Death Marked

I will say that this feels like an open ending but it really needs to be concluded a little better. And that it just was confusing.

As for the romance with Sorin, what just happened to it. I was really confused here, and that all of a sudden Illeni seemed to have gotten together with Evin. I’m really confused as to what is happening to the romance. And that it seems that all of a sudden, Sorin was no longer going to end up with Illeni but Evin.

As for the message, the world building felt so much on point, such as who was going to die, who will be affected and who is the one that is suffering. It is all about death, sacrifice. And I think this is the one that makes the most sense.

Otherwise, I feel that the plot could have been dealt with better than this. As for most of the book, nothing really happened until the end. Some of the scenes were the best and the most well written, fitting as a discussion if you were to ask me.

But there just was an ending which confused me more than anything. Ileni will be a healer, but I think that it is still not concluded yet. It feels so close to the ending but just doesn’t give me that closure that I craved.

Well, this book was rather disappointing. There were some up sides to this, but I feel that it should have been extended a little more. It was almost as though I was reading an incomplete work.

Rating: 2 out of 5


Song Of The Current

This just was a huge surprise. Yes, this was a book which was.a joy to read and indeed was satisfying and fun.

It has a romance but it is not the kind which I want to bang my head against, but rather the kind which I like. The relationship was a slow one, slow but all the while developing their relationships wholly.

As for the plot, it all begins when Caro opens a crate. I’ll just leave it at that. The rest is really one hell of a ride and an adventure. One which I thoroughly enjoyed and even loved. The way that it just never seemed to be predicable, and gave me a lot of thrills. Since I couldn’t really see any of the twists coming. Even though I really should have known better and guessed it from the start. But I didn’t.

As for Caro’s parents actually being an important part of her lives and her book. Yes, I liked it. That they aren’t perfect parents, and they have mistakes. But at least they exist, that is the main point. And I did like how her parents were complicated people, and Caro sees them as an adult does instead of that of a child. I found it rather fitting and one which really worked for me.

Therefore you could say that this work just happened to be one of my favourites. As everything was perfect, a good plot, great characters which I could relate to. And finally, a world and characters. If anything, this was just a lot of fun to read. Will recommend if you’re looking for something to pass the time and something entertaining.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Queen Moxie 

I really did not get the story. Or even had sympathy for any of the characters. The beginning wandered a little too far from the main character who is the title of the novel itself. 

I didn’t really enjoy the story as I felt that they story was emotionless and the plot completely fell in the execution. Since the author didn’t really make me care about the characters enough to make me invested in the plot itself. 

Other than that, I was rather interested. Even though there was little of the intrigue which I will always enjoy, but Arthurian times were something that really made me interested in them. 

So, this just wasn’t to my liking at all. It just didn’t click with me as the main character didn’t feel like the focus of the story at all. 

 Rating: 2 out of 5

The Forsaken Throne

I really couldn’t get into the book for at least quite some time. And again, I just couldn’t connect with any of the characters.

I didn’t like any character apart from Trynne. And that I really did not care about any of them. They weren’t particularly very interesting at all, and they just lacked spark with me.

But the world was indeed interesting, and I was rather intrigued with it. Since it appeared to be like plenty of epic fantasies but it was about kingdoms, and I’m always a sucker for those as long they have complex politics. Which they somewhat do, but it is just way too shallow to draw my interest.

It was readable, since I really liked Trynne and her struggles which I found to be quite real. She was the only character whom I really connected to, and all the others including the villains just faded.

I guess it’s another case of it’s not you, it’s me.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Shimmer And Burn

This is simply one of the few cases which I do like the book more than enough. Although it does have its flaws but for me it just worked out in a strange way.

Faris is a thief, and well she spends a lot of time threatening people and also killing someone. Although not all of them are gone through, but I found her relatable enough and human enough. A flaw was that I didn’t have the chance to see her interact with Cadence, a chapter or two before the great thing happens to her will have been appreciated otherwise the motivations are paper thin.

However the magic system just works, although it is confusing at times but eventually I manage to get it and even understand it. All the while getting that magic corrupts, or at least too much of it does. And strangely, I did find everything revealed at the right moment and when it had simply told me some of the aspects of the magic system, it was strangely easy for me to accept. And well it is one that did intrigue me since it was rather brutal and definitely held some stakes for the main character.

The one which I do like is Bryn, yes she said plenty of things that aren’t so nice. Not to mention that she really does make some sacrifices to get what she wants, play deals, make alliances. The intrigue just clicked with me, when it came to her ruthlessness was what I liked and even enjoyed of her. She was strangely admirable as she simply identified what needed to be done and dealt with.

Finally to end it all, I do think that this just clicked with me. Although there were moments of instalove but there is some deeper moments into it, and that the ending did come as a surprise to me. Faris will still lose something, she will still have to fight for something. And I enjoyed the political intrigue which was inserted in here, which worked to its advantage since I always like it.

Overall, I recommend it if you want something different. It is rather different from what I have read recently.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Nightblade’s Vengeance

I feel that this comepletely lacked a focus. The characters were all over the place, and their motives weren’t making me want to push them on at all. I just really felt a loss at that.

I liked Asa initially since she seemed to have a focus but by the end of it. There wasn’t a single thing I knew about her, not to mention a single thing which I knew about all the characters. All of them just blended into one another.

I was looking forward to the intrigue, especially of how the Emperor was losing control of this court. But I didn’t get a lot of that. What I got was a lot of Kiyoshi and the Emperor’s mind, which for lack for better word was rather… boring. That’s the word I will use to describe them.

I just didn’t care enough about any of the blades, or anyone for that matter. Asa was fine but afterwards, it just became a mess of things which didn’t make any sense at all.

As for the world, I was just really really confused. I don’t know what was happening at all. None of it really made any sense at all.

And that is where I figure that I should just drop this. It isn’t worth my time.

Rating: 1 out of 5

The Farrier’s Daughter

DNF @ 80%

I give up. The book went well for the first quarter or so, before it went downhill since then.

And well, I just can’t. The plot was basically nonexistent as was the world. Initially, it caught my attention but eventually it just revealed itself to have really no idea where it wanted to head. And the romance, at best it is laughable.

I just don’t even know where this book is heading, when it should have focused on the curse which got Alainn becoming nobility or something which comes so true. But just really, it doesn’t bother to pay attention to this juicy bit and instead focus on much duller things. Which doesn’t make much sense, although the setting is rather unique at the least.

And there is where I believe that it simply lost me.

Rating: 2 out of 5