The Night Of Elisa

Well, the story begins with Elisa waking and having little idea of what she is herself. Or where she came from. But eventually her personality was slowly developed, to the point that I greatly enjoyed the story.

The writing was the strongest point of the story if you ask me. Where I found it full of life, easy to understand and even love. Elisa, all the characters were written in such a way that I cared about them. Even if I barely knew anything about them.

Answers did come, and there were some regarding Elisa. But some things shall remain a mystery as it was here.

Although there were some things which I didn’t think was done well enough. Such as Elisa’s abilities and what it really did. I was expecting a little more to say, about what it really did. And what it really meant to her.

And the romance between her and Leonheart, I didn’t really feel the chemistry between them. A little sad about the fact, although the ending was nice. But they could have spent more time together and understood each other better before the plot kicked in.

But otherwise, solid story and filled with the supernatural. Which is just to my taste.

Rating: 4 out of 5


A Treacherous Curse 

In a strange way, this completely captured my attention. The mystery was different as was the main characters in a very very good way. 

Veronica was defining relatable, and even entertaining to read through. She was a woman who didn’t try to complain or show how difficult her life was. I barely knew anything about her, but she is a detective who does all the work expected of her. She investigated everything thoroughly. And all her words were rather memorable. 

As for Stoker, who is her partner is also nonetheless interesting. It isn’t a romance, they remain very very platonic. While it reveals a lot about Stoker and what his past was, which was something interesting. 

Again the novel shows that almost no one caused the death of a particular person. Just plenty of people with different motives who happened to drive him to his eventual death. 

The ending was rather fulfilling as it was, since Veronica does have a place for herself not to mention the fact that Stoker also gained closer. As for the dialogue regarding Caroline de Morgan. It was entertaining and so right as it was. 

Overall, I really really enjoyed this work. It was satisfying yet differently structured from most mystery novels set in this time period. 

Rating: 4 out of 5

Song Of The Current

This just was a huge surprise. Yes, this was a book which was.a joy to read and indeed was satisfying and fun.

It has a romance but it is not the kind which I want to bang my head against, but rather the kind which I like. The relationship was a slow one, slow but all the while developing their relationships wholly.

As for the plot, it all begins when Caro opens a crate. I’ll just leave it at that. The rest is really one hell of a ride and an adventure. One which I thoroughly enjoyed and even loved. The way that it just never seemed to be predicable, and gave me a lot of thrills. Since I couldn’t really see any of the twists coming. Even though I really should have known better and guessed it from the start. But I didn’t.

As for Caro’s parents actually being an important part of her lives and her book. Yes, I liked it. That they aren’t perfect parents, and they have mistakes. But at least they exist, that is the main point. And I did like how her parents were complicated people, and Caro sees them as an adult does instead of that of a child. I found it rather fitting and one which really worked for me.

Therefore you could say that this work just happened to be one of my favourites. As everything was perfect, a good plot, great characters which I could relate to. And finally, a world and characters. If anything, this was just a lot of fun to read. Will recommend if you’re looking for something to pass the time and something entertaining.

Rating: 4 out of 5

A Thousand Pieces Of You

This was a really surprising book, since it’s the first one which deals with alternate dimensions and travelling through them. Which was a unique concept to take and also quite messed up to handle.

Marguerite changes due to the fact that she is travelling through each dimension when one small change causes a huge ripple. And she is an artist regardless of the time, but of a different art style each time. Not to mention, the way that she is focused on her dad. Yet this entire journey brought her on a roller coaster, I say this in not a very good way. Since it was hell for her.

I like how each version remains the same on many levels, yet all the changes are very subtle which changes everything. Such as the Tsarist Russia and its effects, to the various alternate dimensions which were indeed fun to know.

Strangely, I just found it rather difficult to get into at first but once I eased into it I really liked Marguerite at every angle. Her emotions, and all the journey she goes through. As for the ending, it was a satisfying one.

Overall, I found this really enjoyable and the author did have clear rules when doing something as difficult as alternate dimensional travel. And it was pulled off really well. I will still recommend this as it takes on a very difficult topic to even think about let alone write about.

Rating: 4 out of 5

The Bear And The Nightingale

This was gorgeously written, in a way that I just fell in love with all that was in here.

The writing was in multiple points, and of any kinds and sorts. I really liked how perfect it seemed. I really understood Konstantin and his motives, no matter how much it churns me. And Anna, and I just so desperately wished she will eventually just disappear. If anything they were complex but really easy to hate. In a way that I just wished they will drop off a cliff. To me, that was the most perfect kind of book I know. If I hate the villains despite them being so well fleshed out and indeed flawed, well this book is perfect.

I liked how brave Vasya was here. She never seemed to falter. Although I will have preferred if the story just focused a lot more on her. But it is also mostly negligible to the kind of entertainment I got from this book. The way Vasya never failed to go to the route that she saw as hers. I enjoyed it as much as possible.

As for the ending, I really liked it so much. It suited Vasya given her entire character. That she will never consider marriage to be her option.

I just like how the story was told so lyrically, yet at the same time told a dark tale. It indeed, is worth my money for it.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Land Of The Lost Tribe

Now this was a tale worth reading. About Eldad as he slowly travels the world and gains a lot of knowledge. But Eldad was easily understood and even relatable.

Most importantly, this was a journey. A journey to him as he goes through endless struggles, never reaching his destination but somehow gaining a lot on the way. Although I will have wanted more attention paid to Hadassah, she wasn’t explored enough. I will have wanted a little more time to develop their romance as simply more than just a friendship.

But otherwise, Eldad’s journey is a deep tale. As he discovers more and more about the Jews scattered across Europe. Not just that but also, the people he meets. But I found him to be just too good, he didn’t seem to have much of any moral weaknesses. And he wasn’t too entertaining. It was more entertaining to read about the side characters who appear here in fact. Especially Judith.

I liked the part with Eudoxia the most. She was strangely the most interesting character here even more than Eldad. And that I do think that this may be a series given the way the epilogue was written, and that there just was some things which weren’t tied up.

I do enjoy the part reading Judith, she does show plenty of intelligence to be Queen. And even when she became Queen, she was very very sensible in her choices. Such as how the epilogue showed that, it was glorious. I will say that if it is about her and conquering the Akusm kingdom you can count me in.

Overall this served as a very well thought out and well written book if you ask me. But Eldad isn’t always the best main character, he has a lot that doesn’t compel me to read him. But the side characters completely made up for it.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Adventures Of Iric

I really like this anthology. It doesn’t need you to constantly change characters, but each chapter is indeed a story. Resembles a serial in its own way but very much is still made up of pieces that all together work.

Each one telling a little more about Iric as he begins to experience life. From Runa, Volt and all the characters he meets. I like that each story does reveal more about them, all the while making Iric relatable and sympathetic.

It isn’t like most stories, although at times it didn’t keep my attention. But nonetheless, many of them had me constantly reading the dialogue the action and the description. All of it may be simple but I found it very very fitting.

Overall, I think that this anthology was handled well. It is like a story that is told in each chapter, but around the same characters and the same main narrator whom I found easy to read through and understand and very much enjoyable.

If you’re looking for a book where each story makes sense, all the while keeping them seperate but managing to manage the same characters using it. You’re looking at the book, a chance to take each story at its own rather than a full story encompassed at its own.

I say, this was a refreshing piece of work from what I have read before.

Rating: 4 out of 5