A Taste Of Evil

There was nothing about this that was even remotely entertaining. I was rather confused as to what was happening and given the way it was narrated, I was half expecting Julia to get revenge.

Which I most certainly didn’t, since it turns to a normal murder mystery pretty soon. And why was Julia even a narrator when she had no connection to the story.

She was just there, and viewing the story when she had really nothing about it. I thought it was roughly about flashbacks, where I get to feel but a lot of it is told.

And first rule is to always show not tell. All the while I never connected with Julia, there was nothing memorable about her sadly.

And this was why this book failed. I just didn’t understand why it existed, the story was confusing and needed more work and a lot of it was told. It wasn’t showed. The transition was often quite clunky.

Overall, just didn’t like it nor found anything worth recommending.

Rating: 1 out of 5


See All The Stars

Well, nothing really interested me. Although I am a teemager but when I like contemporary books it has to be something that I don’t see being written about everyday.

Here is mostly romance, school and all the usual things we go through. But I find that boring. I don’t like it. I rather young adult books tackle complex issues which affect us now and has been present for decades.

Such as mental illness, racism, prejudice, the nature of being a teen in such an era. Sadly, this just doesn’t get to me. It’s mostly teen drama in this book, which may work for some but has always eluded me.

But you can give it a try, it simply wasn’t for me but maybe it might be for you. I just prefer books which makes me think.



I find this pointless. There is no plot that exists other than the biography of a princess that I could care less about. Nothing is happening here at all, nor do I care about her at all.

I don’t even remember her name. As nothing happens to her, she never grows nor does she withstand a journey. The most tragic thing that happens here is simply the death of her mother.

When she was a child. That’s about it. You can figure out that there is nothing that happened to her since then, and all she does is prove herself to be strong. Which is boring, really boring.

Basically, if that is the main character. I really don’t have much faith in the storyline at all.

Rating: 1 out of 5


And this is where I say I don’t even know why this exists. The story is all over the place and well, nothing is interesting at all.

I want to know more about Arthur or whatever the Arthur in this book is supposed to be. All they talked about was about Saxons, but not doing anything at all.

And well, I thought the Arthurian legends had a lot of fights among them. Or even travels, while here is something that I don’t even know about.

Well, the main problem is the lack of plot which makes me wholly uninterested in two guys who seem to be doing nothing. And nothing that marks the main character as similar to Arthur at all.

In other words, this was quite the waste of time on my side. And well, when nothing happens for over half a book I’m dropping it.

Deadhouse Landing


I found nothing even remotely interesting about this book. As much as I tried to read it, it never seemed to get anywhere. And well, when it never seems to get anywhere safely to say I just drop it.

I found it quite aimless to be honest, and none of the characters got to me. The beginning was mildly interesting on a level, but other than that it just fell flat. Really really flat.

As I didn’t think there was enough devoted to the main character and the world as it was, making me feel that nothing has happened so far. As much as I enjoy being thrown into a world, I was not by any means grounded into it.

That’s where this largely failed to evoke even a little emotion from it. I simply do not care.

Rating: 1 out of 5

The Mongrel Mage

I tried to like this work. And well, the writing was good enough to keep my attention and the world fascinating. But once again, the plot felt all over the place and the main character barely had a presence.

I like when main characters are prominent. Not just buried into the cast with little to distinguishing factor to tell them apart. I read this story with a very little idea who is the main character, and that is just putting this lightly.

While the plot could certainly be better, as the worldbuilding did interest me. Such as how gender roles are perceived, as well as the different mages.

Alas, this simply failed because of the characters and plot. Which is completely normal when it is with me, since there is so many books that I have dropped because of it.

I received an e-ARC in exchanged for an honest review.

One Dark Throne

Again, I gave up comepletely that this will be worth my time. And like its predecessor, it fails to inspire me in any way possible.

The deadlock is there, just a three way deadlock with none of the Queens even remotely interested in getting the throne. I don’t get vicious backstabbing, double crossing or what I want. All I really get is mostly some underhanded scheming, and some near assassination. Which didn’t even make sense.

And that the world was about as empty as it was before. Think about getting answers, you will be getting none here regarding why this massacre started in the first place or even how come they keep on having triplets. I mean, it can’t be that precise all this while, right? There is no answer to this at all, and sadly, that will have taken my interest. If there was some information on why this sort of needless bloodshed started in the first place.

Most royal families are a lot more pragmatic than that unless they are completely isolated which the book doesn’t answer about it at all. And even in closed off societies, it means more heirs. Unless they have some way of assuring that these triplets will always survive to adulthood. Which again, the book doesn’t touch upon on how advanced is their medicine to ensure that infant mortality doesn’t hit them or how blessed they are.

So, the world really needs some development and also answering the questions. It is rather bizarre to have this sort of tradition without even addressing it within two books.

I mean, how was it not possible to entertain that idea. How was it not possible to know that it was so. And there was a chosen Queen, where I couldn’t give a damn about. I will rather see Queens who fight for their birthright rather than say they were chosen. Or think that they were. Because just a series of unfortunate things happen.

And in this series, I don’t get the brutal feud that I was expecting where each of them will be brutally killing each other. Or even one where there is some questions raised about the sanity of it.

Most of it, was spent on useless things which again contributed nothing to the plot. Or even about the themes of the book itself. Well, the throne clearly isn’t dark enough to have them forget their human nature for certain.

And overall, this was a disappointment. Far worse than the one which I had in the previous book.

Rating: 1 out of 5