This has been a really a satisfying conclusion to me. And a whole lot of things happened all at once here, which I would agree. 

But I do like the ending well enough, it makes everything feel worthwhile yet not perfect. Even though all characters survived, but some are not completely the same anymore. And some characters reappear as well. 

But with the final stamp against unwinding, and having more of the effort of everyone rather than just one person. Connor just so happens to be the one who started it all, Lev the one who made people rethink. 

But nonetheless some characters here play a vital role, even Cam and Hayden both doing things on their own to stop unwinding. 

And something major does happen to Connor, which is one of the only things which makes my heart jump in the book. And Lev’s sacrifice as well. 

I would say this is the most decent ya dystopian book I have read, not perfect but made a lot of sense with am argument that I really think it’s solid and valid and debatable. Because the society is messed, but not completely so yet at the same time some pretty horrendous things go through. Which is dystopia. 

And this is more about fighting unwinding than someone, about beliefs and misguided notions of the public. That accepted such a procedure to pass. And that is something that I really think dystopia should be more about than a person. 

Overall, I would say this is a perfect conclusion to a series and picked up by those who want to see a pretty decent ya dystopian. 


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