About me

Hello there, I’m Victorique. And no, it is not my real name. I prefer to stay anonymous and that is why I do not use my real name at all.

I’m a student, who is still nowhere near university yet. Although I’m getting one step closer. You can tell how old I am with that above.

I’m a fan of desserts, likes all sorts of sweet stuff especially if it includes chocolate. Though I like eating frozen yogurt.

A fan of really dark works, and Gothic fiction. Those are quite my favourites and to my taste. As well as grey characters, antiheros and villains. And heroes if they are written well and have goals and motivations. Likes all genres with the exception of romance and general fiction. I find normal lives just… boring. As well as stories of intrigue, kingdoms and battles. If you have any of the three, consider me as a reviewer.

And I am also a writer, with hopes of getting published one day.

Currently Doing:

Watching anime

Reading Manga currently

Listening to songs, mostly anime songs

Reading books regardless of whatever time it is of the year

Also, writing a lot or as much as I can in my free time

And Learning How To Draw in whatever time I have left and not trying to get too frustrated over failed attempts and whenever I feel like it