Are Themes Important?

Despite what many authors think, I think it’s important to have a theme deep inside the book? Whenever I get a premise, a theme is something that I think is most important. 

Otherwise, then deciding how the main character acts can be pretty difficult. I don’t really like to preach about a certain theme down their throats, but it can also help decide how the plot will work and the characters who drive it. 

Normally, I think of it the first thing after the premise is finished, and the idea itself. Because it makes things seem less pointless and random, or relying on a tried and knowing framework can be rather tedious. 

There are books which are pure enjoyment out there, but most of the time, they just sometimes don’t hit the exact notes with me. And normally themes can also help shape books and even series and how it develops. For me, I just think that they are of much importance as it helps me figure out characters, and even dynamics between them as well as even what happens next? 

So, what do you think of themes? Are they really as necessary as I think they are? I would love to hear your thoughts on this, so leave them below. 


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