Kuroshitsuji 126

I would say that this is a cliffhanger which I didn’t expect either. But for certain, I am not expecting it to be Ciel. At least not the Earl we have always known, which brings me whether the next chapter might reveal the Two Ciel Theory. 

Well, since with how Soma particularly acted around this mysterious visitor. He invited him in with a kindly tone, joke with him. And it does remind me of how he interacted with Ciel quite a lot even though he mostly shakes it off. And most importantly, is how he remarked that Ciel looked ill. That could mean quite a lot since the Ciel we see doesn’t have any physical aliment as of now. And that does make me suspect who it is. 

About Lizzie, I really don’t know. But he would not be so casual around her, such as even touching her. It doesn’t strike me that Soma would want to do something like that. As such, I doubt that it is Lizzie at all.

As for what Agni found, it does very much make me think of the photo back in Chapter 123. One which burned, what is left is something extremely important and possibly even what confirms it. I am quite okay with the Two Ciel Theory as it is, it does explain quite a lot. And all the while, there are perfectly good reasons why he would do so anyway. 

As for Agni’s reaction, it’s much more of the Phantomhives having twins rather than something else entirely. His reaction does tell me of it either way. Doesn’t really make sense if he would freak out over something minor, and the other theories don’t make a lot of sense. Unless it has something to do with Sebastian the dog? Maybe, but I think it having more to do with Ciel. 

As for the ending, I think that Agni would be the one who intercept that bullet. Though I do wonder where this would head into, and who is the shooter of that particular gun. I think that the next chapter would be where some questions are finally answered and whether this arc would truly be important to the storyline like what the author promised. I do enjoy this manga for all the clues and mysteries and even small details here which push the plot forward. 

So, I can’t wait for the chapter next month. What about you? What do you think if this chapter currently? 


Chang Ge Xing 

This was quite a decent drama, is how I rate it. It has its faults and even weaknesses yet I still considered it a rather good story, at least the main character isn’t a Mary Sue. And that here the plot was decent although leaving a fill plot holes here and there. But overall, it was enjoyable and that I was moved to tears for most of the scenes.

And the reason why I used the Chinese title is because the English title is just one of the funniest and most ridiculous for a Chinese historical war drama. Given only ten episodes was spent on the inner court and most on the war itself, I’m putting it on the war side of things. 

Yin Lihua:

As the main chatacter, I’m thankful thay she isn’t perfect. Such as in the middle when she chose to leave him, because she couldn’t take in her pride and swallow being treated that way. That made her imperfect as a character and showed me that there was more to her than just being able to fight. 

She has her own weaknesses and moments of weakness and even when her pride comes in place of her emotions. And she breaks down a few times, when it was just too much. And that’s why I like her as she is relatable enough when she knew her husband married another who took her place as the official wife, anyone would be unable to stand it. Even though she was luckier, but it was more towards the end that she went back. And I’m fine. That’s was her weakest point but made her human. And her misjudgement of Yanzhi thinking she would be able to leave, and escape safely but it turned out she didn’t. 

Liu Xiu: 

Even with marrying another women for power I still cannot hate him, applause to Yuan Hong here. For making me unable to hate a character that married another and basically wasted her years and even letting down Lihua many times over. But I could feel that he was bound by circumstances and even strained by his situation. Some things he couldn’t just give up, but at least he tried and cared for her. And let’s face it, he’s probably one of the Emperors with the least amount of wives. Many Emperors have hundreds, even thousands and he only has: three. Yes, three which shows how much he cared for his Lihua. And how much he didn’t want to hurt her, even Yanzhi had to drug him to sleep with him, only to turn out that it may possibly not be his child at all(not that it is of and importance, since it was never mentioned). And that why the inner palace only gotten ten episodes, if it spent too much on it as it is too boring(as Yanzhi chose to leave the palace battles and raise her only child, and Lihua never took part. The only one scheming is Guo Shengtong and her mother.) But he is an effective ruler and I can see why he should become an Emperor. And even best his own brother at this. As he knows when to forgive and knows how to rule as well as helping the normal people and when to even tolerate and wait. Well, he probably learned after doing a lot of waiting. 

Guo Shengtong: 

I pitied her in the end, where she was so worn down. She may have been jealous, but how she was raised clearly didn’t help. And that with every scheme the Emperor further drifted from her, and almost everything she did had no impact to her positive image but rather worsened her. But most importantly why I pity her, is that most of the schemes she doesn’t know about them. Liu Xiu always think she is on it. And that she just married the wrong person, she married someone who had no eyes for her. And couldn’t even leave space for her in his heart, and she was her family’s apple of the eye. Her only problem was her jealously and spoiled attitude and inability to accept that Liu Xiu probably had no space for her and cared much more for Lihua. And thinking that once Lihua is gone he would turn to her. But other than that, she was a nice girl in the beginning and middle when she was first introduced. And I agreed with her mother, married her to a normal guy or at least someone who would treat her well because her personality couldn’t take not being the center of attention. 

Deng Yu: 

He was a nice person, and that he kinda took failures too harshly. But at the beginning I liked him for his kindness and even personality. He chooses to never oppose Lihua and helps them in anyway possible. Even marrying when there was rumors concerning them. He is selfless sometimes overly so, but at least he had some failures to further show his character and his personality in times of failure. That he runs away and believes himself unworthy, and tries to understand. And that he cares for Lihua, sometimes even more than Liu Xiu himself. But to give Liu Xiu credit, he needs to worry about the country and a lot more things before Lihua but his mind always thinks of her as well. 

Yin Shi: 

The eldest brother of Lihua, and personally a great guy. He cares for her no matter what she does, even if she chooses to waste his people and money. Even when she defies him time and time again, he always chooses to help her in the end. And despite all that, he protects his sister when she couldn’t. And all he does is for the family and Lihua. 

Yin Xing: 

He really grows a lot, in the beginning when he was childish and followed jis brother’s orders. But eventually he matures a lot, and his ending was honestly sad but concides with history on when he leaves the world. 

Liu Xuan: 

Actually I think he’s a good character, he wasn’t a great Emperor but more by his lack of power. He’s quite a skilled strategist and is able to fight. He’s a puppet who had no ability to change any of things that happened, and when he begins to change and try to take back his true power he fails horribly. As he cannot trust anyone, neither did he keep the most important. And he lacked good people by his side who can help him, apart from Ma Wu, no one else truly cared for him. Not even his wife, be it Lady Han who only wanted the Empress position but neither cared about him. To Lady Zhao, who loves him but doesn’t know about his current situation. That he is being controlled and having little power to change that. In the end, I liked his ending, it set him free truly. 

Gong Sun: 

He is one of the most likeable men, sometimes even more likeable that Liu Xiu himself. Even when his family was held by others, he chose to help Liu Xiu. And that he is humble and never asks for anything, not even a place. But really other than that, I don’t have much to say about him. 

Ding Rou: 

She is the kindest and the woman who doesn’t care about any status. Given that she is probably of the lowest classes at the time, I think that she was glad to be a concubine as long as she could be with her beloved. 

Liu Bosheng: 

I fully agree with the fact that he is kind but wholly unsuited to be a subject rather than an Emperor. He is extremely loyal to his brothers which ultimately contributed to his rather brutal death. He is someone with great kindness, but I really didn’t think he was suited to be an Emperor. He may have great benevolence and kindness, to be able to forgive a general for killing many of his family members, but he lacks something that I cannot pinpoint in an Emperor. Probably it’s the ability to see hidden dangers and look at the bigger picture. But he is selfless and chooses to do many things and puts other first and treasures relationships. 

Liu Boji: 

I hated her for most of it. Until after Liu Xiu went to look for Lihua then did I kinda like her. Since she likes Deng Yu, which ended up making her hare Lihua for forcing him away. And always thinking the worst of her even on baseless rumors spreaded by someone who hated Lihua’s guts. She sometimes have great lack of intellect, but glad she managed to change her ways once she realised the goodness of her husband, who is great husband material. 

Li Tong: 

The most perfect husband, when he cares for Boji and never even asks her or forces her to do anything. Even choosing to die in her place, he is a great person overall. But doesn’t have much of a role to play other than that. And his family’s fate which was honestly sad. 

Guo Zhu: 

She was just someone who believed that as long as Lihua wasn’t around her daughter would be able to keep the Empress position. And that her ending when she realised what she had done was wrong that she had used her daughter’s happiness only to have a moment of power. When she realised that, I felt sympathy for her character. And she chose to keep her own hand, deciding that they have lost and she stopped scheming. Although I find her way of thinking the most ludicrous sometimes thinking that Liu Xiu would give them something if they didn’t do anything other than marrying Guo Shengtong to him. They did absolutely nothing when Liu Xiu was in his most difficult time. When there was no one else to help him. I find her funny but her end she was quite pitiful as she realised it too late that her daughter would only suffer. 

Guo Kuang:

As the elder brother, I dislike him. He is a complete scumbag, defiling so many girls and the schemes he cooks up are just stupid. He also has no mercy, even choosing to use his own nephew. I was like: WTH. He utterly deserves the end that comes to him. 

Deng Feng: 

How he ended up changing has never felt so real, being grief stricken and choosing to kill himself in the end. I pitied him as he was just too grief stricken by all that had happened to him. But in the beginning I loved him, choosing to do anything for his older sister. 

Hu Po: 

As the maidservant to Yin Xing than Lihua, she is someone that I admire. But other than that, I loved her love for Yin Xing and accepted it instead of just constantly denying. And her ending was sad and tragic they were so close to getting what they wanted yet this befell them when she died.

Liu Qiang: 

Personally another character that I feel as though have depth. He is kind, but unsuited to rule as he doesn’t know how to set rules unlike his younger brother. He chooses to step down from his position realising that he probably wasn’t suited to rule and unable to handle the position. And knowing his current situation and not doing anything stupid to endanger it. It’s mostly the Guo’s who asked for it, and he did nothing which was quite the good thing to do. 

Xu Yanzhi: 

She was quite pitiful when she was left behind and raped by so many. Her hatred and resentment was understood, even if she was quick to trust Guo Kuang, but at least smart enough to cut off ties with them. And how she entered to me was understandable and even why she hated Lihua. It was truly the fault of Lihua’s to have left her behind. Personally, I like her for all that she went through and hated her, even though Lihua’s own hands were tied. But sadly I gotten almost nothing of her ending at all. 
Yan Ziling: 

I rather like him for his quirky ways and always wanting to leave. He does have some pretty high intellect and existed in real life history, like really as a scholar whose background was quite bare. But I feel as though Ma Tianyu did a decent job portraying him. 


There were some holes in the ending and some were loose. Especially concerning Yanzhi’s child which seemed to have been utterly random. But other than that, the focus being in the war was what I believe is a good thing and not spending too much time at the harem. The only place I think it dragged was in the middle where I skipped over some parts. But the plot does keep many on their toes.

Overall I would recommend this if you want a drama that has likeable characters even if they do quite unlikeable things sometimes. And won’t make you vomit blood, I assure you. Nor does the drama has some moments when it’s brainless. And that most of the characters here are those that I remember as far as I can remember about it. Mostly those that stood out. 

Rating: 4 out of 5 

Mi Yue Zhuan



A whole month I spent on watching this drama, yes it was that long. Managing to finish 81 episodes in a month is already a feat.

Let’s start the review.

One thing I have to say about this drama is that we finally get a good heroine that is only good at the last ten to thirteen episodes, I kid you not.

Mi Yue



Miyue at the beginning was just so passive and got worse as it went on… until she becomes the Queen Dowager and she is magically better. I’m serious.

She felt like a real Queen Dowager, worthy of being called the ancient times Empress Dowager CiXi. Heck, I would even compare her to Wuzetian.

She at the beginning is passive and different. Slowly becoming worse, just because she wanted to keep her ties. I guess it does show her character but come on, you only stop caring after they tried to take your life like many times.

But I have to admit that she is a good character, the scriptwriter didn’t write her as though she took the thrown wrongly. Or as a complete Mary sue (there were times where she indeed was one and others a normal living breathing person). I’m not complaining about this as compared when I see the newest version of the Legend Of Wu Ze Tian, hearing it was enough to know that the script had been changed beyond recognition from history.

She felt like a legend female at the end, full of commanding aura. Also very politically astute. But her character for the first 60 episodes or so, I’m just going to say meh. Neither interesting nor refreshing, just meh.

So, was watching that far worth it, yeah it was but with plenty of skipping in between.

Sun Li did what she could I guess, the ending part, I guess she had me hooked to her screen. I can only imagine the difficulty in playing the Queen Dowager that sometimes made decisions that were hard without making herself look heartless. 

Character rating: 6/10(4/10 for the entirety of the first 60 episodes and 8/10 for the remaining.)

Mi Shu


I must say that this character was quite pitiful. At the beginning she was a very naive girl, believing that the way the King Of Qin courted her was true love.

To the ending realising that in his eyes he was only his dutiful wife, kept out of the emotional intimacy that he shared with Miyue.

One thing I like about her character growth was that it was gradual. She turns from the kind older sister to becoming a grey character in the middle. To turning full evil.

Her character when she was villainous was truly hooking. She turned evil not because she wanted to, but because she needed something that Miyue stood between her way or rather her son.

The actress that acted this character, she was fantastic. Her change felt gradual, to her acting nearing the end. Some of her looks were bone chilling to even downright scary.

At the end, I couldn’t feel anything but pity for her. For she had lost her son, and also her husband. She at the end felt so pitiful and crazy which made sense.

Character rating: 7/10

King Hui Wen Of Qin/Ying Si


This was an …interesting king. He wasn’t like most rulers on screen. Either too good to be true or just plain evil that it makes them looks ridiculous. (I rarely trust rulers that are saints, it just makes me wonder how for they manage to keep their country intact and not throw it to the wolves(other countries, other princes, etc)  …unless he has really ruthless subjects that knows how to keep it intact.)

He is a wise king that places his country above all else. And to unite China together, the vision he had and his reasons were indeed very good.

He had made me believe that he was a good king. His policies were harsh but realistic, it set how it stabilized the later governments. Not through lineage but through service to the country.

Yet, when alone, he does treats his ages well. Especially Miyue, he is the mentor who taught her the art of ruling and helped her to grow and become a capable ruler.

Character rating: 8/10

Huang Xie


This guy was actually the one I wanted Miyue to elope with from the beginning and till then end.

He was such a good guy, and a gentleman. In fact the only reason why they fell apart was that his loyalty was to his home. That is a very good reason.

He had cared for her at every angle excpet when she attacked his home. Even when she was with child that was not of his blood, he still accepted Miyue.

Character rating: 7/10

Yi Qu Wang/Jun


This guy had been one hardheaded guy as well as like a true Yiqu guy. I don’t have many things to describe him. He had intelligence yet he wasn’t the brightest. He still was a hardheaded guy and went one direction for the best of his own people and after Miyue.

He was quite the nice guy, helping Miyue and saving her many times. no wonder he was loved by Miyue. Until the end, I will not share any spoilers as their relationship just soured slowly.

Character rating: 6/10

Zhang Yi


I loved this guy for he was the intelligent guy. He was eccentric and rather unique and quite fun to watch. Just watch how he outsmarts people.

Also, I loved him for the way he helped Mi Yue from time to time. He was loyal to every king he served even if it was not his home country.

The way he talked was indeed unique and hooking and provided me entertainment when I was just too bored to care for Miyue and helped me overcome the episodes little by little.

Character rating: 9/10 for pure entertainment.

Ying Dang


This guy gets the first mention for being the most unlikable guy, it’s true. But at his core, he was a very good and well written character, because he’s made to be hated and I did find him annoying, irritating, and rather stupid.

As a King, he was actually… refreshing. As I’m looking as an idiot that only knows how to conquer but not rule. I’m. serious that’s why he’s refreshing.

Ying Fu Ren


As a character she was one of the most interesting ones, for she had been divorced (which wasn’t a good thing). At every way, she helped her country and did everything for them.

She was carefree and saw life in a total different light. She was a great aunt and knew what to do. In a sense, she had been pushed to the end before and understood everything when she was.

Wei Yan:

As a character she was pitiful at the end. She was basically betrayed by many things. Yet, she was intelligent I have to admit.

She just wanted her son to become king and nothing more nor less.

The other characters weren’t as interesting nor really left a deep impression on me as a whole.

Funniest moment:


The moment when she’s saying she’s pregnant in ancient Chinese. It’s just feels so funny, when she’s using the term that Emperors used Emperors later used.

Historical Accuracy:

This was one of the most accurate in terms of events. Everything happened here went according to History just yay the timeline was quite off. Details weren’t as accurate either.

But this is a drama, I’m okay with changes here and here. As the characters in actual history were pretty bad people and aren’t going to win the hearts of people in drama. Thus, time for changing.

I’m actually impressed that they managed to keep to the events of history although the details were dramatized but most indeed happened.


The plot here was not as intelligent as Nirvana in fire but it was already to have my attention. It was long and quite good I guess but not very exceptional nor mindblowing.

Overall rating: 7.5/10

Would recommend: Probably for strong feminist ideals, the women were not weak they were strong in their own sense. Also, as a good historical drama.


Well, currently I’m thinking on starting a nirvana in fire Fanfiction maybe sometime next week, after I watch it once more and read the novel. Well, where it begins I may start with one shots here for the time being although I do have an idea for a long Fanfic and maybe several but I would prefer a response on the one shots first.

Currently, my long ones I have an idea for:

Becoming Mei Chang Su

Which is basically how Lin Shu became Mei Chang Su and how he made the Jiang Zhuo Alliance as well as gather all of them.

Lin Shu

An AU or alternate universe of what if the rebellion never happened.

And a still name unconfirmed for a Fanfiction around Princes Xuan Ji 璇玑. And another one concerning Ni Huang and her rise to a general.

Also, maybe one of Xia Jiang and the characters before then.

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Nirvana In Fire


This drama I only had one word for it: breathtaking. A true masterpiece. Never have I been so moved by a drama even once in my life. Even more so for a Chinese drama. Even if it wasn’t in my usual genre, political intrigue along with something along the lines of a palace. Being the wuxia girl I was, I was doubtful about it.

Also, just watch this drama, trust me your missing out big time on this if you don’t watch it. For once this revived my faith in Chinese dramas.

Right now, I just finished, already shedding tears of absolute sadness for Mei Chang Su/Lin Shu/Su Zhe. I just cannot even describe the sadness I am feeling right now. For once I actually feel Jing Yan and Ni Huang’s sadness and that I’m crying at the last few minutes.

This is the one drama that I have ever felt so emotionally invested yet at the end so sad yet I know that it was the best ending that anyone could ever want, and that it is the most poignant.  

Right now, I managed to calm down somewhat after the ending. I just wanna cry for my Su ge ge. But now my tears are already gone.

On to the review then.

This is the one drama that managed to make me fully focus on every part without even much of even skipping over a second but rather just looking back at the scene or the hilariously funny ones that I found and everything and actually made me want to take screenshots of the drama.

I have never been this enticed by the plot of the drama, it was one word, intricately amazing, make that two.

As of now on, I am a diehard Nirvana in fire fan, this was even better than Hua Qian Gu when I cried but this was made me cry even more.

And that I never regretted spending so much time on this drama at all. Results, who cares, this is worth my attention more.

Nirvana in fire every character was fleshed out and had their own flaws that I wanted to scream in frustration in and traits that I admire.

But the one character that had managed to catch my attention till now would go to… the main character of course. And this time round it’s not because he’s the lead.

Lin Shu/Mei Chang Su/Su Zhe



I mean he is just so deep with so much depth and such a complicated character and also let’s face it, he’s also pretty tragic.

And that Hu Ge, won me over as a fan already, that was just so amazing. I mean his character on the surface would be pretty much equivalent to a stoic kind of person yet he managed to play him to have even some form of emotion no matter how restrained it was. 

I’m pretty sure that any weaker actor would be unable to pull him off even when some of the funnier moments come or when he is supposed to emote which is few and far between.

And that his character is very well written, and more so clicks with me as he is grey and I’m an absolute lover of grey characters.

Props to Hai Yan to be able to write him like this, cold, calculative yet he never went overboard or crazy. I mean he could have gone down a more crazy route and killed Xie Yu, Xia Jiang but he chose to leave it to the rules.

That’s why I like him, grey to a certain degree yet he never went fully crazy or suddenly became good. But still had plenty of redeemable qualities.

Sure, he chose to bring out everyone’s worst, but most of the crimes were committed by they themselves, they dug their own grave in a way. Just like Jing Rui said, he did not force them to commit those crimes, they did so willingly and aware. Just that he was the one who chose to dig the truth out.

Also at the same time, he has so much that he has to handle and that he chose to handle it no matter how difficult because he is the only one who can do it. 

He has to carry such a heavy burden, not because he wanted to but because he had to. After all, he owed it to them and those who died, and that those who died to make sure that he lived. If he didn’t who would help them even though I’m sure that Jing Yan would try but he probably wouldn’t succeed.

That is why I like him just because he is an interesting character but also admire him for the fact that he always put others first and he himself last. Wow, I actually didn’t know that his character was such a selfless one until the end when he really didn’t put himself, always for others.

Xiao Jing Yan/ Jing Wang



I must say that I was absolutely frustrated with his character sometimes yet I liked him as a whole. His flaws, I embraced them as a whole.

With a stubborn temperament, always seeing through with what he promised Jing Yan had caught my attention.

More so was his loyalty and strong belief that has never changed that Qi Wang and Lin Shu was innocent. That was something that made me like him and even admire him.

He may be totally against harming people either way or those who do not deserve it and that he will not hesitate to break ties.

Although extremely bull headed, I fully agree with Su Zhe/Lin Shu/Mei Chang Su upon this point that Jing Yan makes for a great Emperor.

As he is stubborn which means that whatever decision he has come to, he will easily change it. Nor will he be easily swayed by anyone, which is vital as just one wrong decision could have as big of an impact such as the Chi Yan case. Which a flimsy accusation turned into that, with thousands of people dying, some not even knowing what they did wrong.

Not to mention, that he has the normal people’s interest at heart. Meaning that when he rules, he would place them above all else.

Mu Ni Huang



Can I get a hell yeah, for this character, this is a character that deserves it. Because she is strong and I mean normally strong.

She is physically and mentally strong, a general, uses a whip and asks for the right to fight someone if they want to marry her. Yep, she is strong even at the end of the drama she is still alone I know that either way she would be okay, she can survive without Lin Shu.

Finally a strong woman that I neither find whiny nor just emotionless. Her love for Lin Shu was something deep, and something eternal.

She knew that he could not become the person he once was yet she never asked anything of him. She knew that Lin Shu had a lot to do and probably would be unable to focus onto her but she didn’t say anything about it and chose to accept it.

Her love for him is strong to be able to survive eleven years of seperation. Also, the fact that she is a general and that she seems like one with the gravitas and everything.

Although I don’t see her as much as the other two main characters, but she is just one character that deserve the strong female title.

Because when she thought that when her love of the life was dead, she moved on although not forgetting him but neither being so grief stricken.


I mean the cast of characters is vast yet at the same time with their own personalities. Never in my life have I met a cast of characters that everyone had their own personality yet not have too much of a similarity.

Some deserve special mentions here:

Fei Liu


I just say that he is just one word, cute. A teenager physically but mentally a child. Although I wonder how he handled his Su Ge Ge’s death. Sure, he doesn’t have many lines but those that he does it’s not very clear as he only speak one or two words or at best a few I never seen him speak a full sentence.

But his reactions are already enough to tell me either way. Also, that he is like a child as he will be frank, who he will like and who he did not like.

Meng Zhi


I actually like him, the way that he had tried to mother Lin Shu, but failed most of the time and that he is not very bright and only by association. At least, he’s no good dumb guy who’s only good thing about him is to beat people up.

He at least tries to keep up even though he fails most of the time.

Lin Chen


I didn’t know why I included him but it was only until the later part when he appeared that everything gotten interesting. And very funny.

He always lightens the mood in his own unique way, just like his personality, although quite rather laid back, and that I can see that he is carefree and Esther flirtatious.

Yet, when he needs be he is shown to be serious, and sometimes his lines is just interesting.

He also worries for Mei Chang Su, who is his friend for a long time already and that he helped him plan his revenge plan which was complicated.

Xia Dong


She’s another strong female that despite losing her husband, she never once became weak. Continuing her job and retaining her personality. That was something that I liked about her was that she moved on.


the only word I have to say about the plot is that it is so intricate that I’m surprised that the drama is so short although the speed of the drama was something that I could keep up with.

Although sometimes I’m lost and that the story is just so shocking at certain points although I could guess certain parts although some relavations was totally out of my mind. Or certain people coming back that I really thought was dead or even that of those that were only mentioned earlier.

Also, things in this drama happened for a reason, maybe having the same person who did the book do the script was a smart move.

And that every line has its own meaning of its own, everything introduced are truly shown and not just left to one side and forgotten in most dramas.

Also the way this was filmed was amazing, I mean every scene was done to its fullest with it being carefully shot and in vivid detail giving me the whole picture.

The costumes here were something that I liked, simple, not too gaudy nor just like a costume and looked like something that could be worn during those times.

Well, Shan Ying from now own would probably be a favourite company of mine if I ever looked it.

Nirvana in fire would remain as the top drama I have ever watched probably for a long time that even if the sequel comes out as long as its done by the same production company I would be glad to watch the show.

And the best period drama I have ever chanced upon. So much that I actually want to start writing Fanfiction for this and that maybe I would post an excerpt soon about it as I’m still sorting everything out and unsure about which part that I want to write about. More so when I decide.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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The first myth review



This post would centre around the first myth a Chinese drama. This was something that I really enjoyed from top to bottom even with the cliffhanger ending of the first part it kept me reading.

It wad truly interesting to watch this and see how it unfolded in fact and I laughed at everything there, there were funny moments all the time yet I never felt as though it wad forced.

Sammul Chan as Jiang Zi Ya


I have to admit that it was over here that I began to like this actor mainly because he had convinced me as someone with intelligence and everything. He was never funny most of the times it was the others but it was quite nice looking at him and now that everyone said it, he is very pretty boy.

I heard that he used to work for TVB, it was interesting to know and eventually find out. I rather liked him as an actor, I actually may consider watching more of his shows as well.

Coming to this, I have nothing to comment about the costumes, not too bright and quite nice for some of them.

Zhang Xin Yu as Su Da Ji/ Hu Xian Er



This character need two photos because Zhang Xin Yu here plays two characters that is Su Da Ji, it is also intersting as well and see that she has done quite a good job in her own way. Well, I can see why she is casted in either very evil or feisty roles, must be the eyebrows and everything.

Though, she is pretty gorgeous and everything which made her suited especially her looks. It would make sense to cast her as someone evil when she looks like one.

As for her role, I think she did a relatively good job all things considered, as she made me hate her a lot which is the job of the antagonist.

Now here comes the comic relief:

Vular Jiang as Ma Zhao Di


This is one funny woman in fact, she is crazy and looks like she has a screw loose somewhere but it was truly a comedy relief to watch her. The earlier parts just want to make you laugh but she has some serious moments too but her relationship with Jiang Zi Ya here is truly something funny and comedic to watch. Their dynamics are a little confusing but funny sometimes and he scolds her and such.

Ne Zha


Let’s just say this is also another one with funny moments as well, I can’t seem to find any other picture of the comic reliefs but seriously there are so many that it’s funny tp watch without getting tired even the more serious ones are sometimes in the joke as well.

This is also a must watch as well. The plot is pretty good and definitely funny without it being too funny for an ancient series.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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Rookie Agent Rogue

This is a new drama by Zhao Li Ying and would probably be her first one in the china Republican era, she would be playing a amateur spy with Lu Yi and he would be playing a mature one. It takes place nearing the Japanese invasion of China.



Zhao Li Ying doesn’t look half bad, she looks pretty good in the stills and since this is her first time doing Republican dramas I wonder how it will go.

She’s been really busy this entire year probably from all that fame from The Journey of flower.


Lu Yi

He looks pretty good to me, but he definitely looks mature which is probably necessary for his role as a mentor like but not like the shifu from The Journey of flower.


I wonder what kind of spy goes out wearing bright red dresses. I don’t think that it’s for the fashion sense but otherwise it’s pretty good sense of style. However, I don’t think spies really care about it so this dress while going spying is pretty much a fail but it looks good on her.


She lookes really good even with short hair I wonder did she really cut her hair or she just chose to wear a wig, I have no idea but she looks like a tomboy and pretty strong so I’m going to enjoy this.


I have to admit, she doesn’t look too bad in bright pink as well though she is not spying so I can’t judge her but I like this one as well, whoever picked out her wardrobe was a little flashy for a spy but has great taste when it came to the clothing itself.


She looks pretty good here as well and with the hats of the Republican era she’s sporting looks pretty good on her and the dress seems good on her and way more suitable for a spy than her other two dresses.


This is a pretty good one, I’m pretty curious as to why he is holding a gun but more so afraid. Though her fashion sense here looks pretty good.


Okay, she got caught holding a mirorr or is spying through it, I have no idea.


Dressing up as a waiter and spying, it looks pretty good and is using her spying skill after all and camoflaging is like a mandatory rule of a spy and bright red makes you stand out like a sore thumb, but this would make you blend in.

Overall, it impresses, I think I may watch this drama maybe for her or if the storyline impresses.

Sweet dreams postings from dreamingmt