The Hundredth Queen

This feels like every fantasy book I have read. Mostly because the world is unclear, the rules for why they are killing each other and the women simply take it are incredibly stupid. Why would women want to go through that kind of rite.

However, rank tournaments was only revived rather recently in the book. But the only thing that made so little sense to me was, why the hell didn’t they do anything about it. The women would not just accept it without some great thinking on Tarek’s part. It was just accepted. Are the women here really that stupid and shallow?

Well, they all are. I couldn’t believe how stupid they were. In fact, if you were to compare them to the typical ideal of a woman. They all are willing to fight other women to the death just for the sake of marrying a single man, who can also in time do the exact same thing. Is anything really that stupid as to accept this when it was only recently revived. I would say, Rajah Tarek needed to be a tyrant, and well, he most definitely doesn’t feel as one. And well, I mean in that world is the only kind of woman apart from our dear main character either naive, shallow. Jaya doesn’t really have any personality.

Although I know that they tend to be raised to obey and follow. But really, why doesn’t anyone sees the stupidity of it and is pointless to comtinye.

There are way better ways to do so than fight through rank tournaments, and killing is allowed to be done, and yet not one single wife realised the stupidity of this entire tournament. Not even our dear protagonist. Anyone with a functioning brain can reduce that. Way to go to let the women appear even more shallow.

And from that all, Kalinda is a special snowflake. She is plain, yet she ends up being picked and called beautiful by many. She has some special abilities, but I don’t bother to find out because really, with all those problems above, I didn’t even see the possibility of me continuing. Most of the characters there lacked common sense to see that it is wrong, when sisterhood is practiced by them, yet there is so much of hostility among the wives. Which only worsens once the rank tournaments.

Well, with all that you don’t really need me to answer whether I want to recommend this book.

Rating: 1 out of 5


Karina’s Silver Shoes

I originally really liked this work at least before it became one heck of a mess.

The beginning was the strongest part was where Karina will pick up the silver shoes. But after that, I don’t even know what is happening. There is no certain clarity in this novel, and I know that magical realism can be rather messy in the first place.

But the writing had no wit, absolutely nothing to draw me in. And by halfway, I was skimming. I kept on due to my ability to like this kind of books, but in the end, I don’t even know what it happening anymore.

Well, it showed promise. But the novel could have used plenty of cleaning up, and clearly making the writing more vivid, real and also alive. Magical realism is confusing as it is, and with the writing as dull as it was, I really didn’t like it at all.

Same for the characters, I simply didn’t care for anyone of them. At all. They were all just there, Karina, some princess or some weird bunch of characters which I don’t really get a sense of their personality.

I think that given all I said, you will know how I feel about recommending this.

Rating: 1.5 out of 5


Nine Lessons

DNF @60%

I really didn’t understand how this could have taken so long for even the plot to move forward. There was nothing interesting or nothing about the mystery apart from some guys died. And the rest of it was never revealed.

I prefer a book when the main character is getting affected by the mystery. Josephine, I don’t even know what she does. Perhaps being around, or just there. She doesn’t really have any role in the mystery at all.

And really, I want a mystery to be about the mystery and solving the crime. But even up until halfway through the book, I really don’t know why they were dead except there were more victims. And what does anything have to do with Josephine, nothing at all. Really, nothing at all.

And that is where I think I have no reason to continue, when I barely see any development in the first half of the book. However, the time of the novel does fit rather well, but that was about it.

Rating: 1.5 out of 5


Ocean’s Fire

DNF @67%

I just couldn’t find a reason to keep on going, nothing is really making me really interested in this story at all. To me, I did not care for almost anyone.

Since I got a free copy from the publisher, naturally I had to read it. Only to find myself bored throughout this entire book, and well by the two third mark, I decide to call it quits.

What do I remember about this story? Barely anything, since Skylar was bland, and really she didn’t feel like an interesting main character who could carry the story, and none of them interested me. The one who I do have an impression of was some woman who talked to her about some Sophia.

Yeah, the first part was mostly taken up by nothing at all. Not even action, not even anything that remotely interested. Once again, the pacing felt really off to me since the first third or so have anything intriguing me.

So, this book really didn’t pick up the pace enough for me to like them. Neither did Skylar have anything interesting about her at all, and here is where I just say: I’m not going to put myself through torture again.

Rating: 1 out of 5



This is basically almost every fantasy world out there. Normal girl dumped into this new world? Check. Normal girl who happens to be royalty? Check. The only thing unusual was that the mother was alive. But really, Kelsey is boring, and utterly useless. She does nothing, and she is gifted. Do I want to read about someone like her? No.

I gave up at 70% since I didn’t want to suffer through the last 30%. Again, this book lacks almost anything that stands out. And again that it fails to bring anything unqiue or interesting to the fantasy genre. Same set of characters, girl who doesn’t know who she is. Some prince whose name I can’t even bothered to remember. And a bunch of utterly unoriginal characters.

There is no charm in this book, I can’t even keep myself reading at all. And hence, I’m dropping this book at this percentage. Because I don’t give a damn for any of the stakes here or the characters. The Queen did have some potential, but it was so wasted since Kelsey was the main character and well, frankly she’s boring.

My recommendation, read this if you’re new to the genre or don’t really get tired of reading the same thing. I am tired of reading this, and that is really why I cannot finish this book, there isn’t really anything wrong with, it just wasn’t to my taste.

Rating: 1 out of 5


Champion Standing

This is an insult to my culture, the Han dynasty and history. That’s all that you need to know. And that I gave up at 11% into the book, because I cannot stand it any further. If they claimed this as alternate world, okay whatever but no, they said it was historical fiction and they basically threw it all out of the window.

Where do I start telling how wrong this entire book is? Let’s start with the names shall we?

Why is there a princess with the name Ayana in Han dynasty? Even if it can be created, I can tell you that it would end in a three syllable name at best(that only comes in in Tang Dynasty where it was much looser on the names). But it had its roots in Japan, and in 1st century Japan this name didn’t even exist.

And that princesses were never called by name, give her a title please, they were either named after counties(Princess Guantao and Princess Pingyang(although it was an adoption of her husband’s title and fiefdom.) No princess were ever referred to by name, even at best their surnames, and you don’t really see their names being recorded at all, and their titles is more than enough to distinguish them.

Names wise, if it was a little weird I could accept. Roman names here did make sense and had its roots before the first century.

There were some mentions of Wang Mang, and his eventual plot development and possible usurpation of the throne to create the Xin dynasty. However, why is the Chancellor called Gengshi. I can tell you no one called a Chancellor that, they were often referred to by their surnames and even here, it is an actual title held by an Emperor (although some histories suggest that he wasn’t, and his rule short.) But why is he called Gengshi, it makes no sense. And the era of the Warring States where this may or may not be given as a title to a Lord is long over.

But really, this is just scratching the surface of all this problems. Although the Roman Empire and China may have some interactions together and the Han saw the beginning of the silk road and that at this point in time, Han dynasty was at its lowest point but it makes no sense why they would be accepting foreign people inside or hosting tournaments. And also, how is there even a clan which goes by the name Tai Yang inside there? Even for dual surnames there is none which is Tai Yang.

But then, there are just simply so many things wrong that I can’t read it. It isn’t a respectful way of dealing with my culture not when it gets even its basics wrong, even someone who watches Chinese dramas know that no princess in any dynasty borne the name Ayana, or were called by that. And I doubt there were any prefectures or counties which were named like that too.

I would have been fine if this book was shelved in Asian inspired or alternate world, but once it took on the name historical fiction, this isn’t all that okay with me anymore. Not when it is giving a rather false impression of my culture. Just the names alone is enough to make me cringe, I don’t want to suffer through such a book since I can’t even get over my dislike of the way he named the characters which to me tells a lot about his effort to try and learn out culture he does get some things right, but if the author can’t differentiate Chinese names and Japanese names, I doubt he would really know Han dynasty culture. And I’m incredibly nitpicky with them, so yeah, I’m dropping this book within the 11% of it.

Rating: 1 out of 5


Heir Of Illaria

This has turned me off in the worst way. It is unoriginal, and I really hate the main character, whatever that it is her name. She is about as interesting as a piece of cardboard. And she is also the princess of a kingdom. Like I haven’t heard that a millions times already.

Most importantly, she has absolutely nothing about her that spells creativity. It was like the classic heroine finding out that she was the heir to the family or the throne or whatever. There was no unique spin and definitely no stakes here.

Why does the main character decide to fight, it is because she is a princess and they are after her. Nothing complicated, it is one of the most straightforward and absolutely boring reasons. There is nothing that makes me invested in her at all.

Not go mention, she is naïve, deciding to go with an absolute stranger she has never met. Gets trained, but really there is nothing happening to her. She is still naive, boring and definitely stupid. Not to mention the villain is also stupid, why doesn’t he ever manage to find or even chase her. It’s like pitting two equally stupid people together.

And at 40%, I am out. This is a complete waste of my time, and if you want something unique or take a unique stance on the matter of princesses, go look elsewhere.

Rating: 1 out of 5