2016: How Did I Fare As A Writer? 

Not exceptionally well I can say. I may have written a lot of works, but finally completing a work seems so far away. On Wattpad, I’m only halfway through Hidden Within Dawn, a work that I began in May. And Book Of Mystics which began in early February, I once again rewrote it from scratch. As for A Maiden’s Ballad, which is going to be long and slow, only managed to get over 10,000 words. 

Well, so I once again lost myself and began to work from scratch again especially for book of mystics(it’s my third time rewriting it and I’m serious) but I’m still satisfied with what I did this year. 

At least one thing I managed to get right was improving my writing by quite a lot, even though it’s still far from good. So even though I barely did anything this year, I’m still rather satisfied. As I’m still learning and 

As for what I would plan for 2017, I’m going to tone down a little since my next year is hectic for school schedules. But that’s for another post. 

Although I haven’t actually reached anywhere, I feel rather satisfied with what I have done. I had done many more rewrites and honed my craft as a writer, though still far from good, but it’s an improvement. 

Also, another have to reaching the halfway mark for Hidden Within Dawn, or at least almost reach that mark. I’m already pretty close from when I started posting it, and I’m still plotting to straighten out some details there, and to tie up loose ends. 


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