It was an okay book with many points which I did enjoy it. Yet there were instances where it bored me. Bit for a book in epic fantasy, at least it doesn’t repeat the genre. 

The world here does intrigue me given how it is made, with all sorts of witches. And actually having men be witches instead of another title. With the variety of them making the world feel real and even well built, also with the words and how it is used. 

Safi and Iseult here have a really interesting relationship which was more or less the focus of the entire book. Which I was thankful for, at least no useless romances this time around. Although Safi definitely had her own romance plot, but nonetheless still feels interesting seeing that the prince is relatively untalented and works for all he has. 

But Safi and Iseult, although their relationship was nice and sisterly indeed. But I just didn’t find them interesting. Safi is flighty and hit it off with Iseult quite early. But other than that, they have nothing interesting. 

Merik being the prince here was at least a more interesting character than even Iseult and Sadi. They were the grounding pivot, but I think that he has a lot more interesting moments. He’s not exceptionally gifted and definitely does all he can to prevent a horrible situation from actually happening. 

As for her own uncle, I don’t really feel anything about him. He just pushed his own niece then executes a large plan to get her out of it, yet I never really got to understand him and his motives. Even though he definitely sounds a little more interesting than he is. 

The Blood witch is another which is interesting to read about, but I feel still lacks depth. 

As for the plot, it didn’t really deliver on so many points. It failed to move em emotionally and I was often bored of the characters, they felt intriguing but it was just so plot centered that I couldn’t really see any character arc within them or feel invested with them. 

It felt that the entire book was mainly to set up the next novel to move forward the series. I can’t really deny that I didn’t enjoy it, the world here is fascinating. But maybe I would have wanted a stronger first book than what I got. 

Rating: 3 out of 5


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