Once again, I am dropping a book. Nothing is making me enjoy this book, and I do think that it was enough of just sitting through it.

Although the premise and beginning did sound interesting, at least for a brief moment before it ends up boring. Even with so many perspectives, I feel as though I’m reading all the same person. And was there really such a need to change it so many times, I was as confused as to who was the actual protagonist. And neither did I even feel connected to one of them, the writing was really bland and normal. I feel as though I couldn’t even get into it at all. The beginning was pretty okay and I did hoped that it would be decent.

All I know is that there are magicians but where are they. I don’t really see them, nor does Annabelle become directly involved in them. Most importantly, when her line was being ended by them it was only when it was at 80% of the book. That sounds like poor pacing to me. So much of the book felt useless to me actually, since I was so incredibly bored while reading it. Not much happened, at least not much which I wanted and even expected from this book.

When my expectations aren’t met, I don’t see the need to give it time to let it settle with me. I’m out.

Rating: 1 out of 5



This was rather surprisingly enjoyable. It was a simple enough tale, and short. I found myself rather immersed in the story.

Although, I do not really like Lars that much at all. He is rather okay, readable and definitely have something that goes for him which makes me like him to a certain degree but again, he doesn’t really have much other than that reliability. And it has been a long time since I have truly invested myself in a character, but given it all, he’s not all too bad.

A very important thing to note is that the world is quite well builg and for once I don’t feel as though I’m just thrown into it with absolutely no idea what is going on. That happened to me so many times that it wasn’t funny, just annoying. Here, I think the author skillfully handled throwing me into its world. Careful, subtle and enough to keep me reading.

Also, the world is rather fascinating. They have their own unique culture, and a lot of time was invested in it to make all of it.

Overall, can’t say that I hated it. Although it does suffer a bit from having forgettable characters, but it is a rather nice tale with one that is about discovery for Lars as much as it is for Lars. My Verdict: Recommended.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


Given To The Sea

I can’t even be bothered to remember who was in this book. None of the narrators are even the least bit interesting and so many are obsessed with getting Khosa pregnant so you know she can drown as a sacrifice. And even that doesn’t sound as depressing as it should, I don’t even know what is wrong with that world.

And that Khosa although I do think that being raised to think of this would have resulted in her being like this. But I never thought that it was too off, but what made it so incredibly off in my eyes. Was that she is bland as hell and doesn’t even bother trying to find anything out or even try to fulfill her destiny; you would think that being raised in such an environment would make her more willing to do what it takes. Not end up waiting for the one whose touch she can stand. Yeah, and all the other characters were almost just as bland but not as lacking in activeness as compared to Khosa.

There were four narrators; as for the complicated romance why do I even bother. As for the world, where the heck is it, and why the heck is it so twisted? And also, it is confusing, utterly pointless and too many things introduced in one time. To the point it overlaods me and I have nothing but a burning hatred for this book.

Vincent is the prince, or whatever. I didn’t find him interesting. Khosa is as lifeless and emotionless as she is in the book, and having zero ounce of personality. As for the three other narrators, why the hell are they there in the first place. None of them seemed to even make me wonder what this story was about and I found myself skimming most of the pages.

In other words, if you want a mermaid book or one about the sea, don’t look at this one.

Rating: 1 out of 5


When I Cast Your Shadow

I have really got used to her writing and style, and that this was slightly easier to read than Vassa In The Night.

Once again, this tale is like her previous. Bizarre and filled with weird events, with a hint of paranormal but no clear explanation on how the dead can be brought back to life, but I’m more or less fine with it.

As for a beginning, I really like Everett. He is the one reason why I really kept on with this story, and well he isn’t all that perfect either. And so aren’t any of the other characters. However, he always has sensibility and insecurities since he is different when compared to his brother. But I’m all the while fine with it. Truly, really fine with it.

As for Ruby, she is rather brave and at the same time naive. Since she relishes control over to her own brother, who does seem quite evil at times. But at the same time has always trusted him. As for her brother, who I have grown some sympathy for towards the end. Seeing as how he had plenty of moments where he seemed the same and yet different, towards the end, his character feels a lot more rounded with his awareness. And that it was a rather nice change to know them, and sibling relationships always do get my attention. Although it did bordered at times, but I didn’t feel as though it was really incest in any way possible. At least the end really revealed it all in a good light, convincing me that it didn’t seem that way. And all the while having the characters be a lot deeper than what they seemed.

As for the weirdness of this, I like it. It’s as simple as that, and that I have really gotten used to and even enjoyed how it was done. And that it was a lot easier to read when compared to her previous work.

So, this book may not be for everyone which is what I admit. But if it sounds interesting, do give it a shot. Also, check it out if you really like magical realism, for it gives no real explanation just plenty of possibilities as to why Dashniell could come back.

Rating: 4 out of 5


Empress Of A Thousand Skies

This was a pretty okay book. It doesn’t hold too much of intrigue, and deals quite a bit with the possibility of losing freedom towards the end and the whole idea of having Cubes, which stores almost everything about a person. It is like their identity.

That was pretty unique, furthermore the twist was something that I didn’t expect to see coming and in such a unique way too. Hence, this story did have its good points.

But I never was really sucked in, and well I didn’t see the need for Alyosha to even exist. It was likely he was a Wratean, and he had almost no relation to Rhee apart from being her accused murderer. Though the reason why he was picked had been rather intelligent if you ask me. It wasn’t one of plain stupidity where he just so happened to be convenient.

As for Rhee, I fully agree with the book describing her as naive. But who could blame her, she barely had time to know her planet. And even more so when it came to her political instinct, she had almost none. She didn’t even consider the possibility of another, or even the thought of it. Furthermore, she wasn’t the brightest either, she should have done something to find out more. Which she never did otherwise we wouldn’t have a story.

Kara, she in my mind should be the next narrator. I couldn’t even find a reason why they should exist apart from telling a story differently and the plot did reveal a better reason. However, I am looking forward to reading more about her development in the next book.

But the actual villain was the most interesting one, I did like him and the way he brilliantly used his methods to get what he wanted. And the way he does it is quite clever, and even ruthless. Some of his deeds are quite horrible, however he dies have his reasoning and it proved to make him more interesting than the main characters. This is a case where I find myself really liking the villain, and he isn’t insane, cruel yes, but seems to have a very clear head.

Overall, I guess the book didn’t click with me when it came to main characters. I strangely became fond of the villain, and I think he is the one with his own compelling arc. As for the next book, I wonder will it end in a fight. Since there can only be one Empress, after all. And in history, when there were two contenders, it was always a bloody battle for the throne. Is the book going to do this? That is something that is making me think more about it, and whether this would still focus on political intrigue, which can always be interesting. Since this book clearly have quite a far bit of scheming and a villain who is a rational dictator.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


Elemental Secrets 

This book would not have been so bad if it was faster paced, less obsessed with the love square that the author built. Chase, Cade, Holden, and Valerie barely even has the agency of anyone up until the later parts of the book.

You can skim read until around 70% where the main plot would kick it, and the actual interesting parts does come it. Before that, classic special snowflake and tropes of girl that doesn’t know much about her true abilities. Also, don’t forget school drama(as if we need more of that). And that’s where Valerie really shone, since she is a normal person, being incredibly naïve is believable in that sense.

As for the world, it feels so incredibly cliché. There could have been more elements, more unique things into it. But it barely succeeded at it, seeing that the only really good thing is about the polarizing beliefs of the Elementals which is rather interesting along with its history. When that kicked in, it became quite interesting. Even if I still could care less about Valerie. 

She probably is one of the most typical female main character. Except that she is more obsessed with the three boys she knows, one of which is in college which are revealed to have differing beliefs. But I would have wanted to see more than that. Charlene is forgettable at best, and I can’t even bother to remember who Loren is. Or what she is doing there. 

Generally, the characters were forgettable, and very usual. What you usually read, is what you would get in this book. And that is where it lost me. I would not want to read about love, teenage life without that little bit of magic, and even that only came in later. The front part was a complete and utter bore. 

The plot needed to move a lot faster, and having Valerie search for those answers. Also, having her start to find them herself instead of waiting for shit to happen. Or it being revealed to her. When things become strange, try the internet, try snooping. Don’t just wait for answers to fall from nowhere, and it came easily to Valerie. She didn’t have to take risks, make sacrifices or any of the sort. She simply asked and got her questions answered. Also, why the hell the Aunt didn’t tell her if they were planning to kill here or even tell her to be careful or I don’t know teach her the differences between Elementals and their abilities. They are centuries old sages, but they act like idiots. 

And this is why I barely liked this book, if I wasn’t tasked to read this, I wouldn’t have even finished it. There is a point, and although a slight pleasant surprise existed in this book. But it was too late to salvage the lasting impression it had on me. 

Rating: 1.5 out of 5



This was quite a joy to read. It does definitely feel like a tale of Alice In Wonderland with plenty of spins and being carefully plotted, enough that it uses the old Wonderland but it’s different. Darker even.

And well, at least Alyssa is sensible enough to know what she is doing. Why she gets there is for perfectly good reasons, if you ask me. Since she doesn’t want her mother to be put on electrotherapy. Certainly a good reason. And she isn’t an idiot, she only has Alice In Wonderland to help her and the things she does figure out are pretty awesome.

Although the way the mental illness was dealt, it would have been less using straitjackets. It would have been a lot more counselling, perhaps even hynosis. I do not see a straightjacket, and sometimes mentally ill patients aren’t even commited. They are mostly allowed to stay at home, just as long as they visit the doctor’s regularly. And her case definitely seemed manageable, especially when it’s faked.

As for the love triangle here. I ship none of them. Both lies her, one is a knight in shining armour, he is basically that. And the other, is a manipulative bastard in his own right. What can I say? She deserves better.

The world building was the drawing point, as well as the writing. It seems that I am always a sucker for lyrical writing and writing that is simple but beautiful. And I can read it easily. And when it used Wonderland, I certainly saw a lot influences and really liked it. It is darker, but when it happened to Alice it was a lot more of coincidence, but to Alyssa, she was outright finding it.

I do recommend this book fro being different from the usual retelling, it is much more than that. It follows into the modern times, where there is a possible curse. And revealing the plot twist, the way it went and when it was. I enjoyed it. I didn’t see it coming.

However, there are undeniable issues here. Such as the problem of the way both Jeb and Morpheus really need to learn how to be civilized people, Jeb to lose his knight in shining armour attitude. But overall, I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it.

Rating: 3 out of 5