Love, Lies And Spies 

It was okay I guess. This book had little of the typical ya expectation, having some supernatural twist. Even though it grabbed my attention for most of the book but it was mostly the plot which didn’t meet my expectations. 

The characters are intriguing and even quite unique. I mean, how many authors think of using a female wanting to get her research published as the main character? It really has a lot of potential, and I was expected some sci-fi twist at the end about her research. 

As for Spencer, I do like him even if I had wanted more about his espionage mission. It didn’t feel as though he had been a spy in actual reality, and spent more time just socialising than really feeling like a spy and gathering any form of information. I mean, isn’t that what a spy does?

I think that while this is a good historical romance, but in the genre it is in, I expected a little more than just the romance. They are good for each other with chemistry but it came a little underwhelming because of the lack of a big reveal, and the small decisions at the end really making it hard to move me to even care remotely about any character. 

And the plot, it was mostly just a letdown here. I couldn’t really feel anything for the main enemy, the Pyebalds which had been quite obvious front the start. And they also never really talk about motivations. The ending is nice and everything but didn’t really seem to tie up many loose ends as to what happened to some characters, what happened to them and all. 

It was just too much on the romance essentially. I just couldn’t feel wanting to care about them really, not when I could see the possible outcomes for Julianna and Spencer together being more than what I got. 

The writing however was a good point here, and really brought me back to the era far more. 

So, overall, I would say this is a good historical romance but as a ya genre, I would say avoid it if you expect supernatural or fantastical twist in such an era. This is pure historical romance, with no actual intrigue. 

Rating: 2.5 out of 5


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