Searcher For The Dead

I just didn’t enjoy much of the book at all. I did feel that it could have been done much better. A lot better if you ask me since I didn’t care for the characters at all.

Well, I was initially intrigued. But there just wasn’t anything interesting that was happening there, and I really didn’t care for any of the characters at all.

At first, I liked the setting and the situation. It is the late 1500s, when Queen Elizabeth was hardening her position against Catholics. But there just wasn’t enough of anything that was happening, around this or anything for that matter to the plot.

And well, if I neither like the characters nor can even find where the plot is, I’m dropping it.

Rating: 2 out of 5


White Panther

If anything, I really didn’t care much after a while. It just seemed to have lacked something that drew me into the story, even though I enjoyed the narration at the beginning.

I really didn’t like it although the setting was intriguing, about a group that I knew barely about. Since it is set during the Roman Empire, but goes towards more of Celtic tribes.

But I just didn’t get the story, nothing really got to me here. I liked some of the characters, but the plot just took way too long to kick in and the characters lacked something which intrigued me.

Which as always, will be difficult to ever keep my attention when it is so. And so, this just didn’t work out. It was just forgettable with little really developed, although I liked the setting and could relate to some of the characters. It was just the fact that none of them really got to me was the problem.

And the plot could have been more prominent, and more exciting will have helped too.

Rating: 2 out of 5

The Body In The Ballroom

I could have enjoyed this book a lot better if it wasn’t for the fact that none of the characters were interesting in the least. Which was putting it lightly.

And the mystery wasn’t even intriguing, nor did I ever know of the details regarding it. By the end of the day, it felt like a secondary extra.

I didn’t really enjoy Alice or Joseph, they lacked something which will have made me enjoy their interactions and their characters just failed to inspire anything out of me.

The plot could have been executed better as the title seems to have no correlation to the story at all. Honestly, I found it rather pointless to title it but having no mystery set in it.

In other words, will have preferred more sleuthing scenes and less scenes about talking with people that seems to have no impact on the plot.

Rating: 2 out of 5


I just did not get the story at all. There just was something lacking, for over half the book I didn’t feel that anything was happening for that matter.

Although the world has gone far beyond that, and the future did have some intriguing developments. But I just didn’t feel a connection with the main character. I simply didn’t care for their existence at all.

And that is where this story largely fails to move me, it just is that nothing here really made me care about the story at all. As always, that is what I largely do not like.

So, I guess that this just failed to get any emotion out of me. The setting was intriguing but the main character was forgettable. And well, I really could care less about the story.

Rating: 2 out of 5

The Golden Compass 

Again, I just couldn’t care about any of the characters at all. Like really don’t care about any of them at all. I found Lyra interesting but I lost interest in much of the book as it was. 

Something about the characters just never clicked with me, I found it hard to understand Lyra and her motivations which were paper thin at best. Not to mention that I couldn’t care for any of them. 

And I was still more confused by the world as it was. Perhaps light epic fantasy isn’t for me at all, as I enjoy so few of them. And even then I prefer a fine touch of intrigue in them. And well, when it came to Pullman it just lacked something which will have made this enjoyable. 

Well, this just wasn’t to my taste or my expectations at all. I just cannot bring myself to care about this at all. 

Rating: 2 out of 5

Tremontaine: The Bridge

Well, maybe I just picked the wrong season and chapter. Since I felt almost nothing about the characters at all. And well, the writing was not all that gripping, if it was well I guess I will have read on.

However, some parts of the world did intrigue me. Although it could be better explained or shown, but since this is in the middle of the work, there isn’t much of it.

As such, I just say that this just wasn’t to my thoughts as it was. Maybe I was expecting something a little more grounded and enthralling, but I didn’t get it. It just felt like a run of the mill chapter that I will simply forget.

War Of The Staffs 

There comes a point when I just say I give up. This book is where it happens by the middle of it. The story was not all that interesting by all means. It certainly could be improved on if you ask me. Seriously improved on. 

I really tried to like the characters here, but I felt almost nothing about them. Or even of them. They fell flat and well, I didn’t care enough about any one of their motives at all. 

The beginning did intrigue me slightly, just a little bit. As it was rather interesting although read like a lot of books here. But afterwards, it really didn’t interest me. I had problems even telling who was the main character amidst this. 

The plot was rather okay, I liked where it was heading for a while until it went downhill and even the plot failed to keep my attention. 

But I guess there was just too little interesting things happening, and it contained what almost every epic fantasy contained without anything changing them. 

And to me, character distinction is important. As I’m a reader with a lot of books and well for lack of better word, I drop when I don’t find anything interesting. It just isn’t worth my time, as much as I want to finish mist books. 

But overall, I guess this really wasn’t for me. Maybe it is for you, but it really isn’t for me. 

Rating: 2 out of 5