Murder At Half Moon Gate

I greatly enjoyed this book for what it told. The story was enjoyable, the characters easily relatable and understandable. The mystery was gripping. When all of the come together, you will see me enjoy this book fully.

And this deserved it. The mystery was about new technology, about the world changing. And about Charlotte’s past, which was tied to the story and the mystery and what it revealed.

The reality of women in those times that no matter what they do, there will be something said about them. And when they become the epitome of society perfection, they simply become boring. As well as the many misfortunes they face but can never solve within their own right, because society limits their ability to do so.

I enjoyed all the women here. Almost all of them exist for a reason, have their own personalities and objectives. And Charlotte was someone that had an intriguing past that she move forward from and is more than capable. A reason why I like her, and even understand her choices.

Wrexford was no different. I found their relationship to be rather equal, and they depend on each other quite a lot. Their interactions are always enjoyable and entertaining.

Overall, I liked the story for what it did. Telling a gripping story from page one to the end, and the characters who have their own personalities and pasts which do play a part here. Highly reconmended if you’re into mysteries set in historical times.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5


The Indigo Girl

I was surprised at the turn of events when it came to this story. Given how it seemed that Eliza will succeed, instead she gets tricked endlessly. And her own family even sabotaged her.

Her story is a struggle which I felt. I really disliked her mother, and the way she shut her own daughter down. And the way she chose to ruin here, I was incredibly shocked and cared for her. In the way that it was supposed to be, that I really disliked her mother.

And well, I could not even understand why she will choose such methods. When it won’t bode well for their family at all. Eliza is doing her best to save their wealth, while her mother chooses to let it go just so she can marry her daughters off when her husband was dependent on those plantations in the first place. If anything, I call that foolish. Really, really foolish.

And well, you can say that I disliked her. I could see where she came from, but to do that to your own flesh and blood while thinking that it was the best option for her. You can figure out how much I disliked her now.

And all the other characters who make life pretty much hell for Eliza, and the way they belittle her. I really cared for her, as she truly was alone and struggled alone. The way that she couldn’t see the end in sight at all, because there was just no end. And with this kind of people supporting her, it was even a surprise that her indigo was of good quality.

At the end, I was happy for Eliza. She did deserve such an ending, and it suited her. Away from her rather terrible family, and establishing a new life for herself. I cared for her journey the most. And when it has managed to make me care, I enjoy it thoroughly.

Rating: 5 out of 5


This was by all means, dark and satisfying. Even for a middle grade book, this was one which did truly explore the depths of being exploited and alone. With no one to stand up for them.

A tale of a lonely girl and the way that many take advantage of her, when she does something that is so necessary. A thankless job but none of them take her seriously.

I greatly enjoyed this, because of the way that it was told and Laylee’s plight was highlighted. Through her thoughts that she simply moves on without care, even when they often mistreated her.

That what she does is so important yet often ignored. That the dead were simply left on her doorstep to deal with. And she wasn’t even paid enough. I say that I enjoyed this because of the way this issue was so clearly explored, the kind of hopelessness she faced. The situation she was stuck in.

Like many children who are still doing child labour, because if they did not do it, they will never get fed. I appreciate what this story is telling, as much as Laylee doesn’t have a choice.

And the emotions she felt, all the time were so incredibly well done. I felt for her, I understood her. She simply did what she thought was best, she accepted her situation because trying to fight it was hard. Very hard. That there was little way that she could have won.

And Alice and Oliver, although I didn’t read the previous book I liked them. They truly were of aid to Laylee as much as Benyamin was to her. They were her friends, and grew to be.

As for the magic here, the ideas are well explored and developed. Such as how the dead rises, and how they need to be washed. Otherwise they will never move on, and if waited too long they will linger on the earth.

As such, I say that this is a book that should exist. It is relevant, it talks about something that should have been done. Such as the emotions that Laylee bottles up from years of exploitation, mistreatment. That when it comes up, it is scary. In this case, it is so.

But Laylee is still a better person than they were at the end of the day, she simply wanted to be respected and paid for her work. Nothing more, and well isn’t that all we wish for too?

Rating: 5 out of 5

The Reluctant Queen

Well, I never thought I will be staying this but this is a series that is quite different from most fantasy books that I have read. And all the characters here have a reason to exist and all does things aligning with their characters entirely as they are said.

Naelin is someone with talents but to her she doesn’t want it, all she wants is safety and a simple life. She isn’t Daleina and I’m glad that the author never made her to be as such. She stands on her own feet as someone who is different.

And someone that I could completely understand. She is a middle aged woman who by all means didn’t want to be a Queen, did not aim for greatness. And I actually saw her sensibility in it, it isn’t a safe job and it can drive people mad. And the author made me understand her, when I’m probably all for personal choice.

Don’t worry, Naelin grows into her own convictions later. She has found reasons to continue.

As for Daleina, I always will admire her. The way she dealt with her imminent death, and her intelligence. But Naelin is still the main character as she is the one that grows the most.

As for all the other characters, my favorite is Hamon’s mother, Ganrah, a chemist with zero morals. She is comepletely not beyond hurting others for her own amusement but I like her. As a friend maybe I will hate her, but reading her just felt so refreshing.

As for Queen Merecot, by all means she was rather interesting. She has her reasons why she does this and for lack of better word, it is completely understandable why she will even resort to this.

Because her country will not survive without it, and who can fault her actions when it is so.

Overall, I enjoyed this work for the way it developed its characters. Richly and complex without ever letting them become just one sided. And some rather interesting additions to the series, which I will love to read more about the Ganrah, even if she may be a woman who lacks any ethics and possibly may be in an attention seeker. But she was my favorite out of all of them. And well, what can I say, I highly recommend this series.

Rating: 5 out of 5

They Both Die At The End

Well, by all means this was one of unique premise and at the same time one that touched into the topics on life and the uncertainty of death.

It follows two friends who find out that they’re dying within the next twenty four hours. And that there is no way to avoid it. The ending certainly went back to this, but by all means the journey to their deaths wasn’t.

Since they both became friends on the day of their deaths, through the Last Friend app. All of them just have a lot of fun, figure everything out until their imminent deaths. And I enjoyed it.

As Mateo and Rufus get closer together, as well as their developing friendship. In one day, both of them opened fully up to each other. Prompting the other to make better use of them. To be a better person. And in reality, it was what I wanted.

This isn’t a book about fighting death, it is one that says how they can live their life to the fullest. Even if it is only in one day, and the things they did during their last day was something that they will never do in their lives.

And well, I just let myself look at this. As both of them have nothing better to look forward to, no future and no hope. Yet, the way they initially faced death were different. But as they got together, they made it memorable. By the end, it could be said that both could never forget the other.

As for the other characters who appear, they are interesting. Such as the idea of a celebrity who receives such a call, a prank call with a journalist. They all react differently, and well it is expected. No one can just say that they will die within a day without strong reactions.

Overall, I found this enjoyable. About two friends who spend their last day together getting into all sorts of situations, and taking an Around the world in eighty minutes tour. And the ending, was something that I didn’t fully expect at all. Especially the ending words.

But it suits the work. For it deals with the fact that all our days are numbered and no amount of precaution can prevent that, and we should just try to live while we still can. Live while we have the chance to do so.

Although the plot was way too vague and the idea of Death Cast could have been elaborated on more. I mean, I don’t get any explanation. But it is narrated by two guys who are dying in a day, which is excusable. But the author also used third person perspectives, use them then to show how Death Cast came to be.

So, this is a book that should be read by all. It deals with death and the way that it is inevitable and unexpected, like it is in real life. But there can be improvements as I said, but overall something we should really ponder about.

Rating: 4 out of 5

The Fifth Gospel

This grabbed me from the start, a tale of secrets betrayal with history. Which all together made for a very good read. Even when I’m not Christian.

I like how Alex is so important to the story. His past, his character all affects changes. And that even when faced with the harsh truth about his brother, he chooses to make a selfless sacrifice.

I felt many things for him, many times over. From the times he looked at the Gospels, to the times he talked about his father, his brother and even how wife Mona, each of them are all in a way that makes him all around a likeable well rounded character.

Even when at times, his actions are not the most perfect. But he does it because he can take it, while the person he is taking the rap for cannot. That it is all they have left.

The plot is so well thought out that I’m completely blown away by it. All the reveals come at the right time, and all the threads come together to pack a punch. In a way that has you doubt everything that you have been fed so far.

As for the research regarding the city at 2004, as well as the theology and history included in all of this. It will have taken a lot of research, and even more work to not make it a boring session. I was completely sucked into all of this, although I’m a history buff but it was interesting enough that it caught my attention and had me hooked completely to the story.

So, read it if you have a love of history, religion and mystery. To me, this was just something I could not forget at the end of the day and U savoured almost every word.

Rating: 5 out of 5


This was a really enjoyable work, at least to me. I found the tale of Maud and her life during her teenaged years fascinating.

And at the same time quite sad and even poignant, reflecting upon the helplessness of a girl in those times. Where she has to stay with someone and becomes extremely dependent on them.

Since this is a ya novel, at the end of the day it means that the ending will not go further than just barely into her adulthood but it was still satisfying. Maud got what she wanted albeit quite differently and her life even at this time was filled with interesting occasions.

As for all the characters who affect her, I like Laura the best she is her best friend at the end of the day. As well as eventually her own grandma who displayed her support for her to enter college behind her grandfather’s back.

Not to mention her stepmother, whom I found deplorable but not completely a villain. She was doing what she could to help herself, even if it was at Maud’s expense. But the ending of how it went down, the final confrontation with her was almost perfection.

Overall, this novel wasn’t hurt a biography, it truly told a story which I enjoyed thoroughly through Maud and her experiences which were rather unique and really made me feel for her.

Rating: 5 out of 5