I should have known from the moment I had read the blurb, it was quite a disaster, though better than the Selection in some ways. But completely lost my interest for most of the book. 

The only thing that relatively interested me had been some moments of interesting conversations and how aware they are. Their parents were all indeed horrible people, and they have enough common sense to see it. 

But other than that, it didn’t hook me at all. It felt pointless to me actually, the ruined doesn’t feel dangerous. They are mostly messing with people’s mind except in the worst way possible. However, just killing a bunch of innocent people doesn’t really justify it in the least. 

But having them fall in love, it has made it impossible for me to like them. It was mostly setting up the book, the most interesting thing happened halfway where I couldn’t even be bothered to read most of it. And the queen did have potential, and the king to have moments where they could have some moments of cruelty and ruthlessness. They could also have some moments where their minds would have rationalized it, why they have done so. 

I would have also wanted a lot more on Em’s thoughts. About her struggle to understand why it needed to be so, how the ruined themselves had also done wrong. To me, here in actual reality the ruined aren’t perfect nor blameless, but neither the king is right either. There are far better ways than massacring them. 

But unfortunately all of it went to building the romance between them. Not entirely wrong, but clearly not the best way to go. I wanted a lot more on the politics, the motives as this is fantasy. I only managed to get a really shallow view of the villains here, Em, Cas, and all the characters. And really, it was a good plan in the beginning before it went downhill later on where it just dragged for so long that I could barely even continue. 

So, my issues was how the middle was handled and the ending where it completely bored me to the end. The main characters were actually decent, the villains could have been developed more. And really, it still felt better than the Selection. 

Rating: 2 out of 5


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