The Censor’s Hand

This was the most surprising book I have read. It was the right kind of darkeness, as well as sexism and having a very relatable main character which I really connected with.

Miranda was really what kept me reading. The way that she seemed so real, she is confident and not completely the type of typical protagonist. She isn’t filled with emotions, neither is she always wanting to prove herself. I like it when a protagonist is like that, which is what really clicked with me. She is obeying orders, but she is confident in her abilities and talents, but never always needing validation or even some guy to tell that she is good. That is where this novel really did well on.

The other characters didn’t keep my interest as much as Miranda did. And the world although well developed and clearly interesting suffered due to the plot. I really couldfind many moments where I was bored, so completely bored of the novel. And moments when I was hooked. That is what I consider a flaw of the novel.

Although it has one character who really shone for me, in a world where there is a lot of injustices as well as problems. All the while suggesting some hope, I like that Miranda is not the centre of it all. But there were moments where the pacing failed to hook me, and for some part of the book I had to put it down. But overall, this was a worthwhile read.

My verdict: Recommended fod Fantasy fans, this is really written for you.

Rating: 3 out of 5



Something about this book just clicked with me. Amidst having insta love, the most dangerous kind of love triangle where both of them want to protect her even if it means locking her in her own room. Yet, there was something that just kept me reading.

Now that I have gone past that, what I feel as though really dragged me into this book was the writing and also, the worldbuilding. How interesting was it? Storm hearts, stormlings and they are the rulers as they can control storms. That is really what controls them. It felt so wonderfully thought out yet there were moments where I think that it could have used more work, such as how they could take storms and turn it into theirs. Although I get it why it’s illegal.

As for Aurora, I don’t know why but I just like her. She doesn’t just exist for the love interest even if there are moments where she ends up judging herself by their expectations. Apart from that, strangely, she is more worried about her kingdom. She doesn’t want to end up at the submission of others, and well she doesn’t want to appear weak. And she does think things through a little bit, not just run away without a solid cover up. But I feel as though she needs a little more time just to learn it, the consequences are rather dire after what she did. And well, I feel as though she needs to know the full extension of them and learn from them.

But her wish to be strong is rather admirable. And also, something about her is revealed later which will surprise you. And it did really for me, something was there that shook me off and well, when I found what it was, I was clearly surprised yet having absolutely no clue how was this possible. One thing to say, the author played with me so well.

I think that the most important part of this was the unique worldbuilding, something clicked between Aurora and me, even though I like neither of the love interests. Aurora should just rule herself, once she learns a thing or two. One thing I have to admit was quite a disappointment: the Queen could have been utilized better than just discarded after her daughter left. I mean that woman survived her son’s death, her husband’s death, her daughter is only missing not brutally slaughtered. I can’t believe a character with so much badass potential was wasted like that. And well, I guess it is safely another issue of this book.

My verdict: you decide, there are problematic issues yet something about this book was incredibly additive which was why I liked it so much.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5



I can say that this book proved to be a guilty pleasure. There wasn’t all too much on the explanations of what actually happened to the girls at St Joan’s, only that they recovered and eventually left.

The one thing that may actually hint it is towards the end, which I do think is fitting. There aren’t really any clear answers to this, apart from that. And well, I really wanted to have a clear explanation on all this mass hysteria, and also mysterious illness. The plot was really slow, but somehow I kept with it because there will be answers. In a sense, there are. And in a sense, it doesn’t really answer any of this happenings at all.

I found Ann’s story a bore, and I couldn’t care less at all. Apart from the part where she saw them hang, that was really the best of the best in terms of writing. But other times, it was boring me. I couldn’t even relate to them on the same level, and I was really bored as I dragged myself through her narration.

Strangely, I really like Colleen. And I do feel that it is fitting, and her reliability came with the fact that both she and I are dealing with immense amounts of stress(her with her grade point average and me, with my O levels and wish to get 6As.) Hence, this is where I think she clicked with me. A tad selfish, but somehow in her senior year, I could see why she would be.

So, overall, this boils down to choice regarding what you think. It is merely a phenomenon with a very vague answer at the end, one which I so desperately hoped would be expanded upon. It makes so much sense if you ask me, yet it is only given one to two pages to explain it and leave me utterly confused. But in recommendation, I’ll leave it up the reader.

Rating: 3 out of 5


The Tudor Heritage

Set in the era of Britain which has always kept my interest, it does cover Elizabeth’s reign, although not quite in a way that I thought it will.

Although I was convinced that this was about Elizabeth’s reign, right at the center of it was the Allgraves. Who at time did feel interesting, and another time did not feel all that intriguing to me. That family and I have didn’t have that elusive connection, and for once, I did not really enjoy this book in the way it hoped I would.

However, I do feel that the writing is true to the time and does give me a very good narration, smooth and greatly reminds me of the earlier times. And well, I enjoyed each page even if the characters didn’t really connect with me all that well.

Also, the biography on Elizabeth’s life is all there. As you expect it, where moments that does make her human exist. Such as the times where she was forced to raised her hand against her cousin, and does provide a relatively relatable person that you can all know and relate too. Imperfect, but not entirely wrong either. And at the same time, she has some things on her consciences that will forever remain there. A skeleton in the closet.

For historical accuracy, this does the job very well. It doesn’t have any balant inaccuracies, and at the same time provide a very possible outlook on her character. Living true to her own moral philosophy of never marrying, and the way that she doesn’t seem all that certain way sort of foreign policy she wanted. Although centered around a family(which really didn’t connect with me) but this tale still has quite a bit on Elizabeth, and that is like I said, the highlight and main reason why I pick this book.

So, do I recommend you to read it? Yes, especially if you love historical fiction. Although it just really didn’t connect with me just on the characters and that did suck quite a bit of enjoyability of this book.

Rating: 3 out of 5


The After War

Something about this just worked for me. The world indeed did feel rather like a post apocalyptic world, with plenty of moments which did attract me.

I did have some fondness for the main character, who is rather relatable and the writing was easy for me to get into and read. As well as figure out the world, which had changed. All the whole following two people who are in a rather unique situation

I just really didn’t connect with almost any character in the book itself. Although there is plenty of action, I just didn’t feel that connection with the characters and also really didn’t find a reason to be with them. Strangely, the writing was entertaining and the world fascinating to be reading about.

However, I really didn’t connect with the characters much at all which I consider quite a big flaw since it does get in the way of enjoying the novel. But nonetheless, I do recommend it to those who do enjoy such works set in post apocalypse world.

Rating: 3 out of 5



Even without the knowledge of the previous book, I enjoyed Seeker. Strangely, there was charm in the main character which attracted me to her.

The way that telepaths are treated is bound to make anyone pity them. And this book really shows the horrible treatment, although I didn’t really the point that they were dangerous. Perhaps they could learn to control their abilties instead, not have them controlled.

As for her mother, she is a little crazy. Yep, I think she is. I mean, she doesn’t care much for her daughter yet will threaten other people. Finally, she still chooses to betray her daughter. And really, I don’t know much about the destruction this telepaths caused.

However, I really enjoyed the fast paced narration. The way that the experiments went on, and the fact that Hunter went through all that.

Although I do admit that there were moments where it didn’t really get to me, or even understand why it was so. It was just telling me, yet I never really felt as though I got the full picture. Perhaps a clearer way to judge this will have been better if she had known what the telepaths had done. I just didn’t understand in the least at all.

Overall, this was a rather interesting read. Though it wasn’t without its own flaws at all.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5



This was rather surprisingly enjoyable. It was a simple enough tale, and short. I found myself rather immersed in the story.

Although, I do not really like Lars that much at all. He is rather okay, readable and definitely have something that goes for him which makes me like him to a certain degree but again, he doesn’t really have much other than that reliability. And it has been a long time since I have truly invested myself in a character, but given it all, he’s not all too bad.

A very important thing to note is that the world is quite well builg and for once I don’t feel as though I’m just thrown into it with absolutely no idea what is going on. That happened to me so many times that it wasn’t funny, just annoying. Here, I think the author skillfully handled throwing me into its world. Careful, subtle and enough to keep me reading.

Also, the world is rather fascinating. They have their own unique culture, and a lot of time was invested in it to make all of it.

Overall, can’t say that I hated it. Although it does suffer a bit from having forgettable characters, but it is a rather nice tale with one that is about discovery for Lars as much as it is for Lars. My Verdict: Recommended.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5