This entire book was mainly on Sepora and her romance with Tarik. That’s all there is. Eventually Tarik decides to love her as well, and then decides to kiss Sepora after she managed to get soldiers killed just by revealing her face. I have never read a more pointless love story where there was no chemistry, no spark and most importantly nothing else to keep my attention. 

And the entire world, is centered around the kingdoms yet their romance have more place than the politics between them, I really only gotten a shallow view of the entire kingdoms form here, and really all there is to the entire book is how the romance is between them. Now Tarik having this find a cure and you know stabilize his kingdom, nor Sepora finding her way here. Nope, they have to meet and fall in love. 

What does it achieve? Nothing at all. I would have preferred Tarik seeking her out instead needing her abilities and her identity. It would have been so much more of a surprise rather than taking in her for what reason? She’s odd looking and pretty. 

And come on, I mean does this guy even have the mind to rule. He trusts Sepora fully to not betray his secrets to her, and really doesn’t even bother sending someone to ensure her loyalty. And he is a good ruler, more like idiocy if you ask me. A good ruler should at least have someone by her side to inform him of the situation should Sepora just decide to go back. 

Heck, I was waiting for the moment Tarik would find out about her identity and feeling shocked. Well, it never comes. Instead, her father finds her and she’s a princess all over again. 

Then what was the point of her escaping in the first place? 

I like romance when it is believable, when the world is developed and when the obstacles between them is so much, and their live runs deep within their hearts. They simply loved each other. But they will still put their countries first, since they are royals. Here, most of them are mostly idiots. Tarik doesn’t even bother to protect his own country, Sepora does a poor job at it. Their romance, just felt so forced that I simply lost interest in the whole book. 

It felt as though everything was to build their relationship. I was waiting for King Eron to reveal that he let her run, so that he could get close to Theoria and she was nothing more than his chess piece and his puppet. 

Safely, I can say that the plot was what killed me. I expected complex politics, and I really only got a short overview of their entire world. And nothing else. Really nothing else. 

The main issue was how the execution of the plot, and even the villain was handled. The plot didn’t move me, and failed to have me cheering for the main characters. The main villain had so many places to shine such as using his daughter again yet he never does so. It felt as though there wasn’t enough on the world, and just way too much on the romance. Which I can say, wouldn’t be interesting here since it is a fantasy, I expect a lot of stakes and complexity. Which never got delivered.

That’s really all I have with this book. I didn’t like it or especially hated it. But it just had so many points where it could have been done so much better. And the world she built was complex and layered, but never really shown well enough to save the book. 

Rating: 2 out of 5


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