Murder At Half Moon Gate

I greatly enjoyed this book for what it told. The story was enjoyable, the characters easily relatable and understandable. The mystery was gripping. When all of the come together, you will see me enjoy this book fully.

And this deserved it. The mystery was about new technology, about the world changing. And about Charlotte’s past, which was tied to the story and the mystery and what it revealed.

The reality of women in those times that no matter what they do, there will be something said about them. And when they become the epitome of society perfection, they simply become boring. As well as the many misfortunes they face but can never solve within their own right, because society limits their ability to do so.

I enjoyed all the women here. Almost all of them exist for a reason, have their own personalities and objectives. And Charlotte was someone that had an intriguing past that she move forward from and is more than capable. A reason why I like her, and even understand her choices.

Wrexford was no different. I found their relationship to be rather equal, and they depend on each other quite a lot. Their interactions are always enjoyable and entertaining.

Overall, I liked the story for what it did. Telling a gripping story from page one to the end, and the characters who have their own personalities and pasts which do play a part here. Highly reconmended if you’re into mysteries set in historical times.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5


Sins Of The Fathers

Well I was more intrigued by the story of the death of the Archduke Rudolph and what was the reason behind it. I did like the countless, but the story was the one which pulled me in.

However, the countess is clearly quite capable and is shown to be able to do detective work on her own. But sadly, this doesn’t reveal much about her. And I will have liked it if it did reveal much more about her rather than her be the viewpoint character.

But it oddly works, although more chances for her to show more about herself will make this even More enjoyable. Such as why she chose to enter into this and more about her family life. Other than her mother whom I’m mostly indifferent against.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed how much I learned about the Countess and her life. And how she moved forward. Although I like development of characters, but the story captured my attention. Fully and made this a pretty enjoyable piece of work.

The plot is well done, everything fell neatly. And I was rather surprised at where the story was heading at times. And the mystery is truly intriguing, and if otherwise I will not have liked it.

Overall, I will recommend this if you’re looking for a mystery which went beyond the usual settings and counties used. And surrounding a mystery that I don’t often see but definitely has merit to suffice as a mystery that is unsolved.

Rating: 4 out of 5

The Flame Never Dies

This was one book which I really didn’t expect a lot of things. And well, it was written in such a way that I fully enjoyed the series. For what it was, and how it was written.

To me, this isn’t like most books. The premise is original, and the sequel definitely surprised me in how it went. Such as where it was heading, and the ending itself was in such a way that I didn’t expect it to turn out.

And the plot was entirely enjoyable, it tied up all the loose ends although I did wish for a more satisfying conclusion than this. But I didn’t mind it for the way it was, as it was unconventional and something that I haven’t actually seen done before.

And it worked.

The idea behind souls, exorcists and demons. The ideas that blend together and the reveals that comes with the story, is something that does a pretty good job of exploring the world as it is.

The characters and their background, back stories have truly been able to explore this rather messed up world without a soul and everything. And the way Nina dealt with everything, was something that was incredibly brave and truly makes her likeable.

As for Kastor, I was expecting something more sinister. But he was interesting for the last part, and all the truth that came out of his mouth. And as a villain, he somehow works. He has really dark agendas, and it is in such a way that is personal motivation and the fact that he is a demon.

All the while concluding this work which has been rather different from most in its genre, and making it end well, although it didn’t really tie up everything. And the world is largely still unchanged by the end of it.

Overall, I liked it. It is unusual, though it might not be for everyone.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Hunting Prince Dracula

This was pretty entertaining in the right sense, that I enjoyed the mystery. Perhaps it’s just that my tastes changed a lot within the last year, and this was not nearly as enjoyable as the one before.

However, all else is still exciting and even well planned. Since they were finding the serial killer as to who was behind the murders here, on their own. I enjoyed it quite thoroughly, although the murderer was someone that I could have seen coming.

Something lacked a little more regarding Thomas, which was why I liked him so much in the first book. It’s that he no longer has his genius, somehow that has eroded from him. While Audrey is going through the phase of whether she should just reject all the help. And well, I like that she is strong and modern although I still will have liked her to also accept him.

However, I do admit that the tension here is well deserved. It was going to happen the moment they started to understand romance, and when Thomas will take care of her. In the wrong way, and not in the way that she wants him to.

Well, the mystery was nice and so was the characters. But there just wasn’t a spark here they allowed me to completely love the series. Enjoy it, very much yes. But did I fall in love, not really.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Among The Red Stars

This was a rather interesting novel, about the Russian female pilots during World War II.

I greatly enjoyed the way the story was narrated, leaving some of the details out, and using letters to fill in the spaces. It worked to a great extent, as it allowed me to see the way the war impacted them.

And at the end of the day, it was all about moving forward. Regardless of what they left behind, and remembering all of them. The ending, in my mind was perfection and captured the way it should have ended in the first place.

The plot, is very much like reality. Although I do wish that there were more tension regarding Valka’s struggle, and that her accepting her regiment wasn’t so easy. Although I liked the way that she did it because of her cousin, because she wanted to be with her. And that was something that I enjoyed.

As for the way it turned out, the climax was actually given some thought. It challenged what Valka was thinking, it challenged what length she will go to for the sake of those she wanted to protect. Rather suitable even if it meant disobeying orders. And those are really not something that is taken lightly in the country. At all.

Overall, pretty enjoyable and the main character is incredibly likeable. I do reconmend this if you’re interested in a war story, from the Soviet perspective and this works, very well.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Great Expectations: Manga Classics

I like this very very much. The story is something which I have read before, although it certainly went over my head (I was thirteen at the point of time). And well, I expected something which was incredibly miserable, and it’s somewhat there.

Such as the way that Estella is portrayed, is incredibly attractive, much like how she should be in the novel. The definition of a femme fatale, and her sole purpose was to be a form of revenge that her adoptive mother wanted.

Even breaking Pip’s heart, it wasn’t as though she was able to truly feel it in the first place. In a sense, Pip falls to all the vices that most people do when they get rich. Which is somewhat expected.

And by the end of it he has grown a great deal, and changed quite a lot. In the sense that he has matured once he almost lost everything, and show that he does have a lot of strength. And able to keep it up.

Well, something about the manga worked here quite well. In showing that the story is realistic, and as a sense, quite melancholic. There is a lot of people who meet their ends in much regret and unhappiness.

So, I say this is rather faithful and skillfully portraying much of the manga. I got why Pip fell for Estella, she clearly has an air of elegance around her that is shown here. And despite his rather irritating character, he is still someone that I like and enjoy.

Rating: 4 out of 5

The Gilded Years

I greatly enjoyed the way the story was written, the way it narrated a less known woman who had an intriguing past. And well, the scandal she is known for is the main plot of the novel. Nothing else.

Such as how the story narrates the tale of Anita, and the fact that she was eventually found out to be a black student. When Vassar by no means allowed them to be enrolled in the college, and the fact that Anita did something unfathomable.

But overall, the way she was portrayed as sympatthetic, and incredibly intelligent. And what will lead her to be found out. I enjoyed how the plot worked, and nonetheless liked how Anita was. She had her head in the right place for most of the time, and it proved itself here.

Such as the way that she always wanted to graduate, and some decisions were hard on her. I enjoyed how the story was, slowly letting Anita go before showing the real plot.

Somehow, it worked here to give a really heartwrenching tale. Such as how Anita dealt with the aftermath, and eventually moved on with her life.

She is mostly someone who reacts to the situation, dealing with it in a way that showed her strength. Moving on and working from there. Rather than letting it clog up her life.

I really like Lottie, until of course it revealed itself. The way that she was shown to have been different, and yet what really was underneath.

Overall, I was intrigued and entertained. That this is something that needs to be said, however I do agree that the story could have been better on some accounts, and that it has a passive main character. But here it works, it is necessary for an unfortunate situation.

Rating: 4 out of 5