The Winner’s Kiss 

I would say this was perfection. Here is where we see Kestrel being the strategist she is, able to outsmart and also predict. Yet unable to be completely correct. To me, she was a strategist with her own mistakes and being unable to predict correctly. She was trying to force her father to take a route, but he could choose not to. 

As for Arin, he becomes a lot more protective here even though he still respects Kestrel’s decisions and choices. And relies on her for strategies seeing as how she knows this much. 

The ending to me was the best with what Kestrel did to the Emperor, although I won’t reveal it. It has to be the best scene outsmarting the man like that, and killed him using such a method. Watching how she did it is nothing short of badass, in terms of wits not physical strength. Although Kestrel is not that bad honestly. 

And Kestrel is someone that I respect, she makes mistakes has bouts of downfalls in her judgement specifically the previous book, here is where she comes back stronger than ever. And really on her own as well. Arin contributed but I felt as though it was only a small part. And Kestrel to me is someone truly strong, not in terms of physical strength but actually cunning, smart and strong. And also able to survive all she has been through. What she went through in that camp, clearly is not something that all can survive. 

As for the war, it was watching ana actual war with all sides trying to attack and guess each other. With spies, soldiers and also gambles on both sides. After all, how much can you be certain about a decision someone makes? No hundred percent. And this book is just proving this even further, that Kestrel makes mistakes even against her own father. 

And her own father is not exactly a good one, given how he had been treating her so far and even betraying her. I did like that Kestrel still had emotion for him and in a sense forgave him in the end and wanted her to see her world and life. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this book in how it really changed the typical idea of an action girl. Kestrel is clearly more brains than brawns, but she is not lacking in that area either. 

Rating: 5 out of 5


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