Mad Hatters And March Hares


I really tried to get myself to read this anthology. Sadly, nothing worked. My interest just kept on waning and waning with each story. And some of them are rather unique but just failed to retain my attention.

I am fascinated about the short stories regarding Alice In Wonderland. But nothing was to my taste, and well you can say that was why I ended deciding to just abandon it. It just didn’t work out.

I won’t review individual stories because as a collective whole, I just didn’t like any of them and none of them really kept my eye at all.

Perhaps it might be for you, but it just wasn’t for me.


Beneath The Skin

Something about this just didn’t work with me, it wasn’t about the book. It just wasn’t to my taste.

It is about werewolves with a hint of romance. But I found it really uninteresting to be reading about, it just wasn’t what I expected or even knew wanting to read at all.

Although the werewolf part was really interesting and even well explored, however I just felt the plot was heading nowhere and neither was it really intriguing me.

At the end of the day, I just didn’t enjoy this and this just didn’t work for me.

Rating: 1 out of 5

The Gloaming

I just give up, there is absolutely nothing that interest me. While some things suggest that this is erotica, and not the kind I want to read.

And well, apart from the vampires who is just there and only exists as such, without much of any explanation. Surrounded by four narrators and not one who even are interesting.

As for it, what else comes to mind. Almost nothing else. The whole vampire thing was mysterious but I believed that I didn’t need to know it twice, and that nothing is moving it forward. Honestly all the narrators simply bog it down.

And well, at one third I simply give up because I gave it more than just a day to see whether I might rekindle interest. Sadly, it doesn’t.

Rating: 1 out of 5


Well, although I thought that this premise will be okay but I was just so bored from reading it and that really it could have done it so much better.

Nadia, she was okay at first. Then eventually, it just became impossible to continue reading and I went to skim. It seemed that there was no clear goal as to why she was chasing Elizabeth, nothing personal. But she just felt there, she just loved Mateo. And her family feel like background props when it will have been more interesting if they were more utilitised.

As for her friends, yeah I really don’t care about any of them. At all. The villain was as interesting as a piece of cardboard, and she was a witch who was revived over and over. And really, she has almost no motive. And she never really reveals anything about herself that will make this interesting at all.

And the plot, I really didn’t know what it was meant to be. More about Nadia’s mother, and also Elizabeth. But I feel as though her mother just was there to make her trained, when it will have been better to explore her mother’s past. Which is likely to be more interesting. Rather than having some school queen be a witch, who gets revived over and over, although it is explained. But it makes little sense why it should be in the first book. Or makes little sense why Nadia will be chasing her.

And so, you can see that I really didn’t understand the need of this book. Since I was bored, and terrifically underwhelmed in it. I can’t really bring myself to recommend it at all.

Rating: 1.5 out of 5

The Rogue’s Discovery

I think I am just getting too old for this kind of work. Especially after the description, I really should have guessed what the work was all about.

I really tried to get into the work and I just couldn’t. There wasn’t a single thing that really caught my attention at all. If it wasn’t for the fact that I needed to review this I will have just DNF it already.

There wasn’t a single character which I liked nor even loved. As well as having no characters which I could even relate to at all.

But I think I should really read the description more carefully when I pick a book these days. This just wasn’t written for me.


Well, I gave it a shot to see how long my mind could retain the memory of this book. And sadly, it just didn’t work in my favour for I emerge having no idea what happened in it.

This book has a really dull way of telling the story, coupled with pacing that I could see that nothing was happening apart from being taken as a slave. But there is a lot of telling, and a lot of passing moments. But not enough times showing me about all of his time as a slave.

And with it, I just couldn’t connect with any of the characters since there really isn’t much of anything which kept my attention. The writing is rather emotionless and dull which made enjoying this difficult, at least for me.

And since the writing was neither lyrical nor smooth in a way that I hoped, but rather just forgettable. As well as the characters were quite flat, and I couldn’t feel their emotions or even sympathize with them. Hence, you can see why this just didn’t work for me.

Rating: 1 out of 5

The Han Agent

I just gave up, I couldn’t find any reason to continue reading at all. It just didn’t make me interested in continuing to read it at all.

Well, there is some researcher and some mystery. But the writing made it incredibly hard for me to even read it feeling something, the writing was dull and emotionless.

And the mystery, I just don’t care about it when I don’t even care about any of the characters here at all. And the plot moved too slowly to my taste.

Hence, this was a disappointment as I expected more from the book. And well, at least something which will have kept my interest for longer than just a few minutes.

This just didn’t work. So, I can’t really bring myself to recommend this.

Rating: 1 out of 5