The Alloy Of Law

This had been one fast read. Now that I’m once more back to the Mistborn world, except these hundred years later everything has changed. And it has became one interesting development entirely, which characters leaving their mark, particularly Elend. His name makes up the city of Elendel, very easy to figure out. As for Vin, I feel as though she needed more recognition. But a gun being named Vindication after her is quite a lot, and a couple of places too. But at least she is still remembered. 

As for the world now, there are no longer Allomancers who are able to use the sixteen metals. Instead, we have twinborn(a mixture of Feruchemy and Allomacy) and Allomancers who can at best only burn one metal. 

But I would say despite not having the same characters as the first Mistborn trilogy had. This is something different and clearly defined so in fact, with Wax, Wayne, Marasi being all different from Mistborn. And also, unlike most of his works, this doesn’t feel nearly as dark but more of fun. 

Wax is a lawman who came back into the city. All the while there are kidnappings, crimes to be solved. It is unlike Mistborn in anyway possible, and begins in a simpler note. While Wayne has the cake for being the king of wit here, I laughed real hard at his lines. This work isn’t as serious as Mistborn where I read it slowly and carefully. In fact, this is lighter. 

As for Marasi, she is a strong willed character but I do like the fact that she loves skirts and dresses and look pretty. But she is a great shot. As the same for Ranette, who I’m interested in seeing as how she made Vindication and practically shoots Wayne every time he meets her. Wayne is one the most interesting and deep characters I feel that is here. Even more than Wax himself sometimes. 

For the ending, it is rather interesting to find out that. Though I guessed that there was more with the Ladrian family than on the surface with how Wax described his own uncle. In a sense, I was right and quite surprising, a new character show up. 

So, overall this work is remiscient of Mistborn in many ways possible, yet it sets itself apart as a sequel to it, yet never in the most direct sense. But should Mistborn readers read this? I suggest you try it, it may not be a cup of tea for all but it was for me. 


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