I guess it was okay. It wasn’t the best book I have read nor was it the worst either. Apart from it being mostly about Asian fantasy, there was quite little which was redeemable about the book. 

Although I do like the whole world and the details spent on making it quite like Ancient China, which was rather true then to never marry after your husband’s death. And despite the supernatural twist, it didn’t really move me much. 

One thing I did like was how it was not too focused on the romance. The romance here has a bittersweet ending as to how it ends. And Skybright mourns him and takes upon a new role here. 

It wasn’t really anything groundbreaking or even mind blowing. But it was a pretty accurate portrayal of Ancient China and its customs, beliefs and such. But other than that the plot didn’t really seem bright, it was like a straight line for me. Despite everything coming together. And the characters still are rather flat, and maybe too kind. 

So, the only thing which surprised me had been the ending which still failed to make me care much about Kai Sen. 

Overall, I guess apart from the great portrayal of Chinese culture, this book needs a lot more than that. A decent sequel but not fantastic in the least. 

Rating: 3 out of 5


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