About me

I’m just another girl who runs a blog. My two specialities here are book reviews and drama review. Sorry, I don’t have much of an article topic to write at all. Although you’re welcome to ask for advice when it comes to writing, I have some experience in that. 

Also, quite the fan of anime. I have watched various anime. My favourite genres: Historical, Fantasy, Shounen, Action. Thus, always searching for such anime or Manga.

I love to write and read as well as watch Chinese dramas. I am a Wuxia girl inside out, and truly love Wuxia shows. As well as a huge fan of Xian Xia. As well as being a full on anime and manga girl. Although an avid fan of period dramas as well.

I love anything sweet and preferring chocolate my favourite and other sweets. I’m still a student but I want to write and will most definitely be reviewing both dramas and books.

Chocolate such as milk chocolate, white chocolate, I basically eat any kind of chocolate with the exception of the coconut. I like sweet things for drinks as well. Such as Milo, hot chocolate and many others.

My birthday is the 29th of December and I’m pretty young, a teenager still in school. I’m from the sunny island by the sea called Singapore. 

I like to write and I would be blogging here about books, movies, anime/manga and dramas, or anything interesting so far, I’m pretty bored and this is my blog. Welcome to my blog.

Currently Doing:

Watching anime(only resuming after O levels)

Reading Manga currently 

Listening to songs, mostly anime songs

Reading books regardless of whatever time it is of the year

Preparing for exams this year, it will decide my fate 

Also, writing a lot or as much as I can in my free time 

And Learning How To Draw in whatever time I have left and not trying to get too frustrated over failed attempts and whenever I feel like it