The Night Itself 

This book was a pretty good thing in a midst of some pretty bad books I have read recently. And I mostly stopped reading them. This was a pretty good book overall, and I found some enjoyment in it. 

Mio is a pretty good character, with her flaws at the beginning being the whole start of the process. Such as choosing to take the sword along, which results in something happening. Somehow, I didn’t find her whining too much since it was her who decided to take it out and in the end caused everything. She is rather relatable at times and quite easy too see through her point of view. 

Shinobu seems extremely mysterious as a whole, but little else made him interesting. And that I did find it quite weird that he could adapt to English in London, despite not having met anyone. The author’s own explanation doesn’t exactly work since it’s not in the book explicitly. .  

The plot was good for most part until the end, eventually it got really boring, my personal favorite had been around the middle and the eventual meeting with the fox. Though when I thought about and Midori, she felt more or less tagged on with her motives not really emphasized. And the actual villain apart form the Nekomata, didn’t have much of a presence there. 

The mythology research was rather well done, and made plenty of sense. As for how it is worked into it is also rather interesting. And that it didn’t really feel as though it was too much, and the family history here made a lot of sense. Given how the Japanese people were, it doesn’t seem that far fetched to keep a sword, though I would want to see the subsequent hooks touch upon why they knew to keep it. 

Overall, I do rather like this book but it has its own dull moments as well. But it is something that entertained me for quite a while.  

Mostly, it’s a good book but just not for me. I would have preferred a little more on the plot and a little more urgency. Here it doesn’t feel as though since the only thing that connects them together was Jack’s sister being kidnapped. It’s just not my thing, and that Mio doesn’t seem to have grown quite a lot. And being focused on romance as well, doesn’t seem to be my style of book. So, it’s a good book but just not my cup of tea. 

Rating: 3 out of 5 


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