The Hundredth Queen

This feels like every fantasy book I have read. Mostly because the world is unclear, the rules for why they are killing each other and the women simply take it are incredibly stupid. Why would women want to go through that kind of rite.

However, rank tournaments was only revived rather recently in the book. But the only thing that made so little sense to me was, why the hell didn’t they do anything about it. The women would not just accept it without some great thinking on Tarek’s part. It was just accepted. Are the women here really that stupid and shallow?

Well, they all are. I couldn’t believe how stupid they were. In fact, if you were to compare them to the typical ideal of a woman. They all are willing to fight other women to the death just for the sake of marrying a single man, who can also in time do the exact same thing. Is anything really that stupid as to accept this when it was only recently revived. I would say, Rajah Tarek needed to be a tyrant, and well, he most definitely doesn’t feel as one. And well, I mean in that world is the only kind of woman apart from our dear main character either naive, shallow. Jaya doesn’t really have any personality.

Although I know that they tend to be raised to obey and follow. But really, why doesn’t anyone sees the stupidity of it and is pointless to comtinye.

There are way better ways to do so than fight through rank tournaments, and killing is allowed to be done, and yet not one single wife realised the stupidity of this entire tournament. Not even our dear protagonist. Anyone with a functioning brain can reduce that. Way to go to let the women appear even more shallow.

And from that all, Kalinda is a special snowflake. She is plain, yet she ends up being picked and called beautiful by many. She has some special abilities, but I don’t bother to find out because really, with all those problems above, I didn’t even see the possibility of me continuing. Most of the characters there lacked common sense to see that it is wrong, when sisterhood is practiced by them, yet there is so much of hostility among the wives. Which only worsens once the rank tournaments.

Well, with all that you don’t really need me to answer whether I want to recommend this book.

Rating: 1 out of 5


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