Beasts Made Of Night

Well, I barely remembered anything about the book itself. And I think that it could have been way better executed than this, if you ask me.

I was kind of interested in the world which seemed unique and much more different from what I have read. Sadly, it was just written in such a way that I could not care less. And if I do not care for the narrator of the book, since it is written in the first person.

I feel that the story took way too long to become good, the plot doesn’t kick in until much later, which makes this feel like a prequel rather than a first book. Which should be able to grab my attention rather than slowly introduce me to the world.

I’m fine with that, but it must have tension to make it interesting. But nothing of much importance happen here which is the main reason why I couldn’t really enjoy it. It doesn’t really show the characters’ personality well, since I don’t know anything interesting things they did throughout the book itself.

Well, it was a disappointment to say the least.

Rating: 1.5 out of 5


The King’s Fall


And well, I just wasn’t impressed by it. Kyle didn’t get to me and none of the characters struck a chord, or even made an impression on me.

The premise did sound intriguing, but it just did nothing to really delve deeply into the characters. Although I know that the style of epic fantasy tends to not focus on character development, or at least the kind that I prefer.

But really, this didn’t have a single character whom I even remotely liked or enjoyed. I wasn’t even intrigued by any of them or found their choices interesting. And they were bland, the world didn’t feel different or try to make itself more unique.

And that was where it failed. For me, epic fantasy have to a lot more to impress. And really, characters are the core which I look into, and how I read most books, getting me to care is the main thing here.

Even a fully developed world will not catch my eye as much as a well written character would. But this just had neither, and I couldn’t find a reason to continue. So, I dropped it. It just wasn’t for me, and if you enjoy epic fantasy, you could give this a go. It might be for you, but it wasn’t made for me.

Rating: 1 out of 5

An Enchantment Of Ravens

This proved to be surprising and rather different from what I have read. To a certain extent, this didn’t move me but it still kept a lot of my attention. Which is difficult as you all know.

I didn’t really care for Isobel and her predicament, it was for lack of better word not well elaborated. And well, I don’t care much when she was abducted by the prince of the fair folk.

But Rook, I liked him. To a certain extent, I did. Their relationship initially is rocky, because Isobel distrusts him(which she should) and he is angry with her for messing up her portrait.

But I will have wanted to feel more tension in this book. I liked the concept and the characters, the way it was told. Well done, but I will have wanted more tension. And in this case, more pages to develop the story will have been welcome.

However, the story put a lot of care to the romance. And I cared for them, as much as it was insanely predictable. But it has charm, Isobel is clearly likeable and so is Rook. Rook in any case, doesn’t try to be an asshole. This is something that I liked, that he never does.

In certain cases, it makes sense. He isn’t pushing her out there because she simply will die out there, and well when she objects, he doesn’t try to force her.

But I will have wanted more about the court revealed, more intrigued, more complexities. And more about the world of the fae and the craft and how their relationship truly is. This book was intriguing but didn’t fully delve into the world and its intricacies.

And well, this is a story that I will not have minded being turned into a series. But overall, enjoyable and entertaining. A little short which didn’t allow it to really develop the world fully, but I enjoyed what I got.

Rating: 3 out of 5


This was by all means, dark and satisfying. Even for a middle grade book, this was one which did truly explore the depths of being exploited and alone. With no one to stand up for them.

A tale of a lonely girl and the way that many take advantage of her, when she does something that is so necessary. A thankless job but none of them take her seriously.

I greatly enjoyed this, because of the way that it was told and Laylee’s plight was highlighted. Through her thoughts that she simply moves on without care, even when they often mistreated her.

That what she does is so important yet often ignored. That the dead were simply left on her doorstep to deal with. And she wasn’t even paid enough. I say that I enjoyed this because of the way this issue was so clearly explored, the kind of hopelessness she faced. The situation she was stuck in.

Like many children who are still doing child labour, because if they did not do it, they will never get fed. I appreciate what this story is telling, as much as Laylee doesn’t have a choice.

And the emotions she felt, all the time were so incredibly well done. I felt for her, I understood her. She simply did what she thought was best, she accepted her situation because trying to fight it was hard. Very hard. That there was little way that she could have won.

And Alice and Oliver, although I didn’t read the previous book I liked them. They truly were of aid to Laylee as much as Benyamin was to her. They were her friends, and grew to be.

As for the magic here, the ideas are well explored and developed. Such as how the dead rises, and how they need to be washed. Otherwise they will never move on, and if waited too long they will linger on the earth.

As such, I say that this is a book that should exist. It is relevant, it talks about something that should have been done. Such as the emotions that Laylee bottles up from years of exploitation, mistreatment. That when it comes up, it is scary. In this case, it is so.

But Laylee is still a better person than they were at the end of the day, she simply wanted to be respected and paid for her work. Nothing more, and well isn’t that all we wish for too?

Rating: 5 out of 5

The Glass Spare

Something about this just worked with me. Completely. And well, Steampunk just really works with me. Stories centered around kingdoms with their monarchs more than ready to use their children interest me. And this is just why it somehow worked.

And well, Wilhelmina is the main character. For once I liked her(although there is only one other book with the main character having this name.) But I feel that when she turned everything into gemstones, the way that it was like a curse to her was incredibly unique. And brings her a lot of misery, as much as it has convenience.

And well, this book was just plain bizarre. It just worked enough for me to like it, enjoyable. Do I find it thought provoking? Not really. But something just made me enjoy it. And I can’t comprehend it, but something worked her to form a work that I enjoyed thoroughly, and became addicted.

And well, I liked both Loom and Wilhelmina. Their interactions, and questions. The way that he never ever asks her anything or forces her to reveal her true nature, and believed that her gift is more than enough. It is just in his character.

Not to mention, his messed up family. I find Espel intriguing, in the sense that she seems to have no human empathy or care at all. And his father, because well for all the brutality that he has done, he does find good ways to make use of what he has. They may be monsters, but they were intriguing monsters.

As for her family, I did expect her father to have done just that. A semblance in him could not kill his daughter, but the rest was intended to punish her. As for her mother, I wished to see how the grief will have made her more suspicious. I mean, she loves this daughter of hers the best, and perhaps she could have spent more time thinking along that lines. And finding out that perhaps something was off.

As for Gerdie, I like him. I like this genius of a boy who is frail, who has been though a huge illness. I wished to have seen him more often, and whether he believed his younger sister was truly dead. And whether he was beginning to suspect. I do think there will be more to this towards the end.

But his rational logical mind, I find it something that was truly enjoyable. And perhaps worthy of exploration. Including of how deep his relationship with Wilhelmina goes.

I guess that the reason why this worked so well, was that I was invested in the side characters more. The family dynamics were just enough to pull me in, even if the main characters could have been so much more. But the side characters completely make up for it, and the villains are just the right touch with me.

So, if you don’t feel that this is for you, I understand. I was surprised too that this worked out so well for me, mostly due to the side characters more than anything else. But if you are on the fence, my advice to you: go for it. It’s worth the shot.

Rating: 4 out of 5



I find this pointless. There is no plot that exists other than the biography of a princess that I could care less about. Nothing is happening here at all, nor do I care about her at all.

I don’t even remember her name. As nothing happens to her, she never grows nor does she withstand a journey. The most tragic thing that happens here is simply the death of her mother.

When she was a child. That’s about it. You can figure out that there is nothing that happened to her since then, and all she does is prove herself to be strong. Which is boring, really boring.

Basically, if that is the main character. I really don’t have much faith in the storyline at all.

Rating: 1 out of 5

Red Sister

I lost interest in this by page 400. I guess it was just written in a way that was far too long and at the same time lacked any charming narrator to make this work.

Nona was intriguing, but that was about it. I didn’t care for her, as she didn’t really have any interesting personality or even quirks that made me like her remotely. She was okay, but I didn’t find her memorable at all.

As for the world, which is well developed and unique. I just did not get sucked into it. Well developed, but doesn’t mean that I will be immersed. Something was just lacking.

I guess I just prefer books with a certain amount of wit added into the story rather than just purely fights, passing narration, or growth. Those are what makes me remember a book, and this certainly doesn’t.

Sad to say, this just wasn’t for me but perhaps it is for you.

Rating: 3 out of 5