On Writing Description 

I would say is something that I use to dread but now I really enjoy writing description. It’s where I can tell and even show, and also give hints about the world and how it goes. 

But description should not be just about the surroundings, it can include worldbuilding, emotions and even more than just about the surroundings. And in fact if you describe too much, it might be taken for purple prose. 

Purple prose is when it is just useless details which has almost no value in the story, as it doesn’t serve a purpose. Good description is focusing on thing that matrer, maybe little on the actual building itself, but more on the emotions during a particular scene, how does it affect them, and their mindsets. It can also be a way to foreshadow through mentions, and bringing focus and hinting upon a particular aspect that is written in the novel. 

Description isn’t just about appearance, neither is it just about the concrete. But also at the same time, how does your character perceive it? Descriptions should be written in the characters voice as it’s what makes it original. It should also cover how they feel about being in such a place, the give it gives. 

It is also a way to show how your character perceive the world, and even how their personality is and how would they think. Using description is also a chance to show how did they grow up and their environment. 

I enjoy writing description because it offers me a chance to get more intimate with my character, all the while use foreshadowing about possible events and at the same time, include worldbuilding. 

What do you think is important when writing description? Please leave what you think below and thank you for reading this post. 


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