The Passion Of Dolssa

This is definitely not a story for the light-hearted. I really enjoyed it though, this tale of a religious mystic as Dolssa and Botille which is certainly an intriguing character. 

Though I guess the reason why I enjoyed it was because it was mainly told through Botille’s point of view, and hers is something that is straightforward and also one that doesn’t feel so selfless, she is merely someone wanting to survive and helping Dolssa out of kindness. She was far more intriguing than Dolssa because she helps but isn’t perfect, and for once is a self-reliant woman who survived on her own skills. If it was mostly through Dolssa, I might have grown bored of her and her beloved. 

As for the setting I really feel transported back to the era then, where religious uncertainty and even the Inquisition, it still unnerves me about how they were. How blind they were in killing and believing in executing such people would save Christianity. 

And I do feel horrible for those who just wanted help, and definitely for Dolssa. Also for those who saw miracles but instead gotten a hefty punishment for it. It really was tragic to see how this would end, even though it was what I expected from the beginning. Nothing will turn out fine, and those who live afterwards also lose a lot more than I thought. 

At least I did get to see a main character survive till the end to have her story told, even if she also suffered quite a lot. And I do have to admit, that sometimes the darkest things come from our own history itself, as shown in this book. And really anybody who thinks it good to condemn an entire religion should come and read this, it really will disturb you how someone can think this is sane. Even burning an entire village, because they believed in heresy. 

Overall, I would say read this if you want the actual reality of history. But also if you want something different from the usual historical fiction releases and also tragedy. You get a nice blend here and also, prepare a box of tissues if you really need to. 

Rating: 5 out of 5


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