does have depth.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

The Sleeping Prince

I really enjoyed this, in the way that it takes the most common tropes and I expect it to go in a predictable manner. Yet, it doesn’t, it goes down in a way that I never expected it to, but darkly so. What I get is twisted folklores, hidden secrets and plenty of intrigue to spice things up. Which is what I wanted and craved for so long.

Errin is a really understandable character, she may be demanding she may be willing to do anything for her mother. But I don’t hate her, she is making the best of her circumstances and I felt that she was the most consistent. She never went away, and even till the end she is someone who puts her family first and even if it means putting others into jeopardy.

As for the sleeping prince, I understand his entire being. That he does all he wants, and he has lost much of his own life and woke up to a comepletely different and even new world. And there is a good reason why he does want Twylla, and even Errin not to mention taking advantage of everything that he has. And when he lost his inheritance, what does he do? Burn two kingdoms to the ground to rebuild his own. Indeed a great a villain that I will love to hate, and with an interesting depth.

As for all the side characters, I will always like Silas. Cannot help doing so. Twylla makes a return and well, what it revealed about her shocks me and all the while bringing a whole new meaning to why she was poisonous. And Lief, playing the two sides, him as usual.

Overall, this is something unique and different. I will recommend this if you like a mix of mythology and intrigue, with the fact that both main characters are flawed and with this a good villain that I feel isn’t just there. He has some legimate reason why he does what he does, but all the while a lot of the blame is still on him.

Rating: 5 out of 5

The Forsaken Throne

I really couldn’t get into the book for at least quite some time. And again, I just couldn’t connect with any of the characters.

I didn’t like any character apart from Trynne. And that I really did not care about any of them. They weren’t particularly very interesting at all, and they just lacked spark with me.

But the world was indeed interesting, and I was rather intrigued with it. Since it appeared to be like plenty of epic fantasies but it was about kingdoms, and I’m always a sucker for those as long they have complex politics. Which they somewhat do, but it is just way too shallow to draw my interest.

It was readable, since I really liked Trynne and her struggles which I found to be quite real. She was the only character whom I really connected to, and all the others including the villains just faded.

I guess it’s another case of it’s not you, it’s me.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Adventures Of Iric

I really like this anthology. It doesn’t need you to constantly change characters, but each chapter is indeed a story. Resembles a serial in its own way but very much is still made up of pieces that all together work.

Each one telling a little more about Iric as he begins to experience life. From Runa, Volt and all the characters he meets. I like that each story does reveal more about them, all the while making Iric relatable and sympathetic.

It isn’t like most stories, although at times it didn’t keep my attention. But nonetheless, many of them had me constantly reading the dialogue the action and the description. All of it may be simple but I found it very very fitting.

Overall, I think that this anthology was handled well. It is like a story that is told in each chapter, but around the same characters and the same main narrator whom I found easy to read through and understand and very much enjoyable.

If you’re looking for a book where each story makes sense, all the while keeping them seperate but managing to manage the same characters using it. You’re looking at the book, a chance to take each story at its own rather than a full story encompassed at its own.

I say, this was a refreshing piece of work from what I have read before.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Shimmer And Burn

This is simply one of the few cases which I do like the book more than enough. Although it does have its flaws but for me it just worked out in a strange way.

Faris is a thief, and well she spends a lot of time threatening people and also killing someone. Although not all of them are gone through, but I found her relatable enough and human enough. A flaw was that I didn’t have the chance to see her interact with Cadence, a chapter or two before the great thing happens to her will have been appreciated otherwise the motivations are paper thin.

However the magic system just works, although it is confusing at times but eventually I manage to get it and even understand it. All the while getting that magic corrupts, or at least too much of it does. And strangely, I did find everything revealed at the right moment and when it had simply told me some of the aspects of the magic system, it was strangely easy for me to accept. And well it is one that did intrigue me since it was rather brutal and definitely held some stakes for the main character.

The one which I do like is Bryn, yes she said plenty of things that aren’t so nice. Not to mention that she really does make some sacrifices to get what she wants, play deals, make alliances. The intrigue just clicked with me, when it came to her ruthlessness was what I liked and even enjoyed of her. She was strangely admirable as she simply identified what needed to be done and dealt with.

Finally to end it all, I do think that this just clicked with me. Although there were moments of instalove but there is some deeper moments into it, and that the ending did come as a surprise to me. Faris will still lose something, she will still have to fight for something. And I enjoyed the political intrigue which was inserted in here, which worked to its advantage since I always like it.

Overall, I recommend it if you want something different. It is rather different from what I have read recently.

Rating: 4 out of 5