War of the World Makers

DNF @50%

I just couldn’t understand where this was coming from. I did want a story that was more focused, and less confusing. I didn’t get any of that at all.

And it just happened to be a strange mix, somehow there was a Tsarina alive in those times, in 2033, some weird bizarre things happening around. It just wasn’t easy to understand where this was coming from, and there just wasn’t a character which drew me in.

I just didn’t feel as though it was making any sense at all. And that is where I just gave up as I didn’t understand what was happening in this book from the beginning or even cared about it


The Night Of Elisa

Well, the story begins with Elisa waking and having little idea of what she is herself. Or where she came from. But eventually her personality was slowly developed, to the point that I greatly enjoyed the story.

The writing was the strongest point of the story if you ask me. Where I found it full of life, easy to understand and even love. Elisa, all the characters were written in such a way that I cared about them. Even if I barely knew anything about them.

Answers did come, and there were some regarding Elisa. But some things shall remain a mystery as it was here.

Although there were some things which I didn’t think was done well enough. Such as Elisa’s abilities and what it really did. I was expecting a little more to say, about what it really did. And what it really meant to her.

And the romance between her and Leonheart, I didn’t really feel the chemistry between them. A little sad about the fact, although the ending was nice. But they could have spent more time together and understood each other better before the plot kicked in.

But otherwise, solid story and filled with the supernatural. Which is just to my taste.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Song Of The Current

This just was a huge surprise. Yes, this was a book which was.a joy to read and indeed was satisfying and fun.

It has a romance but it is not the kind which I want to bang my head against, but rather the kind which I like. The relationship was a slow one, slow but all the while developing their relationships wholly.

As for the plot, it all begins when Caro opens a crate. I’ll just leave it at that. The rest is really one hell of a ride and an adventure. One which I thoroughly enjoyed and even loved. The way that it just never seemed to be predicable, and gave me a lot of thrills. Since I couldn’t really see any of the twists coming. Even though I really should have known better and guessed it from the start. But I didn’t.

As for Caro’s parents actually being an important part of her lives and her book. Yes, I liked it. That they aren’t perfect parents, and they have mistakes. But at least they exist, that is the main point. And I did like how her parents were complicated people, and Caro sees them as an adult does instead of that of a child. I found it rather fitting and one which really worked for me.

Therefore you could say that this work just happened to be one of my favourites. As everything was perfect, a good plot, great characters which I could relate to. And finally, a world and characters. If anything, this was just a lot of fun to read. Will recommend if you’re looking for something to pass the time and something entertaining.

Rating: 4 out of 5

The Stories Of Edgar Allen Poe

This was rather entertaining. If it wasn’t as disjointed as it was. I was hoping for some continuity, but since the author of these poems rarely use the same setting so it feels a little disjointed.

But the tales narrated here are quite well done, with the art style truly elaborating all of it. And all the details. We only see the words written by the author, but the actions does a lot more to complete the picture.

However because of the way it was narrated it also had a lot of problems as you can say. Since I couldn’t really connect with any of the main characters at all.

And it was even worse when the stories had very little in connection to each other. I Like the art and the action, but I just could not appreciate the story.

Rating: 3 out of 5

The Other Alice

Well, this was quite a disappointment.

Although I liked that the main character was solely focused on finding her sister and neither did it include some funny romance that will have never made sense.

As for the whole context of stories, I do think that it is really well explored if you were to ask me seriously. The whole idea of Alice and her stories effecting it is really well done and even to the degree that I very much liked it.

But other than that, I just didn’t enjoy much of the text at all. And the main character is so forgettable that I forgot her name already. I just couldn’t really remember it.

Well, this work just wasn’t to my liking at all. Which was why I just couldn’t rate it too highly.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Spindle Fire

Well, this was rather confusing a work. And one that I found to have really very little connection to sleeping beauty.

Although I liked the tone change, but it just wasn’t handled well at all. It didn’t remind me much of sleeping beauty at all, and I found the story to be dull and rather aimless.

Something very interesting has been the change and the cost of all the gifts she has. It costs her something in exchange for those gifts which I find a rather interesting exchange and include a lot of diversity.

But sadly, it failed to move me at all and the work needs a lot more before it can be convincing and even enjoyable.

And well, you can guess that I just didn’t enjoy this. I do believe that there needed to be more of a focus on the main characters and their intentions. Isabelle deciding to just help her sister and without her own character arc really made it really boring.

Overall, it was just the execution that didn’t make me enjoy this. Otherwise the concept was rather intriguing and some parts did entertain me.

Rating: 2 out of 5

The Golemn And The Jinni

I think that this was okay overall and that the beginning was it’s strongest. The writing really came to life there, and I did enjoy it at the beginning.

However towards the end, I didn’t enjoy it as much anymore. As I did feel that the plot was a little too slow to my tastes, and that it took a long time before the two main characters even met.

Although they were characterized rather well, but they often faded into the background since the writing is in omniscient and does do a good exploration of the side characters who are rather well fleshed out, but the main characters lack a huge presence there.

The writing was one of its strongest points initially, where I found it funny and full of life. And it continued staying so for most of the book, it really amplified the style quite well.

Overall, I really enjoyed the writing style of the author and how it fleshed out most of the characters. However the rest was not really as intriguing.

Rating: 3 out of 5