The Bear And The Nightingale

This was gorgeously written, in a way that I just fell in love with all that was in here.

The writing was in multiple points, and of any kinds and sorts. I really liked how perfect it seemed. I really understood Konstantin and his motives, no matter how much it churns me. And Anna, and I just so desperately wished she will eventually just disappear. If anything they were complex but really easy to hate. In a way that I just wished they will drop off a cliff. To me, that was the most perfect kind of book I know. If I hate the villains despite them being so well fleshed out and indeed flawed, well this book is perfect.

I liked how brave Vasya was here. She never seemed to falter. Although I will have preferred if the story just focused a lot more on her. But it is also mostly negligible to the kind of entertainment I got from this book. The way Vasya never failed to go to the route that she saw as hers. I enjoyed it as much as possible.

As for the ending, I really liked it so much. It suited Vasya given her entire character. That she will never consider marriage to be her option.

I just like how the story was told so lyrically, yet at the same time told a dark tale. It indeed, is worth my money for it.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5


In The Shadow Of Blackbirds

I really enjoyed this novel. Even when the entire story started from a death, and although it still ended in the same way. But I loved Mary Shelley.

She was such an original character, and most importantly I always found her really relatable and even realistic. And that she has seen so much, and despite not fighting in a war she has already lost a lot in it. I really liked the impact it has done on Mary Shelley.

As for the main story, it is a murder mystery about Stephen. Where his death is more suspicious than anyone thinks it is, and well there is quite a bit of supernatural aiding Mary to allow her to figure all this out. I just really enjoyed the way it was handled.

Most importantly, was that the novel dealt with war. The mystery dealt with how people impacted by the war, the plague and how it creates a tragedy. And how it happens. I really enjoyed yet was saddened by the reveal of it all. And at the same time, it was never what I expected at all.

All the while the side characters stood out. Such as Julius and Mr Darning, and their secrets. Aunt Eva and her protectiveness which did have some sense, although I was groaning at her all the time. Yet, I never detested her just found her really annoying and wishes that she will understand.

As for having Mary serve the red cross and help those war veterans, it was really real to me. And I felt that it was fitting if anything.

Overall, this is a novel which explores more than just war and ghosts. It is about all the effects it causes, apart from the epidemic to even the mental health of soldiers. Overall, this was really enjoyable.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Impossible Saints

I really never felt so much agony for the main couple ever at all. It is different from my expectations and even what I expected it will go into.

This is a tale of romance that stretches, that will make you feel sad and hope for something. That their seperations are because of their ideology rather than some unfortunate events. It isn’t because of any tragedy the main couple cannot get together, it is merely a matter of ideals, personalities. And this is where I just fell in love with all of this.

Lilia was definitely born in the wrong century, she is the modern woman we know today able to make her own choices and flaunting it. She will not be an angel in the house, and she will fight her way for the vote. From the beginning, she captivated me and her journey was not about love and learning to love. She never compromises on her beliefs and it leads to all sorts of interesting discussions.

As for Paul, he is a clergyman. And eventually he also decided on his own path temporarily but eventually will get together. But he has his own ideals than he can’t get over, and by the end he has changed. Even more than Lilia, but I will still like her for her views in how she never deviates nor ever changes from them.

Even more so was how the book had so many moments where wit was included in such an interesting way that definitely caught my attention and made me laugh in such a way that I never expected it too, nor even the way I recognized how true it was.

Overall, this was just really enjoyable. This isn’t the normal romance, but it is very true. There is changes and compromises on both sides, but never deviating too far. As for the ending line, I loved it. It was perfect. And finally, this just never was what I thought it will be. But it proved to be what I needed most.

Rating: 5 out of 5

The Sleeping Prince

I really enjoyed this, in the way that it takes the most common tropes and I expect it to go in a predictable manner. Yet, it doesn’t, it goes down in a way that I never expected it to, but darkly so. What I get is twisted folklores, hidden secrets and plenty of intrigue to spice things up. Which is what I wanted and craved for so long.

Errin is a really understandable character, she may be demanding she may be willing to do anything for her mother. But I don’t hate her, she is making the best of her circumstances and I felt that she was the most consistent. She never went away, and even till the end she is someone who puts her family first and even if it means putting others into jeopardy.

As for the sleeping prince, I understand his entire being. That he does all he wants, and he has lost much of his own life and woke up to a comepletely different and even new world. And there is a good reason why he does want Twylla, and even Errin not to mention taking advantage of everything that he has. And when he lost his inheritance, what does he do? Burn two kingdoms to the ground to rebuild his own. Indeed a great a villain that I will love to hate, and with an interesting depth.

As for all the side characters, I will always like Silas. Cannot help doing so. Twylla makes a return and well, what it revealed about her shocks me and all the while bringing a whole new meaning to why she was poisonous. And Lief, playing the two sides, him as usual.

Overall, this is something unique and different. I will recommend this if you like a mix of mythology and intrigue, with the fact that both main characters are flawed and with this a good villain that I feel isn’t just there. He has some legimate reason why he does what he does, but all the while a lot of the blame is still on him.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Wonder Woman: Warbringer

I really enjoyed this work. The wit and humor really got to me surrounded by a cast of extremely interesting and diverse characters who brought this to live.

I really enjoyed the liberties she took with the story and setting it in modern day New York, it fits it perfectly and completes her. All the while the inequality Alia faced, is present and touched upon in a way I like.

Diana, I believe was finding her footing and I did like her quite a lot. She did go through a lot and with this, I once again find out why I like superheros in the first place. Although complicated dark characters will always be first in my heart, but Diana is a heroine who never wavers. I thoroughly enjoyed how Diana is not going there because of a man, but because she wanted to save a girl. Romance is little here, but in a way that I absolutely enjoyed it.

As for the villain, although predicted since I did see him as a possible threat from the beginning. I knew that he was likely a major aide or probably a threat. And well, I will be sad to see him go. But I did enjoy the place he served in narrative and how he did compliment his sister. And also, I really really liked him. Strange, don’t you think.

As for Alia, when it comes to wit she has it all. I enjoyed her remarks, her comments for it was enjoyable and even interesting. She may be a war bringer but she is someone that I sympathise with and the fate that she is saddled with as a war bringer. All the while I did see her grow and learn. Which was another favourite you could say.

Overall, you don’t need to watch the movie. It is seperate from the book in its own way, and makes it even more enjoyable with the cast. As for how Diana has her name, I like that it was simply an addition from Alia. Makes this entire story even more memorable for how female friendships were more important than romance. Sisterhoods do need some representations. And finally, the wit and most importantly that this was a novelty which I always found lacking in superheroes.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Eye Of The Moon

This was just very surprising. It had a huge touch of the paranormal and definitely felt very very Gothic.

This is a mystery, and a thriller. Slow at the beginning, and for much of the book. But by the end, there were plenty of secrets revealed, a touch of the occult and bizarre things happening.

As well as plenty of stories told on the way, such as Bruni and her family. Johnny and his, as well as Alice. All of them come together to form an interesting tale, filled with family secrets and a bit of the occult.

The ending was really interesting and satisfied me. With many secrets revealed, a rather good ending that still had a lot more beyond it. All the while combining the more complicated sides of Gothic fiction all together.

I was really interested in the main characters as you can say, invested in them. Which made this a lot more enjoyable, Percy and his eventual mistakes leading them here. As well as Johnny and their upbringing, they were close like brothers and I truly felt their closeness here.

By the ending, things have largely changed so much from the beginning. Such as the characters who all have a part to play here, it doesn’t feel as though any of them are wasted. And the plot is complicated and twists in many many ways.

Overall, this was immensely satisfying and in all ways comepletely clicked with me. I enjoyed and savoured the work slowly, and if you’re like me a fan of more Gothic works then this is for you.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Defy The Stars

You know, sometimes Sci-fi does work for me. Even if it is more the rarity rather than the norm. And this book is that rarity.

I mean, the story isn’t just about science or anything. It is about violence, has a touch of religion and also about robots having a soul. That is something that I will prefer to read instead, science which had an impact. Science which will create different viewpoints.

And you know, I just love Noemi. She never compromises herself, but she slowly accepts and eventually falls in love with Abel since she realises he has a soul. Nothing else, but that was enough to convince me of their romance. It was a believable ride, with neither really changing themselves too much.

As for Abel, when he slowly grows to care for Noemi it is done well, and gives him a slight human touch. However, it does not define him. It doesn’t make him who he is. It just helps him grow to be a human, and as a reader who doesn’t love this kind of stuff.

As for the touch of religion, where Noemi is so, and she doesn’t change so much. Eventually, it will fade and her views will change slightly but it still remains the same. She still is the same girl we see at the start, all ready to sacrifice herself.

The world is made up of many planets with humans living on almost all of them, and there are a lot of difference in opinion in the world as it is. Genesis and Earth are having a war, Cray is a place for all those geniuses and Kismet as a tourist attraction. All the while, the mechs are important as it takes a lot of space since Abel is one. And there is a lot of argument there, whether Abel is that disposable and whether he truly is a completely different being. And that whether he actually has a soul despite having almost everything a human has.

And this book did make me think, and immersed me in all of it. And for sci-fi, it is rare for me to ever do so. And I guess that I will wholeheartedly recommend this, for it is talking about something that does deserve attention in this day and age.

Rating: 5 out of 5