The Clockwork Scarab 

This was rather okay. Though, sometimes the writing put me off in some ways. Like really put me off. The plot was decent, and well the characters quite flat. But I did like the mystery, and the possibility of having time travel together and steampunk. 

But it just seems a little messy in my mind. It really does seem rather messy when I put together everything, and that the mystery didn’t feel like a mystery to me. Just a set of deaths, that really didn’t have twists which blew my mind. 

Although both Mina and Evaline are decent characters. I can rather relate to both of them, and neither seem to be obsessed with getting married or constantly trying to prove that they are different. I’m fine with them just acknowledging and doing what’s required of them. 

As for Ms Irene Adler, I was half expecting something of her intelligence to be revealed. Like she could work out who was the Ankh in actual reality, or Mina having that moment where she revealed the Ankh for who she is. But really, I didn’t really get that sort of closure. A lot still remains a mystery, such as the motives to why the Ankh chose to do so or even why she killed so many people. 

And having Mina fail at some point made their more believable that she was still learning, and despite her lineage, she isn’t faultless. I really preferred her over Evaline Stoker, who lacked some personality really. It seems that all she really cared about was proving herself and finding the murderer. But I rather like her brother Bram. 

But really, the only letdown was the failure of really giving a good closure to the mystery. And then turning it to a rather usual route, bad guy threatens, they accept and go to the designated location. Although there was some sleuthing dine, but I was expecting something a little more clever, not having Evaline and Mina going their separate ways. And only coming together in times of need, and turning the situation into one that didn’t feel like a mystery anymore. 

Overall, my main issues was with the execution of the mystery. How the murderer was really handled. The rest was pretty decent. 

Rating: 2.5 out of 5


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