The House Of The Spirits 

It does live up to expectations of a saga. As this story slowly unravels and balances the first person narration and mostly third person narration so incredibly well. The main narrator of the entire story is Esteban, who at times disgust me of the way he thought that Clara was his. And that she should be willing to share everything with him. 

As for Clara, in her own right, she is a strong woman. She would put her foot down and leave him, which she does in this book for her own daughter. The way that she is always so incredibly wise and aware of the world, and how she is portrayed is like a clairvoyant sometimes. Where she doesn’t try to speak. And her abilities really quite magical, and the way it is presented places this book into magical realism. Where sometimes certain events barely have any explanation, and this does pass due to the way Clara appears so incredibly aware. 

As for the family, which they are all rather crazy. Esteban with his obsession with Rosa and became a reason why he married Clara in the first place. Clara with all her abilities yet choosing not to interfere in many of her fates. Blanca, and her eventual life working hard and doing what she likes. All the while giving birth to a daughter. And Jaime and Nicolas, both of which finds their own strange path. Nicolas moving from one point to another without much thought, Jaime and his constant need for helping the poor. 

I really liked how their entire family became part of politics eventually. Such as Esteban running as a conservative, Jaime standing on the opposition side. As for eventually what happens to Alba and her, I would say that another party has come into power and one that is indeed a cruel tyrant. 

As for the story slowly beginning and ending, it all ends with Alba. And this saga has been quite entertaining really. Such as Clara deciding once and for all leaving, even though they still kept up appearances. Blanca and her affair, Jaime and Nicolas where both their paths diverged so incredibly much. And Alba, who grew up in this ridiculous environment.

So, this is a good book. More in the part that it developed characters over the years, and yet still kept their essence in the way that I could still recognize them. All the while spanning years and years with three generations of the family. And well, this books handles it all well. With how bizarre some of them are, and eventually having Esteban realise that he on some level had faulted. And Blanca deciding to let her first love go, after seeing that he was unwilling to be chained to her. 

And the way Alba views the world at the end. I would say that all this took a lot of work and planning, given how each character eventually had their own role to play and their own role to fulfill. And even seeing Esteban begging on his knees was nice indeed, and the way that he simply wants Alba back is really heartwarming too. 

So this is a family saga, and centered about their entire family and lives. And the way that somehow a lot of things eventually come back to them, and a lot of times there aren’t a lot of answers seeing as how Alba changed, and how mysterious she was at the epilogue. So, I would say that this book is more about the family than anything else. And each character was handled well for me, at least within the Trueban family. 

Rating: 4 out of 5′



I really like this book, with how it handled the themes of superheroes and whether they should exist or not. And even making both characters, neither actually is the better choice. Victor is quite vicious, but doesn’t think that the EO needs to be killed. Eli, on the other hand thinks that they are unnatural and deserving of death. 

In the middle of it all, it Sydney, who is important since she can revive the dead. Even till the very end. I think out of all, Sydney is the kindest of all of them. Though, I do admit that I did enjoy the fact that she had a lot of spotlight. And is extremely helpful to Victor in hunting Eli. All the more, she went through quite a lot too, when Eli tried to kill her and well, she was shot. 

I really like how it is more about the concept of superheroes and how at the same time they are viewed as monsters by Eli. And their papers, are they unnatural and should be destroyed or useful. This doesn’t give you a clear answer. But it tells you that killing people for the sake of the greater good isn’t always the best. 

And really, doesn’t justify sacrificing these lives just so the rest can live in peace. 

Particularly, I liked how Serena and Eli were partners. And how essential she was to ensuring that he remains a hero in their eyes. If not, well, we can say that it didn’t turned too well for him. Since he is a murderer rather than someone who is a hero. 

And the flashbacks were all perfect in giving depth to each character in just one book. I would say they are very relevant in revealing just what they have been true, and changes characters as it goes along. 

So, this is mostly a book about superheroes and the fact that sometimes there are really no good answers. At the end of the day, he it ends is like how this book should end. The villain gets captured rightfully under the law. So, I would say that the ending is suitable to the tone of this series. 

Overall, I would recommend this to those who want something a little more about the theme of superheroes. And see two people who are at opposite ends of each other, and one is the antagonist of the other. There is no real villain, they are just simply the opposite of each other. And well, both are neither the hero yet not completely a villain and well I relished this book on this fact. 

Rating: 5 out of 5

I normally wouldn’t add a quote, but this is probably one of the most true quotes I have ever come across. 

You don’t understand,” gasped Eli, “No one understands.”

“When no one understands, it’s a clear sign that you are wrong.”


The Assasin’s Curse 

I have no words for this book. It is one of the most perfect books I have read, and hopefully breaks my bad book streak I have been on recently where I hated so many books for the entire month. And well, where to begin? I think I would start with the characters. 

Anana is a complete badass, and well a really convincing pirate. She’s convincing as she steals, cheats and lies. And well, she is a badass in how she deals with things. She escapes from her marriage, except that she brings common sense with her. And that she tries to sell her dress the moment she finds it, and constantly is thinking of how to survive. 

And well, this girl basically saved the assassin and then ends up being protected by him, yet most of the time they are alive due to her. Most importantly, when it’s necessary she knows that she needs to kill and she won’t hesitate. That was what I expected of pirate. 

Naji, had revived my faith in assassins in books. So far, I only read about so many plain horrible assassins. Especially the previous book. Sure, he’s not the most dependable here, but at least he isn’t a self-righteous hypocrite. He simply trusts his heart sometimes and has his own back story. And well, he can take care of himself. 

So, this duo who were cursed and eventually forced to be together. They were believable, Anana with her knowledge of the seas and being a pirate. And Naji as an assassin. They didn’t feel like a whitewashed version of the usual pirates and assassins, who believe what they do is right.

Ultimately, to me the characters carried the story the whole way. The only complain I have is how only the three tasks were revealed at the end of the day, and that it could have also served to further their relationship. The world here to me was developed enough to pass it as a decent world building. 

So, I would recommend this to those who think that Anana and Naji are great characters. And well, if you don’t I think you should just give it a pass. 

Rating: 4 out of 5


The Joy Luck Club

I have really enjoyed this book, as almost every character had her own story. And well, it was indeed interesting to read really how each ended and began. Also, how much their mothers also influenced them. 

But mostly was how realistic it was to be a woman then in China which was not a good one. And thus makes each story which is narrated, each character here carries a rather big story here, and those back stories are the reason why I also love this story. It really makes each story count and put a lot into the eventual ending. Such as having disagreements, a perfect American woman, a woman who eventually married because of a disaster in her house. 

Then, to a daughter who had so much hopes placed on her to be a genius. A perfect chess genius. I really loved this story for how it was, how each story were so carefully crafted, so detailed that I could feel it really. It just so realistic that my hearts went to them. Though I would have wanted more about the Joy Luck Club, about the main story. It was mostly like reading a back story but barely having any link till the end. 

That is really my only complaint. Otherwise, the characters, the atmosphere, the story is almost perfect. I would say, read this for each character. Where each of them carry a heavy story and a difficult background from the start. 

Rating: 4 out of 5


A Conjuring Of Light 

This was a definitely satisfying kind of ending. And I have to admit that Kell didn’t seem so perfect her, he is just really too selfless for his own good. To me, I believe that Lila had a little more realism in her than he does. And well, I did think that Holland would have died either way. 

I would say that how it ends, definitely is a happy one. But given the characters, I was going to expect such an ending. But to me, I do see that Kell doesn’t exactly want to stay within the palace and neither would he just remain there so the actual ending, is one that I can accept and make do with. To me, Kell never strike me as one who would remain home. And well, I would expect Lila to just leave when it’s the best time to. 

As for all the Londons and magic, everything comes together nicely and ends as well. Though the most hilarious part had to be when someone sold probably the world’s most precious object. I’m not even kidding. It’s pretty funny, but given how little was known about it, I’m not blaming him in the least that he just decided to sell it. It is what ends the story, and the magic that is consuming the world. 

But perhaps, I wanted to see Grey London a little bit. See how it would affect them as well. And you know enter England at the time period of George IV. And maybe have Lila face up to her past just a little. But this book was satisfying and would definitely satisfying those fans of this. 

Just like the beginning of an epic fantasy series, now I see the end of it. In a good light, I do think that all the endings suit the characters. On the other, some has been quite a little bit of letdown. But overall, this would satisfy all fans who desperately want to read the book and are a fan of the series. 

And well, it’s an ending that is still open and is completely up to your interpretation. A happy ever after for Kell really, since his entire life he has been kept chained by royalty. 

Rating: 5 out of 5


The Wind-up Bird Chronicle

I would say that this is one that took me a long time to read, and I did enjoy every bit of it. Every single page was rather different from what I have read. This book indeed goes through a bizarre journey, with so many twists and turns which I could barely even see and understand. Most importantly, is that it made me enjoy this book a lot more than any other. This bizarre set of characters and plot .Ade me curious as to the work is. 

And for once, I do admit that this is quite a different sort of book. One that explores many philosophies, the possibility of abilities and also a lot of sometimes hard to grasp concepts. But to me, this was a refreshing and original work. With the characters each being rather unique, and the villain in a way not a complete villain. His abilities weren’t really known much until the end, or even explained. But whatever I got to me was enough and even sufficient. The rest, well is up to your imagination. 

It really goes a totally different way, and well made me enjoy reading from a completely different light and even really like this form. I do admit that his style cam be rather different, especially here and towards the end where it does get bizarre. But to me, I really enjoyed it. 

From the slow pace and eventually the disappearances of his wife, to May Kasahara, Malta Kano, Creta Kano, Lieutenant Mamiya, Mr Honda, to even Nutmeg and Cinnamon. They were a strange and bizarre cast, and really piqued my interest. Such as the abilities within here, especially evident in Malta KaNo and Nutmeg, a strange and unexplained abilities, Creta Kano. To the mystery of someone who never speaks but has really high IQ. This is bizarre and well, the right kind for me. 

So, I would say pick this book up if you want something new. If you want to see something else rather than the typical explainable book, this really cannot be explained with still a lot left to interpretation. And the ending, quite open and interesting really. So, to me, the most important piece of advice when it comes to picking up this book. 

Just consider whether you want to be thrown into a really bizarre book, one that really makes you think and wonder about the principle of life, and one that will have you questioning several things later. Such as the two worlds, one where it is crossed over, the other still here. And one where there are going to have unexplained abilities and mysteries which are barely even categorized. 

Rating: 5 out of 5


The Alloy Of Law

This had been one fast read. Now that I’m once more back to the Mistborn world, except these hundred years later everything has changed. And it has became one interesting development entirely, which characters leaving their mark, particularly Elend. His name makes up the city of Elendel, very easy to figure out. As for Vin, I feel as though she needed more recognition. But a gun being named Vindication after her is quite a lot, and a couple of places too. But at least she is still remembered. 

As for the world now, there are no longer Allomancers who are able to use the sixteen metals. Instead, we have twinborn(a mixture of Feruchemy and Allomacy) and Allomancers who can at best only burn one metal. 

But I would say despite not having the same characters as the first Mistborn trilogy had. This is something different and clearly defined so in fact, with Wax, Wayne, Marasi being all different from Mistborn. And also, unlike most of his works, this doesn’t feel nearly as dark but more of fun. 

Wax is a lawman who came back into the city. All the while there are kidnappings, crimes to be solved. It is unlike Mistborn in anyway possible, and begins in a simpler note. While Wayne has the cake for being the king of wit here, I laughed real hard at his lines. This work isn’t as serious as Mistborn where I read it slowly and carefully. In fact, this is lighter. 

As for Marasi, she is a strong willed character but I do like the fact that she loves skirts and dresses and look pretty. But she is a great shot. As the same for Ranette, who I’m interested in seeing as how she made Vindication and practically shoots Wayne every time he meets her. Wayne is one the most interesting and deep characters I feel that is here. Even more than Wax himself sometimes. 

For the ending, it is rather interesting to find out that. Though I guessed that there was more with the Ladrian family than on the surface with how Wax described his own uncle. In a sense, I was right and quite surprising, a new character show up. 

So, overall this work is remiscient of Mistborn in many ways possible, yet it sets itself apart as a sequel to it, yet never in the most direct sense. But should Mistborn readers read this? I suggest you try it, it may not be a cup of tea for all but it was for me.