This was a rather different book from what I intended it to be. I was expecting a lot more of the competition although it was intense here as it was.

But it just didn’t work for me. Having a bunch of teenagers battle each other out for the spots to an alien spaceships sounded cool. But the execution just left me much to be desired. As there just wasn’t enough action nor intensity to it. It just didn’t make me question things.

And for a brief moment I was rather bored. I did expect that someone dying on the ship will show their characters a little more. Here it’s just Emmett and no one else, as though they are just a bunch of robots. I did expect a little more questioning and opinion. And to reveal the reasons why all of them chose to come here and their real reasons. Apart from the boatload of cash waiting for them regardless of whether they won or not.

I wonder why did Babel even offer then such large amount of money when it will have saved them the profit. Unless of course, they want to do charity. Or another reason. It just didn’t make sense why would a corporation do all that. I just never felt that it was delved inside.

But given these were a bunch of teenagers, you get the idea. I think it will still be better for this corporation to decide to not pick random people but instead force them to come to them. And give them the best offer. It just never felt real.

And that is why I liked this work but overall just found it rather unsatisfactory.

Rating: 3 out of 5



Well, at first this did get to me. But towards the end, it became less of an epic fantasy and more of a romance. Which still doesn’t make much sense when it is more portal fantasy, but never explains why is it only the human world and Asper. 

Milla is alright, she has motivations, she has goals. And when her father died, I still understood her. When I began to completely misunderstand her, it was after she met Parker. Such as how his ex-girlfriend could mistake that simple kindness as love. 

And the romance was nothing more than perhaps an attraction but the ex-girlfriend said that they were in love. And well, you can guess how ridiculous it was. And how the story split between the human world and Apser with zero explanation as to why Asper and the human world are even linked together. 

As for the scenes with her mother, there is nothing complex about it. Milla is simply hating her, and well the woman isn’t trying hard enough to be her mother. Or even trying to show or win her over. And well, if she is cruel, where are all the cruel things she has done. Show, not tell please. 

And that is why I simply gave up on the book realising how illogical many things were. And realising that Milla is plain stupid, and doesn’t really try to get to her father’s killer or anything. She never takes any chances to help herself or to break out or even anything. And you can say this is why I dropped it. 

Rating: 1 out of 5

Jane, Unlimited

And this is a book where I really liked the way it was written. The path of unlimited possibilities and the story of Jane and her choices.

This is really light on the romance but it is all about possibilities, her choices. And for once, this worked with me. Since the author had a very interesting view when it came to feminism, this was perfect. Jane and her paths, the choices she took all the while having a mystery set in a house.

As for Aunt Magnolia, she has a lot of influence on Jane. Something which I really liked, and the way the Jane constantly talked about her. And that she was the centre to this mystery which was rather paranormal to be said.

Although at times I was confused but the writing worked here, I enjoyed every inch of it and the way it showed all the characters. The choices Jane made and the effects it all had, and also finally the mystery of Aunt Magnolia. It started off a little slow, but the beginning really kept my attention in how it was about Jane moving into the house.

As for the ending, I will say that it is rather perfect. There is no perfect ending here, no ending that is closed. Just one filled with limitless possibilities of the imagination as shown above.

So, you could say that I just liked this. It worked with me overall, and it just all clicked. Will I recommend it? You can give it a shot, this isn’t for everyone after all.

Rating: 4 out of 5

All Her Secrets


Well, something about this just didn’t work. Apart from the fact that I cared almost nothing about Victoria or Sam but I found dreadfully boring.

Even when Victoria was getting kidnapped. And well, she didn’t seem to be thinking too hard as to how to get out at all. Although I get that she panicked, but why don’t you use your brains a little to sort it out. It doesn’t make any sense at all. Even more when her father is creating something that can change humanity.

As for Sam, I don’t understand why he is an important part when he has zero motivations. An unlucky chap to be roped in, yes but that doesn’t make him interesting. It just makes me wonder where his brain cells went to agree to kidnapping a girl. Just to get back at her father or something like that. The girl here is blameless.

And well, after all the chapters which were sort and did nothing to advance the plot. Other than Victoria telling her life, getting kidnapped and Sam telling his life and how it was like being her kidnapper.

And well, if it doesn’t try to make itself seem meaningful I’m out. It reads like stream of consciousness with zero focus on the actual plot, or even anything for that matter. I just didn’t feel the need to finish a book when it is like this.

Rating: 1 out of 5

Burning Glass

I found this to be just like almost every other ya book. And it is now a whole lot worse.

The whole point of the story is a romance of the most unoriginal kind. I mean it. Anyone who knows that Sonya which will be taken by the younger brother of the Emperor and the Emperor will mean a love triangle. This is a lot worse than most horrible historical shows I know, at least I don’t even need to go to the trouble of imaging things.

And Sonya is an idiot. There is no way to put it. And that it makes zero sense why she will become the head auraseer because she is the eldest. Because she accidentally killed most of the auraseers. Way to go, and way to start. And it means that she goes to the palace. All the while having no reason why she will even remain there.

Quite a nice thing to have, as a heroine that doesn’t have a single idea what she has to do. Not to mention, one which has no goals or hopes. She is just a video camera, to be honest.

And that was where I realised it wasn’t worth my time to be reading this.

Black Goat Blues

I just really didn’t understand nor care what was happening here. That was the main problem. The characters were flat and the plot was nonexistent, and that was just about it.

At the beginning the writing was rather charming, but right about the end I found it tedious and even annoying as it was just too much. It had so much context than what I initially expected or even decided. And that when I become confused I really get confused.

Charlie was difficult to even like as all his actions were written in such a way that I didn’t care the slightest for them at all. Or even know who was the characters at the end of the day. They were just uninteresting with the writing making it really difficult for me to understand. I just didn’t like the way it was written.

And when I can’t even stand the writing you know that this isn’t going to go anywhere. So, I’m just dropping this. I just don’t understand the writing or the characters nor even get what the story is about. Maybe it’s for you, but it is certainly not for me.

The Pillars Of The Earth

And this is a book that is the largest I have ever read, yet I have fallen in love with it. Comepletely.

The story goes between many characters who are all important. Tom, the first master builder, to Jack, the son of an outlaw and the second master builder. Ailena, who I really like and loved. Also, not to mention Ellen.

They were all characters I cared about, and somehow all their pasts were linked together. In a way that comepletely blew me away, it wasn’t what I expected but it was still enjoyable.

This work tells the story of a building of a cathedral, and mostly covers all the difficulties they faced. The endless trials. Rather it was romance or even the schemes they all placed. And well, intrigue does have its own hand here as it turns out to build a cathedral, the funds must be there. And it’s only the court who will provide it.

I found the entire story to be well placed, with every secret tying back to the story. The history and the setting well researched, not to mention all the characters whom I really cared about and loved. If that counts for anything, looking back at all my reviews which didn’t contain it, I will say that it makes a huge difference.

Overall, this was a brilliant and well woven tale. One which I will always recommend.

Rating: 5 out of 5